Tavern Rumors of Peltarch

  • This thread is for all rumors going through the various Taverns in Peltarch. If you wish to designate a SPECIFIC tavern this rumor is going through, simply note it at the top of your post such as:


    Heard in the Lucky Ferret

    Luke likes laying with lucy Longlegs's lamprey

    Otherwise, assume that if you frequent any particular tavern in Peltarch you would have heard the rumor.

    Remember, this is a rumor thread. That means two things. One, not everything said in here HAS to be absolutely true, though should have some hint of truth. Two, please no extremely long rants or conversations. Small comments is one thing, but if you want any sizable response please make a secondary post to do such.

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  • Onlookers were rocked (literally) yesterday when a group of seven bloodied and bruised adventurers suddenly teleported into the center of the Commons. Many of them held shields over their heads and one even had a blunderbuss out. Sharp rocks and boulders falling from the sky bounced off of them and shattered the newly rebuilt sundial. The group included several prominent city officials including Peltarch Defender Lt. Reyhenna Jorina, Inquisitor Morgan Azzen, and Cerulean Shesarai Foutopolis. Noted novelist Isolde, sturdy dwarf Gnarl, and Tyrus Tennesar were with them, along with an unknown woman who clung tightly to Morgan. They claimed they had been fighting a vampire and teleported out of mine cave in. Some of them addressed comments, a few of them snide, to Garen, although he was not seen among them.


  • Rumour has it, a boisterous knight formerly of the Divine Shield sought out great evil past the foothills and there, defeated it! Further details suggest the foe defeated was none other than the so called "Adventurer Killer", and that the knight's entourage - including Reyhenna Jorino, Garen and Erurk - played a key role in events. Certainly those three looked particularily battered and bloodied upon returning to the city with the knight and the rest of their party.

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  • Rumors swirl around the Docks District indicating a group of Peltarch officials led by Reyhenna Jorino raided the Pissing Goat Tavern following reports of an altercation there. Three youths, one not even a teenager yet, were passing out fliers supporting disgraced Cerulean Arch Weyland and calling for an elected Senate to replace the monarchy. When some patrons at the bar threatened to report the teens to the Guard, the teens subdued them with a spell and tied them. When Reyhenna;s group showed up, heavily armored but not displaying weapons, they demanded the teens release the captives and put down their weapons. Surprisingly, they eventually did so without a fight, much to the displeasure of those who had been held captive.

    Somewhat later, the five members of Reyhenna's group, now heavily armed, we seen entering the Peltarch Sewers, whose entrance at first seemed to be blocked by a large amount of stinking refuse and garbage.


  • Rumours stir around the city about the return of Rhyla Featherdown, once upon a time the glamorous and bold leader of the city's Courtisan's Guild, as well as self-proclaimed vampire hunter. For all her own illustrious, somewhat scandalous reputation, a fair few tongues also wag about someone else - the King's newly appointed arcane advisor, Shona Astrid Raxos, for the two ladies bear more than a passing resemblance for no well known reason.

  • A group of 7 people slumped in from the south gates and filtered to the temple in the dock district, 8 if you counted the body one carried. Blood covered most of them and most looked weary to the bone. Half the party was made up of Defenders and the notable Lieutenant Grimm looked like he had bathed in blood ans viscera. The Large Lizard like creature carrying the body looked to have taken a dip in the same pool as the Lieutenant.
    The words Maze Runners was whispered in awe as the group collected themselves. But for a few adventurers none approached the commons and the grim bloody group there.

  • There was a commotion in the commons, as a strange spell was enacted by an unseen party which caused a skeletal flame dragon to dive upon the sundial and destroy it before vanishing.

    Two guards who happened to be present ran off in an attempt to bring the unseen party to justice, followed by a woman in red.

    Rumour has it that the sundial destroyer fought to the death rather than pay his debt to society, but our plucky heroes were triumphant.

  • A public execution took place in the heart of the city before a large crowd of onlookers. Fifth Star Cerulean Arch Weyland faced the noose, charged with treason. By Weyland's hand did countless fire elementals descend upon the western townships, claiming both civilian and Defender lives, alongside that of the valiant knights of the Silver Host. For all that, there were still cries of sympathy amongst the crowd for the young and handsome Cerulean, who defended his ideals if not his actions before Bess Fisher herself pulled the lever.

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    A gaggle of women is seen following Fabian around, sighing at his every gesture, and swooning at his every glance.

    The guards that accompany him have a bit of trouble keeping them away.

    [DM Xanatos Gambit]

  • Fabian Reinhard lately, after his promotion to the Peltarch Guards section spends a lot of time in the Gaol and along his units, speaking with them and noting down any complains and ideas they may have in order to improve the Guard's functionality if there is any room for it. Word has it that he is in high spirit and has taken his new job seriously, enforcing the law according to the code without hesitation, still keeping his usual cheerful mood when the job is being done. Also it is rumored that he is visiting Vanity plates often, trying robes of different style to match the Guard's color combination on top of his armor.

  • A bloodied, thoroughly exhausted party teleports into the Peltarch commons late one afternoon. Amongst their midst is the senior Cerulean Gorien Harbottle, Defender Reyhenna Jorino, Far Scout Erurk Hurgenpox and guardsman Morgan Azzen. They, alongside a number of volunteer adventurers, appear to have struck a swift and decisive blow to the anti-royalist deserters, bringing back the former Far Scout known as Treys as well as the spellsword Weyland, bound and gagged.

  • Well, no surprise you got money and high falutin friends you can buy your way out of anything....

    The gossips pass around the latest tidbits..

    Blake and Jorino give a bit of power and they run amok and people die spits
    Who is this Blake person? Never heard of him...some bastard of the king or something?

    You see Holloway's solicitor? She could be my mouthpiece any day ..har..har...har...

  • The city still seethes as stories continue about the mayhem within the Defenders and guard.

    Lieutenants Blake and Jorino are the names given, as spearheading a lethal investigation through the entire city defenders and guard units. They supposedly have been given the king's own voice in this hunt and their sweep has been broad and relentless. Captains Halbrook and Gom are known to be incarcerated, the outcome vague at this point. Captain Weyland has apparently fled the city. Guards, Ceruleans, Defenders are missing or dead after some deadly infighting where a black flag with 9 red circles, supposedly representing the reinstatement of the Senate and the deposing of the king was flown. Brother turned on brother and skirmishes seethed as Jorino and Blake moved troops relentless across the city. A less lethal incident took place as the home of Holloway was surrounded and he and his council surrendered without a fight. People wait on a knife's edge and some have flown the city from guilt or fear.....

  • As Ava continues making preparations for the festival word begins to spread of an auction. Supposedly the wizard Sadi and the priestess Ava have teamed up to make a mystery bag full of various potions. Not only that but apparently the bag will be made of the finest leather.

  • Rumors, Hells...troops moved across the city first securing the Gaol and then into the residential district and to the western tower. A confrontation took place in front of the Gaol when Lieutenants Jorino and Blake along with Defender units and Ceruleans secured the outside of the building and then moved inside, sounds of battle could be heard and then silence before a manacled and hooded man was dragged off to the city hall. The lieutenants sent forces to secure the tower and moved quickly into the residential district where leading man of industry and his attorney were taken into custody without a fight, and also hauled off to city hall. As the lieutenants and their forces headed toward the western tower small skirmishes broke out all over the city. troops turned on troops and a flag with a circle of rd dots was flown over units attacking guards and defenders alike. As the city settled down, Captain Gom and his troops were hauled into the city hall and then silence.
    Speculation abounds over the cause and rumors spread about the forces fighting in the streets being there to depose the king and set the senate back in place.
    And from the city hall silence, as hard faced guards patrolled the streets maintaining order.

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    Lately, there has been increasing rumors about a Half-orc coming and going religiously to the Hill Giant's region always carrying back a bunch of gigantic heads that'd he dump in a crate close to one of the houses located on top a hill in the Peltarch Farm lands. Some say he's a Far Scout that loathes hill giants, others speak about the half-orc being only on duty, while the few tell stories about how the farmlands are getting very well fertilized with the remnants of the enemies of Peltarch.

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    Rumor has it the Peltarch Guards finest detectives have let slip that Andy Talbot, Norwick Guard, is the Adventurer Killer.

  • Apparently there have been a number of cats and dogs choke to death from the chicken bones left scattered in the common's.

  • Narfell DM

    First Knight of the Divine Shield Linus Loreweaver walks into the commons to find a pile of blood and bones littering the commons

    . . . . . . . . .?

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