Guidelines For Rumors and Commentary

  • **This is meant to be a set of simple, easy to understand guidelines for you to follow when composing a Norwick rumor thread or relating the latest news, adventure, or gossip your character has stumbled into. This means YOU unless you happen to be a DM.

    There is a right way, and a wrong way.**

    Wrong: Rumor around town is that the despicable Player X is unjustly attacking innocent Player Y whenever they get the chance. Townfolk shake their heads sadly at how evil Player X is. Some of them throw rotten fruit at him.

    You do not get to decide what the general level of approval around town is of you or your friends or adversaries. Leave the editoralizing to the DMs.

    Correct: Rumor around town is that Player X and Player Y have some sort of quarrel. Numerous people have seen them engaged in heated arguments around the main market.

    This rumor spells out the essential facts of the case without trying to spin things.

    Correct: Player Y (the poster of the rumor) can be seen around town telling people how the vile Player X is unjustly attacking them at every chance they get, and how he worships evil gods and eats babies.

    This rumor makes it clear that the opinion comes from YOUR CHARACTER and does not attempt to claim that anyone actually believes her (or cares).

    Wrong: Player X is building a barn. All the townspeople admire him for his barn-building skills and dedication to the community. "Gee, Player X is just swell," says one townsperson. "He's my hero."

    You do not get to decide that the people idolize you.

    Correct: Rumor around town is that Player X and Player Y have discovered a lost city in the woods, and are excavating it. One person opines that this may be a good thing for the town and bring in new wealth. Another darkly counters that more likely some sort of ancient evil will be woken up, like usually happens when adventurers poke around lost ruins.

    While this does somewhat skirt the line by giving anonymous NPCs opinions, it's a mixed bag of opinions that could readily be found in any tavern without pretending to fix public opinion as a whole or glorify/condemn one player.