Told from the Rant Stand

  • What is this "Rant Stand" you ask? Well, if you'll note the new market there is a podium on a small stage that has came to be known by commoners as the Rant Stand™. With the penchant for speeches and long rants by the adventurer's and citizens of Peltarch, this place was set up to give them a location to do such. Most speeches, announcements, and public addresses are now done from upon the Rant Stand. One can barely go by a day in the market where there is not some crowd listening to someone choose to address whoever will actually listen to them.

    OOCly, the Rant Stand thread is for any 1st person speeches or long statements you want to make with your character should be put. Want to rail about the corrupt magistrate, the annoying southern town, how smelly the docks are, or why exactly they call it the "Three Legged Mule", this would be the place. Unlike the rumor thread, you are free to give responses from your PC in this thread as "part of the crowd".

  • Legion

    [[donned in a green robe, the halfling Martoushca Leaffall - one of the city’s gardeners once again takes up a position on the rant stand a few days after her first appeal.]]



    I want to extend a sincere thank you to those who have contributed so far, especially legends like Call and Reemul De'Costa who have already generously contributed!

    There is still a lot to do!

    Food supplies are beginning to run low, so if you can spare any produce, especially ingredients for soup, dried meats and fish, bread, or if you are a merchant and can arrange for more food to come into the district - your names are sure to be written in the heavens!

    So again I implore ye, put ye hearts in control of ye coin!

    Long Live the Jewel!

    And Death to her Enemies!

  • @kayleb

    Call Sanner, upon hearing of the call for aid, pledges 1,000 gold to the cause

    ((Marty, please pick it up when you see me IG))

  • Legion

    [[donned in a green robe, the halfling Martoushca Leaffall - one of the city’s gardeners - takes up a position on the rant stand]]



    As you all surely know, our brothers and sisters in the residential district have been beset by a terrible plague. People who we love have perished.

    While those who are able have been working tirelessly to keep as many of our loved ones alive as possible, it is hard to gain ground on an affliction that has shown to be so resistant to divine magic to cure it.

    Magical removal of disease can keep our fellow citizens who have been stricken by this evil alive however. We can purchase for them time. Time enough, we pray, for the elite of our city to present an effective cure.

    Those of us who can cast divine magic are doing what we can, but it isn’t enough.

    YOU can be the difference between whether or not one of our stricken brothers or sisters make it to that day – the day when we have a cure

    Please, if you can spare the coin, purchase potions of disease removal from certified and recognised brewers and forward them on to the order of St Sollars. Each potion can keep a citizen of the Jewel live.

    Or better still, if you have been blessed with prosperity you could contribute the coin that will enable these potions to be purchased in bulk.

    Long Live the Jewel!

    • and she shall live longer with your help!

    And Death to her ENEMIES!

    • Peltarch’s enemies do not slumber, and we can ill afford for the Jewel to be weak.

    Put your hearts in control of your coin!

    May your gods love and keep ye!

  • There is quiet mocking laughter from someone in the crowds of people moving about.

  • The blonde Regent of Peltarch ascends the stand with a pair of scribes trailing behind her. She looks like she hasn't slept in some time, the stubborn set to her expression not quite masking her exhausted air.

    "Until such time as the rightful Lord of High Hold, as recognized by the Crown of Peltarch, rules from the fortress built by our forefathers, I make the following decrees.

    No member of the High Hold rebel military may set foot on Peltarch soil, save under invitation or flag of truce.

    Blackbridge residents who are not part of the rebel force may continue to come and go, but must supply the City Guard with their name and business in Peltarch upon entry at the gates.

    The recent mutual trade arrangements between our lands are suspended indefinitely.

    Peltarch citizens rendering aid of any kind to the military of High Hold should be aware they may fall foul of statute number one.

    That is all."

    She pauses before adding;

    "Long live the Jewel."

    With that, and certainly foregoing her typical bombastic way of speaking, she departs the scene in the direction of City Hall.

  • Autumn - Picks up a flyer from Marty and looks at it curiously. She reads it walking off, accidentally running into another citizen. Then she stops, looking concerned for a moment, before folding it up and continuing on her way

    Rika - Can't read and ignores it

    Sebrienne - Doesn't take a flyer, but instead looks at the notice board reading it. She traces her fingers along the words, taking her time. She pauses at several points, as if trying to take it all in. This takes some time, which annoys the off duty soldier behind her who taps her shoulder in annoyance. Then she steps aside to let him read too, but then loses her place and has to start back a paragraph to figure out where she left off. Then she shakes her head and walks away.

    Meadow - Takes the flyer from Marty and looks at it quickly. She pauses a moment reading it, looking amused. Then she looks up and says, "The problem with all this Marty is that this is long ago and most of the citizens don't care. You're stirring the pot with the crumbs of the few. Worse, the last thing you want to do is have the government rest in the hands of the people. Most of them are stupid, foolish or both, and like children, if asked will take an abundance of candy and get sick instead of eating a proper dinner. So then instead, you are supposed to elect smart people to represent you and make decisions for you. That's called a republic, which if I recall the history of this city, went very poorly. You see, it's not the smart people that get elected, it's the charismatic and wealthy. This happens because once again, you've put the decisions of who's running the government in the hands of stupid people."

    "Honestly, I'd rather a nation or city state run by someone who is going to have education forced upon him and is surrounded by other, smart, educated people, which most kings or queens do. Either that or a single, strong authoritative person the people love. Both will make decisions without endless debate, and get things done without specter of not getting reelected hovering over them. That's my take on it."

    With that, she hands the paper back, and heads to the gaol.

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    [[Not told from the rant stand so much - but posted on the notice board and delivered in flyer form to interested citizens. ((waiting for DM reply re gold to be burned for flyers))]]

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    [[Not told from the rant stand so much - but posted on the notice board and delivered in flyer form to interested citizens. The flyer contains a quote form Peltarch's primary historical tome.]]

    alt text

  • Legion

    [Marty, carrying a barrel over her shoulder, climbs up onto the rant stand. The blonde halfling places the barrel down and stands upon it before starting her rant. She is dressed in dark clothes, having just returned from the reading of Damien Fishers will]


    If you would be kind enough to give me your ears for a moment…

    When I returned to Peltarch after my pilgrimage, I was greeted by the destruction of our court house and by scenes of death and chaos.

    By the blessing of our gods, we are now able to rebuild.

    Some of you may remember the tale of how our crown came to be. How King Tidus (bless his memory) became the first King of Peltarch. His first act as King was to give his crown to the people.

    Many many years later, the cult of Siamorphe seduced the Sons and Daughters of the Jewel into handing their crown back to the blood line of Tidus. Only those who wanted a monarchy, who were happy to receive a "blessing" form Siamorphe were permitted to vote regarding whether or not we had a King!

    Some of you may remember that I was elected as the first “Voice of the People”. My one and only platform was that I would encourage the King George to cast his crown upon the people again, that his throne remain empty, and that Peltarch’s Daughters and Sons would once again govern themselves in freedom, by DEEDS rather than BLOOD.

    Now that the latest wave of chaos and bloodshed has receded, Reyhenna Jorino has been installed as regent in place of Damien Fisher (peace on his soul).

    My role as “Voice of the People” is ancient political history now. Never the less, I feel I would be negligent of my oath not to raise my voice, and to encourage REYHENNA JORINO in the strongest means possible, to DO AS TIDUS DID! To GIVE THE GROWN BACK TO THE PEOPLE!

    Let the chaos end!

    Let the people govern themselves.

    Let her hear your voice!


    … May your gods love and keep ye.

    [With that she steps down from the platform]


    {{if this means anything to anyone ...}}
    alt text

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  • Captain Reyhenna Jorino and several other Defenders in dress blue uniforms ascend the rostrum to make a public announcement.

    "Attention citizens, I am going to give you a brief update on the current military situation, as I am painfully aware that rumour will run rampant otherwise.

    It is true that a mercenary army has seized several of our outlying possessions, mines, mills, townships and logging camps. This army flies no known banners and keeps secret the identity of its paymasters. They are in league with monsters, and have trafficked with the unholy, and the damned."

    The blonde captain gestures her hand downwards, as if towards the depths of the Hells themselves.

    "I am unconcerned with these cowards and their opportunism. We have faced armies of all kinds before, breaking like waves upon our walls. Armies of giants. Armies of bandits. Armies of traitors. Armies of invaders. Armies of gnolls. Even the armies of the Abyss itself have failed to crack the Jewel of the Icelace.

    Do not mistake my confidence for bravado however, for I will not sugarcoat the gravity of our situation. What our enemies lack in courage, they make up for in subterfuge and conniving. Many of you have seen General Del'rosa commanding our forces once more and wonder what of General Williams? I will put to rest the rumours surrounding this.

    Our foes murdered General Sally Williams, after orchestrating the loss of the soldiers I had painstakingly recruited in preparation for a disaster such as this. I vow that I will avenge her death with the blood of every man, woman and beast which had a hand in her death.

    In the meantime, we must do whatever is necessary to protect our city, and destroy our enemy."

    Jorino unfurls an official looking parchment with various seals stamped onto it.

    "Given the reduced size of the Peltarch Defenders, we have issued a call to all Guild and household men at arms within the city to co-ordinate with Captain Autumn in manning our walls.

    In addition, you have likely also heard rumours of conscription. I can confirm these rumours are accurate.

    By decree of Regent Fisher, and under the advice of General Del'rosa, all citizens of ages fifteen and up, male and female, capable of bearing arms and armour, are to report for duty under Captain Lorn Hresh, or in the case of those with arcane skill, under Commander Lycka Zomasdottir.

    Conscriptees will receive basic training and will be expected to man the walls or engage in logistical support only; this is to free up our veteran soldiers to continue to engage in offensive actions against the enemy under the command of Captain Larry Gom and myself.

    We do not ask this of our citizens lightly, and neither I, General Del'rosa nor Regent Fisher would ask anything of you or your families we would not offer ourselves. "

    At the Captain's nod, two youths step forward, one in a Defender private's gear, the other in blue Cerulean leathers with one star, step forward. As they remove their helmets, their faces are immediately familiar to onlookers.

    "Private Thalaman and First Star Kasimir have answered the Jewel's call. I have no doubt they are the first of many who will do their home proud until our cowardly foes draw their last, ragged breath.

    Glory to the Jewel, and Death to Peltarch's enemies!"

    She raises her fist in the air, and then turns, saluting the two Princes, before leading them and the other military officials off the stand and in the direction of the Western Walls.

  • Shannon once again approaches the rant stand, and speaks after a crowd gathers

    Good people of Peltarch, it should be no secret that aides to the Lord Regent Damian Fisher approached me after I presented my resignation in public. He did call a full council meeting in an effort to address my concerns - as well as the concerns of so many others brought before him. You may be certain that the Lord Regent has heard the people of Peltarch and has taken their concerns to heart. In doing so, he has also asked me that I rescind my resignation and continue to serve the Crown as Magistrate and I have accepted his request. That he has laid bare all of the Crown's cards, and by Torm, my faith in the Crown and its mission to not only uphold the law, but justice for its citizens has been renewed.

  • @dorakhan

    City Hall clerks approach Shannon d'Arneau shortly following his declaration.

    [DM Xanatos Gambit]

  • Magistrate D'Arneau approaches the rant stand once more; he waits for a crowd of some size yet again before he begins speaking

    As it seems that the Crown has no interest in meting out fair justice, and seems content propping up its Princess regardless of her actions, my position as its interpreter of law no longer has meaning.

    I hereby resign my position as Magistrate effectively immediately. Written notice is also presented, forthwith, to the Crown.

  • Magistrate D'Arneau approaches the rant stand with his clerk; he waits for a crowd of some size before he begins speaking

    It has long been my preference to keep my oral arguments outside of the court of public opinion, but it seems that there are matters to be addressed before further damage is done to Peltarch's legal institutions and its own citizenry.

    First, let me clarify rulings with regard to the freedom of word: there has been no change between cases of my interpretation of law. Jonah Loch seeks to cite to me my own ruling in Crown v. HEMINGTON (not Hemway, I might add), wherein I ruled with regard to treasonous speech (under statute 1.00), setting up a legal test to determine what does and does not constitute such speech.

    If you wish to cite Crown v. Hemway, the most recent case in which the Bank of Narfell attempted to charge Ms. Jorino with slander, you might take a moment to note that I ruled in favor of the Peltarch Times and Ms. Jorino - as Ms. Phinkwell took it upon herself to join as a defendant in the case. My statement at the time was: that in order for such speech to be struck down (under statute of 1.16 fraud), it must be malicious with intent and demonstrably false. I also cautioned at the time of that rule, again, in FAVOR of The Peltarch Times, that while speech that is not malicious or demonstrably false is permissible, incitement to riot is not. Therein lies the difference, Mr. Loch. It was then in the direct aftermath of this positive ruling that Ms. Jorino took it upon herself to wield this ruling as a cudgel against the Bank of Peltarch once more - which again is within her legal right to do.

    However, given the manner in which it was done, the court feels that in this action, it did incite to riot a group outside the Bank of Peltarch. This is the point in which those words come to be in violation of the law. Not before it. It will be during trial that a determination is made as to whether or not external circumstances lead to further liability or mitigation. And let me be abundantly clear once more: the actions taken as a direct result of these printed words are what cause the legal issue, not the information contained therein. These incitations are captured under the negligence statutes (1.05 negligent murder and 1.10 negligent harm).

    Which brings me to my next point, Mr. Loch. You are incorrect in your assertion that I dislike the Crown. You are incorrect in your assertion that there is enough similarity between these cases to imply that these rulings are different and you are MOST incorrect in your comparison between myself and the traitor Talbot Anderson. You compare me in your article directly to Talbot Anderson, traitor to Peltarch. You are entitled, by law, to make this derogatory comparison because it is an opinion and not demonstrably false as such. However, if a mob subsequently appears at my residence shouting chants of "Death to Anderson, Death to D'Arneau" and subsequently attempts my murder, rest assured you will be charged similarly with incitement under the law, as one would not wonder where such an idea came from.

    You are entitled, by law, to continue acting as nothing more than an instrument of propaganda for Reyhenna Jorino so long as you do not violate these laws. You are entitled, by law, to ignore her exploitation of the poor to the consolidation of her own power and swelling her Defender ranks. You are entitled, under law, to ignore Ms. Jorino's agreements with the Seafarers in an attempt to deny rights to workers in the Docks and across the city so she might maintain her hold. And you are entitled by law to ignore the fact than more than half of the Peltarch Defenders mobilized illegally, into the city, absent delcaration of martial law, on her behalf. You are entitled, by law, to omit the confrontation caused on her behalf between the Defenders and the Guards in the midst of the city. You are entitled, by law, to omit mention of the Lord Regent and his wise and prudent handling of the situation outside the gaol in a fair and just manner that ended the confrontation without violence. You are entitled, under law, to omit, also, that the Lord Regent saw fit to leave this case in my hands. He did not find my actions wise; he did not find my actions prudent; but he did find my actions principled.

    It is with the Crown, and solely with the Crown, that final say in all legal matters reside. This is what the people of Peltarch voted for those years ago. If the Lord Regent wishes a different outcome, he need but declare it to be so. The Crown being absolute in authority, ask yourself: where do matters stand now?

    However, as it seems that within the court of public opinion - true or not, in actuality - the citizenry believes me incapable of handling this case with impartiality and I understand this. I understand the want for a fair and just system of law that acts beyond personal entanglement. And because it would be unreasonable to ask the citizens of the Jewel to think otherwise at this point. I hereby defer the trial to the court of Magistrate Vlana Borodin.

  • Yet again making an appearance, the bard Mashal performs for the passing city folk, this time a mandolin in hand:

    Rika the barbarian a common sight to us all,
    Beautiful and deadly, standing a head above us tall.
    Alas she does not understand this bard's going rate,
    So here I shall sing of her of being a cheapskate.

    What is a hundred gold to a common adventurer,
    When quests and raiding get you rich just like an emperor.
    Not only did she request this song just for her,
    She did it after implying my skills were inferior.

    For she said she did not like city folk, calling us all weak,
    Not strong enough to do battle, no lives do we reap.
    Tell me my good sir, my fine lady in passing,
    Would you take that in stride from a vulgarian trespassing?

    Now she leaves stones after battle as a prayer to her God,
    With her name emblazoned on it's back for him to be awed.
    So if you do come across someone out for her in vengeance,
    Do please point her out and allow her own independence.

  • The bard Mashal once again making an appearance when the weather permits. Performing for the passing merchants and other folk at the market:

    The common folk are in constant worry with every passing day,
    with numerous attacks on the Jewel, to the gods they may pray.
    But when evil comes a knocking on our city's grandest gates,
    We have little to fear, for we stand united against such dire straits.

    Look not only to Peltarch's Defenders, military or otherwise,
    We are all citizens of this city and together we shall rise!
    Every single man, woman and child, we can all play a part,
    For what is a city without it's people, without it's beating heart?

    Help out where you can, we are all uniquely skilled,
    Not every battle is a fight, with the risk of being killed.
    Report the suspicious and the questionable activity,
    Certainly the worst we can do is rest on our passivity!

    With devils now attacking and crimes being committed,
    We must all do our part to no longer permit it!
    Glory to Peltarch and long live the Jewel!
    May the crown be ever bounteous with their rule!

  • Merchants, commoners, and other passersby listen to Mashal's song. They laugh at mentions of tables smashed, and applaud at mentions of new hiers.

    [DM Xanatos Gambit]

  • On the busier days at the market, Mashal sits on the edge of the podium, performing for the passing people. Dressed in his usual white leathers, he strums away on his lute, singing:

    Peltarch the Magnificent, Jewel of the North,
    Ruled by a kindly king, an example set forth.
    Listening to his people, of many varying voices,
    Compassionate and understanding are his very choices.

    Charitable he is, not just to Peltarch's residents,
    He provided for the dwarves, enduring their arrogance.
    Look to the Defenders, if you are concerned of his giving,
    They tolerate no defiance, tables at inn's they're smashing!

    Many were once worried, for there was no apparent heir,
    But now we rejoice to the crown's successor with fanfare!
    Tournaments are held, Knighthoods are granted,
    Rewards and prizes for everyone, most certainly enchanted!

    Make sure to smile and wave when the crown heir passes,
    For he too will be as benevolent as his father to the masses.
    Glory to Peltarch and long live the Jewel!
    May the crown be ever bounteous with their rule!