::New rumours heard in the Mermaid::

  • Following news of some sort of scandal at the Bardic College, Sierra is later seen carrying the kobold back out of the city, to the hills where pressumably she found it.

  • A somewhat familiar face around Peltarch Sarah'linae along with the very familiar face of Sierra the far scout, Stronghawk the strange, but not entirely upleasant barbarian and Gert the fighter were seen following a bard out into the foothills along with some of the common people. The majority of the group departing the commons seemed entirely entranced by the bard's song. Some day or so later the weary group and the commoners return looking beaten, but alive. Sierra was seen carrying a kobold off with her.

  • _A small gaggle of gnomes hobble towards the market after an adventurous day in the foothills of Peltarch, bearing an omnious warning to all their kindred: the Gnome Hunters still plague the area, as vicious and hateful as ever in their persuit of the destruction of all gnomekind. The latest one encountered is reported to be most cunning and vile, according to pale-nosed scholar Caramella Bestefaren. This Hunter did not attack openly, but instead slyly targetted the most vital part of a gnome's anatomy, namely the stomach! Caramella, along with gastrognome Perriwig P. Doubleday, both profess to crippling intestinal pain after the meeting, barely able to keep even the smallest of pies or pastries down their respective gullets.

    In far robuster spirits, Garl Glittergold's shiniest and sweetest Jewel, ms Gilda Haven, can be seen caring for her two friends. She cheerfully mentions the Great Adventure with Actual Treasure ™ that the group partook in previously, defeating both kobolds and a group of invading goblins in the Scalesinger's cave. A peculiar dancing goblin mage is spoken of, along with the words "spontaneous combustion" and "crotch blaster". Prudent gentlemen of the Jewel might do well to steer clear of ms Bestefaren, whenever she is seen waving an emerald-tipped wand about.._

  • @8ce23049c7=Archon_Prime:

    Said building (which hasn't been Leti's Market for years now) has been locked up and quiet for a few weeks now.

    Said building, which has been quiet for quite some time now, no longer appears to be locked up.

  • Narfell DM

    A remnant renegade looting band is deemed responsible for the recent explosion to the west of the city that took out the western outer gates and the western guard tower, though some innovative adventurers managed to set the raiders' explosives off slightly early and take out a number of them in the blast. Their gold-hungry leader, Sergeant Hakeswell, is reported to have managed to yet again escape his well deserved demise, and is likely still hiding out in the foothills.

    Travelers headed westwards into the foothills are still warned to be extremely wary of being ambushed by Hakeswell and his looters, who will likely remain a threat until somebody finally kills him or Lord Gor orders him to return to Highhold.

  • _As the days after the invasion and subsequent retaking of the city pass further into the distance, the docks has more or less returned to being a hub of activity, with ships routinely docking at the few remaining piers, unloading supplies and then setting sail again with little to no fanfare

    Although these ships are primarily civilian, defender detatchments can be seen on deck. In Sergeant Benthur's stead, The defender private recognizable as Edgar Lewis appears to be in charge of the shipping as well as the safeguarding of the cargo. The small defender detatchment is rarely seen in the city for long, due to the high need for supplies._

  • _After being sustained for almost the duration of the war, the teleportation circle within the defender headquarters has finally lost the magical glimmer that surrounded the circle. As the night passes on, a long wispy sigh ripples across the breezing wind, as if someone had lost a great weight from their shoulders.

    On the following morning, the teleportation circle within the command building is no more. The runes have faded and the chalked circle has broken and blown away. The gentle presence that was felt when approaching near to the circle has now gone, to where, noone knows._

  • A young woman is seen looking around for both Senator Mariston and Lady Anna Siglerson. She seems to be quite familiar with the two.

  • _When commented about the matter, John explains how he tried to hand it over to one knight of Milil, so he could get it destroyed - but the cheap knight did not bother giving him measly hundred golds as a reward. Gone are the days of selfless paladins…

    He adds, that the sword can still be found at the marketplace, sold by Perin. With price tag of 600._

  • _It seems that some will profiteer from misery no matter how bad things are, as word spreads trough the network of remaining bards of how John of the Black Sails was trying to sell a corrupted cyricist weapon in the middle of the commons, instead of handing it over to the temple of Tyr to be properly destroyed!

    Tsk tsk. Those scoundrels will never learn._

  • The commons is now a more pleasant place now that the mighty peltarch sun controlling artifact (sundial) is back in place.

    Retrieved from the kobolds, after some folk say an evil ritual was stopped by two warriors, one of Torm, Beren another slinger accompanying them and Senathe a wanderer from the nars and the gypsy camp.

    Rumour persists of a reward for their efforts, some place the value of the sundial as priceless, perhaps these adventurers live like kings now, or perhaps they did it out of the love of the city.

  • Apparently while the tattooed elf know as Ting to some and Tiain to others, while involved in retaking the Mermaid itself, took a bolt clean through the neck and was dead before she hit the floor. There is speculation that she was not, or perhaps would not be raised because she has not been seen about since.

  • @0ee2390daa=JerrickRafe:

    …Listen for talk that would make you blush to your ears....

    Benji comments on the chaos in Peltarch.


  • Narfell PL

    Citizens and soldiers alike from the Mermaid to the temple, including Daisy, can recount snippets from the other day, as a lagrish group adventurers faced various raiders of the town, picking on it's gateless, weakened state.

    It began with A group happening on a stuck armature, frozen in place. They destroyed it, then the undead pilot inside of it, quickly, but not quickly enough on the second one they found, as more N'Jast soldiers happened across the group, then the other attacks began.

    First, a massive horde of dire rats. These were dipatched quickly, supposedly with the help of two other dire animals, wolves the both of them, making a damned mess next to their slashing stabbing bludgeoning companions.

    Then, Kobolds of all sorts, followed immediately by Ogres, all of them seeming intent on looting, and given only death.

    Needing a rest, the stalwart companions went to the Amethyst Festhall… only to find undead Eastlanders, including assasins, which killed two or three of the party, as reports are sketchy at that point, nobody wanting to do into details.

    Everyone was raised successfully, but it put a very significant damper on the previously high spirits. Will it be enough to keep them down? One will have to look around for some pirates, druids, bards, rogues and rangers. Can't find the right group? Listen for talk that would make you blush to your ears....

  • Minor skirmishes in the Commerce District, Docks & Foothills continue constantly between adventurers & Defenders against scattered N'jastian, Renegade & Undead Eastlander forces, making such areas quite dangerous to travel in.

  • A party consisting of Captain Seth, Private Melanie Stern, Sald the Druid and the Dwarven monk Dilinius were seen searching through the ruins of the commerce district. It is heard that they managed to save two civilians from being set upon by rogue defenders and straggling N'jast soldiers.

  • It seems Peltarch has fallen, the defenders driven back as they were attacked by N'Jast from the south, High Hold from the west and undead Eastlanders from the north. A sort of last stand was made in the civic district. The word is that demons are lose, and accidents seemed far too common. Most even felt a vile energy ripple through the city, at one point, and horrible laughter was reportedly heard. But in the end, it's the death toll that is the only sure thing.

  • A cloaked and hooded passerby seems to comment.

    "EY! Wasn't dat place bou't about by that traitorous Gondar scum? He saids theys going to make its into a shrine or somethin. Ifin that true I says we loot it for the good of da city, an sell what's in dere for arms! Jusin needin to get us a good ram!"

  • Said building (which hasn't been Leti's Market for years now) has been locked up and quiet for a few weeks now.

  • Mariston requisitions the shop known as Leti’s market to be used as a field hospital and shelter for those defending the south gate. He also opens is own home, found opposite the Mermaid Inn for use by the defenders and Legion as a front HQ.