Public Notices of the Jewel


    The city of Peltarch wishes to make it known that there is a need for a new Magistrate for the Jewel. If you believe you have the relevant skills and experience, please apply at City Hall.

    Long Live the Jewel!

    ((OOC: PM me with an application if you're interested))


    Guildmaster Wesley Hardin wishes it to be announced to all that he has formally designated Senator Mariston Thel as his successor in the Wavebreakers guild. Upon his resignation as Guildmaster, Wesley Hardin will pass control of it to the good Senator, that the Wavebreakers may continue to serve the Jewel in the years to come.


    Let all Peltarch Citizens be advised that there will be a civic ceremony to reward those who were involved in ending the flooding and saving Peltarch from being washed away!

    The ceremony will be held in two weeks time, outside City Hall.


    // Due to ongoing connection issues for me, which are ISP related, I'm going to push this back a week to Sunday the 2nd at 11:30am by US EST. If you're supposed to be there, and cannot make that time, please let me know via PM.

  • A crier from the Magistrate's office takes the stage

    Hear ye, hear ye!

    By order of the Magistrates office of Peltarch, the human known as Arthur Forge, formerly of the Jewel, has been banished from our fair city until further notice on the charge of being a Banite.

    Should any citizen witness Arthur entering the lands of Peltarch, please notify a guard, immediately!

  • _Lieutenant Lisa makes an announcement from the Rant Stand, sounding thoroughly annoyed.

    "Attention, people and mages of the Jewel! If you are going to put up posters, do it in an orderly fashion. Preferably contact myself or any officer of the Guard, and then attach your posters neatly, preferably one per building, instead of leaving them all over the damned ground. And when you are done, and others have done the same, do not go and sabotage other people's work by stealing their posters, as we have seen some people do. The Jewel has enough troubles at this point in time, so stop making the Guard's job harder. Or I will be very annoyed."

    After she gives this speech, town criers relay the gist of it throughout the city._

  • A notice is posted to the wall of the Mermaid and at the sign post in the Commerce District.


    The Shesae i’ Seldarine is looking for assistance in gathering maple sap, for the upcoming Ishilwa’Amhred or Sugaring ceremony. All those who can carry a bucket, stir a pot, or guard those gathering in the depth of the woods are needed.

    The Shesae is opening this ceremony to the children of Peltarch and Norwick, to show that even in these dark times, traditions and spirits must be upheld. As such we are also looking for the services of any bards or entertainers who might wish to perform for our guests, while the sugar is made.

    We invite you to share our traditions as family, and to lend your aid to provide some merriment to the children who have suffered so much through the recent war. All those who help will be entitled to a share of the sweet rewards.

    If interested please speak with Imril Teb’rin at the Mermaid in Peltarch.

    ((30 GP Trashed))


  • DM

    Magistrate D'Arneau offers a bounty of 5,000 gold pieces upon receiving the confirmed and complete set of equipment and belongings of the woman known as Liisa.

  • @c70f4bfc45:

    Lady Cassandra Je'laan offers the Reward of 500 gold pieces for the return of her rubies, stolen this past week by the villainous robber-goblin Fippsee.

  • @88ee10d53e:

    Many posters are put up around the Residential District, as well as several along the Market Road and the Peltarch Theatre road. Each one is exactly the same, a self portrait of the college professor Elidur wearing a pointy wizards hat with his arms outstretched. The writing below the image is simply:

    'Enchantment: Coming Soon to the Peltarch Theatre'

  • DM

    Notices are placed at the main sewer entrance in the Docks District, and on some of the more prominent entrances elsewhere to the following effect;


    Do not lightly enter the Sewers

    For the Ill-Prepared who Enter

    there is not always an Exit

    -General Marcus Ash

  • DM

    Herald Fisher makes an announcement, accompanied by notices posted up in City Hall.

    "Good folk of Peltarch, let the word be known and be spread that the noble Senate of Peltarch has put out a call for the aid of a powerful Druid, who is willing to use their abilities in the service of Peltarch and its Citizens.

    Let any Druid who has the heart and the courage to answer this call send word to myself, Herald Damian Fisher, at City Hall."

  • DM

    Notices go up all over the city, the Guard themselves placing them up in any major traffic spot in every district.

    By order of the Senate, due to the attacks against the city by several new hostile factions, the sewers are hereby opened to the adventurers of the land once again. You MUST enter at the entrance in the docks, near Fenz and openly declare yourself as you enter, giving your name to the guards who will be stationed there.

    Enter with care, as you might be held accountable for any and all damages you cause within the sewers and all crimes below are to be considered the same as in the city above. If you show care in your dealings below, we wish you happy hunting.

    Long live the Jewel.

  • DM


    A notice goes up that rewards are now being offered by Lady Vlana Borodin herself for information regarding and or the destruction of certain creatures believed to be directly related to attacks upon the Jewel.

    Vampires, 100 gold pieces per vampire completely destroyed. Truth magic may be required to prove that the vampires are indeed fully destroyed, or the word of a city official present for the destruction of said creature.

    Illithids, 200 gold pieces per Illithid head delivered to the Guard, or in the case of disintegration or other destructive magic being used, truth magic and or city employee there to witness destruction of said creature. Reward increased to 500 gold pieces per live and subdued Illithid delivered for questioning to the city of Peltarch.

    4000 gold piece reward to any person or group of people who end the constant attacks by Underdark creatures upon the city of Peltarch. Proof will be required that the creatures/people responsible have been dealt with permanently.

    2500 gold piece reward to any person or group of people who permanently end the vampire threat to the city. Proof will be required that the vampires are permanently destroyed.

    All bounties are subject to House Borodins approval and bounties are for current threats, not existing or new. Offer extends from 25th of Hammer until 25th of Kythorn

    ((April 19th, 2009- May 31st, 2009))

  • DM

    Updated with new crier report.

  • @3a1bceaa6f:

    _Bland silvery full plated armour getting you down?

    Unmagicful codpiece scraping away at your self esteem (as well as inflicting a nasty rash)?

    The solution is here! A once in a lifetime chance to purchase a limited edition suit of enchanted full plated armour, designed by famed gnomish fashion aficionado, Perriwig P. Doubleday!

    Don this glorious set of protective pieces and watch your cares fade away! See brutal blows from bloody gnollish axes falter in the furious face of your fashionable fullsuit armour! Men will admire and envy you, women will adore and love you - if you order your tasteful set of Doubleday plate today.

    Offers over 4,500 golden pieces. Contact Mr Doubleday himself to negotiate the wise and beneficial transaction!_

  • -updated with job postings-