Whispers at the Fire

  • Krig tells those who would listen of the standard being set by one Mingal Cross. Apparently he has taken to charging only certain people to enter and leave the inner camp. 1500 gold was asked of Krig, Uthger and Kalina to enter the camp after an exploration of the gnoll area, where giants had been gathering of late. At the same time however, other Non-Camp members were allowed to walk freely into the area without this extreme toll applied. Krig has been proposing the powers of Norwick to charge a toll to Mingal upon entrance to Norwick. Either that or an outright ban as had it not been for Cotton, the stubborn threesome would still be sitting there, locked in. Word also spreads the Krig has listed Mingal as Enemy of the Council of Moradin.

  • After a short period of inactivity, charred corpses of small animals are starting to be seen in the woods around Norwick again.

  • Narfell PG

    Tindra asks about town for the Sunite known as Belade, wishing to speak with her.

  • A new arrival has appeared in town, sometimes seen standing outside the south-gate, yellow robed with greatsword at the ready always quick with an encouraging word, or close to or inside the shrine to lathander.

    The dark haired man bears a well bred accent from Tantras, and is seen each dawn in public view offering prayers in public to the morninglord.

    For the moment, the man seems to eschew armour sometimes simply stating if asked that "The morninglord will provide…" with a charming smile.

  • Fine puts up a more sturdy fence around his cows, and any time they start wandering toward the gate, he waves a branding iron that says "BAD COW" at them until they wander back into the pasture.

  • The quiet, dark armored man has been seen walking amongst the hunters of Norwick, providing healthy provisions in his god's name and granting divine blessings of the hunt in exchange for small offerings.

    One pair of huntsmen drink a toast to the man who saved them from a particularly vicious goblin who'd had them cornered just a tad too far from town.

  • Rumors speak of a quiet man living alone in the woods, granting powerful enchantments to hunters that pass and leave offerings at his shrine.

  • _Those with eyes that tend to focus on the darkness and shadows might see shifty forms following in The Nameless Monk's wake. The more perceptive of these might note warriors in dark garb following, stalking, and keeping watch over the Iron Monk from innumerable vantage points. It is unclear if they intend harm … and The Nameless Monk takes no note of them.

    She does, however, visit the Headquarters of the Shining Order of the Phoenix and speak with the Tony Fryar._

  • Uthger can be seen pulling a blood stained drow head from the helm used to be worn by Mara. He laughs in the face of all those she fooled and tells all that will listen that he is convinced that this Mara/Shai person was also Sasha the ranger. Uthger can be heard asking for Amissa

  • Narfell PG

    The Eastlander Marauders have been missing from the Nars Pass, which allowed the orc forces that normally roam south of Jiyyd to come and launch an attack on Norwick. The town was able to hold off the attack with it's defenses thanks to some good scouting and quick strategies.

    Among the defenders included a werecat, whom some say they saw Tindra change into.

  • A number of people speak of a shrine deep within the family crypts, the central statue of which was an orc woman with 3' long claws (half-orcs would recognize the description of Luthic).

    They may mention that one of the statues came to life, and appeared to know well the current captain of Norwick's militia, perhaps more than is publicly known about him, or perhaps less.

    The shrine was destroyed with the assistance of an enraged Rando, but something escaped the destruction, and Tond claims he won't sell any more flowers until someone does something about that orc that keeps chasing him out of the graveyard.

    ((Bearers of Nameless' rings…the previous two days your rings feel warm and throb, suddenly in the middle of the third day they flare painfully with heat, which quickly fades to dull coolness. It is not a sensation the rings have given before.))

  • Narfell PG

    A group of people, mostly from the Crafters' Guild, were seen heading out into the western woods with Tindra. Amongst the group were Folir, Uchi, Kara Du'Monte, Elrin (Arandor), Ginger, Benedict, Milshot, and Talgrath. Judging by their conversation, they had plans to dig out a cave for the reknowned sorceress. A long time passed before the group returned with others, all looking very tired, beat up, and worn out. Whatever their mission was, it certainly seems that they did not expect such enormous difficulty in completing it.

    Tindra herself did not return with the group, and isn't seen for quite a few days.

  • I heard from a friend of a friend that the son of the Mayor, Jandor, has gone mad…don't know what happened really, but I heard that he attacked Frago...yeah, I know, poor little Frago...just out of the blue...he went completely mad and started betting on Frago, beat him within an inch of his life, and you know what Frago did? Nothing. And yet look, the guy is still walking around town looking as though nothing happened...but Frago has been hidding a lot lately. I heard that Frago is scared that if does anything...or says anything that the Mayor will have the town Milita lock him up in that cell...you know, the one with no key. Well anyway, I heard it from a friend of a friend...he said that that Barbarian fellow, the one with white hair saw it happen, I'd be weiry of Jandor if I were you. Being the Mayors son shouldnt give him the right to do such things and get away with it...but, well there you have it...I swear this is all the trueth...if you dont believe me, ask around...anyone who knows will tell you...just dont let the mayor or the Milita over hear you talking about it...

  • Howling can be heard coming from the barracks jail, seeming to stop only when the throat cursing the universe succumbs to the strain of unrestrained madness.

    Squee has taken to hiding under tables in the Boarshead, and if asked he says something in a cell tried to lure him in close, then nearly dashed him on the cell's bars; he shows you large black marks that look like a large hand tore at his arm.

    The guards and militia that live in the barraks seem to not be getting much sleep of late, though there is an unease in their eyes that seems seperate from the lack of rest.

  • Rumours of a publicity stunt to advertise "some concert in Jiyyd or other" circulate round the fire. It would seem some sort of free concert or recital was given…..

  • Rumors circulate that Uthger has returned from his homelands. He can be seen spending lots of time in the forge banging on some exotic large sword.

  • In response to the recent bugbear incursions and the shadowy assault deep in the westerne woods Senathe in a heavily accented eastlander accent sings the following song very badly at the fire and outside the gate, as a recent victim of a bear attack lay unconscious on the ground..

    If you go down to the woods today,
    You're sure of a big surprise.
    If you go down to the woods today,
    You'd better go in disguise.
    For every bear that ever there was
    Will gather there for certain because
    Today's the day the bugbears have their picnic.

    Picnic time for buggy-bears;
    The little buggy-bears are having a lovely time today.
    Watch us catch them unawares,
    And see them picnic on their holiday.
    See them gaily gad about.
    They love to slay and shout,
    They never have any wares.
    At six o'clock the blackguards and druids
    Will take them home to bed
    Because they're tired little buggy bears.

    Seanthe wanders off chuckling to herself seemingly oblivious to the threats to the town or the bleeding and injured folk around her

  • Recently, at first under the eyes of Ragnar Gloirin, Paul Amraphen can be seen to clean the gates. He puts great care to getting rid of the last remaining blood stains and smoothens out the wood, removing splinters and even oils the hinges. After he's done scrubbing clean all the gates of Norwick, he inspects them with great care and smiles at a work well done. Why he does it, seems unclear. Some wonder if he has angered a woman by insisting too much on her being a damsel in distress and this might be his punishment. When questioned Paul merely states that after the recent calming down, more visitors might come to his town and they should feel welcome, not being turned down by gates that are full of gore or blood.

  • Rumors circulate about the local merchants getting extremely angry at the liberties taken in their shops. The shop owners are complaining about folks sleeping and robbing their stores. Some have even begun to deny service to those rude customers.

  • Over the past week, Lance Dawnblade, a priest of Lathander has been seen around the South Gate, offering what he refers to as Lathander's aid to all those in need as the town recovers from it's recent siege.