Troops arrive

  • The first into town is a regiment of 40 Peltarch regulars… the 'Archangels' under Captain Neverith.

    As the days pass streams of mercenaries arrive from the north... Nodder's Heavy Company... the Fleetwind Light Horse... Tenduke's Rifling Company (they rifle the bodies of those they kill)... Garvin's Dragoons... the Company of the Larkspur...

    There are even some truly odd sights, like Frag's Mad Killerz, a company of huge orcs wielding greatswords. The sight of Jiyyd being defended by orcs causes much shaking of heads among the oldtimers.

    The platoon of wererats causes even more comment, but they quickly vanish... who knows where.

    In addition, many adventurers and swords drift in, singly or in groups, rallying to Jiyyd in her hour of great need.

    The empty town waits, silent except for the movement of soldiers and their preparations for war.