*glancing from a tree*

  • _A lone small hin sits upon the branches of a tree up above, glancing down with curious observation wearing the once bright colors of the Romani upon her clothing. A solid layer of dirt and foilage from her travels outside of the lands of narfell removes it's once prideful appearhance to mere travelling apparhel.

    She stares about warily and carefully, age has obviously shown on this character. Utmost effort is used when observing the camp to avoid observation. Only those with the keenest of eyes would be able to spot intrusion upon the normal landscape.

    A small tear drifts upon her motionless cheek as she thinks out loud softly to herself…_

    "Dehm… et's been eh lewng teym..."

  • It flies up then stops, circles then flies southish towards Norwick

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  • She watches the hawk fly off, inspecting if it goes anywhere with the loop and does anything with it, she starts to slowly flex her immobile limbs to get them limber again from her perch

  • On close inspection the hawk has a few blondish feathers on its head and black and purple markings on its wings and legs. It eye the trinket contemplatively before preening it’s self momentarily then lunges grabbing the 'simple metal hoop' with its beak and tossing it out of the tree. It sits there and looks proud of what it just did then suddenly dives after it, catching it in it's claws when its barely inches from hitting the ground. It then flies up and away. Looking down shows that the wolf is gone too, along with the wooden apple.

    As for any other listening ears, you’d have to ask them.

  • _Rego's eyes shift at the bird with no hint of hiding her directional gaze. The demeanor in her mind immediately clouded with a paranoid level of suspect. A moment of contemplation exists but soon a smile crawls across her face which would bring cause to smile in return.

    It seems that her intent, contacting someone from whatever the camp has become, will be achieved in communication with a hawk or from a set of elven ears hearing the exchange nearby.

    She speaks in a gentle voice, controlled in volume to the bird. A thick burden due to the accent overbearing it's discourse._

    "Wellen, et seems yew meyt beh sewmwen tew tewlk tew. Tek dehs frewm meh hend en plehs et semwehr weh ken tewlk. Ey'll meht yew dere."

    _A small part of her concealing cloak drifts down by the wind to show a simple metal hoop in her open, upturned hand. It seems about 2 inches in diameter and doesn't seem to appear more than an overzealous earring. Though her hand doesn't move, it seems to be as much an offer she can provide.

    As she observes the hawk, not paying attention below… a consideration crosses her mind that she may have just talked to nothing more than an ordinary hawk.._

  • The more energetic of the two leaps catching the apple. It lands and looks confused it drops the apple then sniffs at it then turns to the other wolf. The other wolf gives it a querying look then wanders off after a smallish conversation. After a small while a hawk swoops in from the direction the wolf went and flaps up into the tree and stands on a branch across from the hin watching.

  • Her hidden smirk widens as she examines the two wolves below. The nature of these wolves and their awareness triggers a very obvious thought that they could be druids in her mind. She tests this by a simple drop a third apple and see how they react. It arcs very slightly from the tree in a direction that ensures it goes straight to the ground and not tapping any branches or leaves on the way.

    [Sidenote: Third apple is a trick apple, doused in a subtle scent of apple creating a smell of an apple but it's texture and everything else is wooden.]

  • The wolf comes back for the second apple followed closely by another wolf this second wolf sits and stairs up into the tree, as the other gathers the apples as they fall, and delivers theses to the other wolf. They eat the apples together in silence. The wolves seem all most identical except one is male and the other is female. The fur on the female one’s ears are a blond colour, and the male is the more energetic one, it treats the female like a puppy trying to please its owner.

  • Personally amused by the wolf's perception, her eyes move to her hipsack without a shift of her head. Within she sees 3 more apples, shining from being picked of a nearby land but just on the verge of their travelling lifespan. Within the confines of her cloak she grabs hold another apple and letting it fall, watching in unflinching amusement to the wolf's desires… removing focus from the inhabitants slightly.

  • A wolf grabs and runs off with the apple before it hits the ground…

  • she is being watch, wether of not she can see hen is a diffrent question

  • Curiously, she drops an apple from her pack as well to see who notices, if anyone