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    By order of the Jiyyd Council:

    With the armies of N'Jast bearing down upon us, all civilians are to leave Jiyyd for safety immediately. Report to the village green at the designated time. Escorted caravans will take you to safety with our neighbor, Norwick.

    All citizens should be brave and stouthearted in the face of this threat to our town. Jiyyd has faced many dangers in its time and come through.

    Those remaining are to report to Just'ene for duty assignment.

    Volunteers for the defence forces are to report to Just'ene.

    May the gods of Good, Helm, Tempus, and the Red Knight favor us in our hour of need.

    _Escorted by adventurers and others, caravan after caravan rumbles out the west gate for Norwick. There are raids on them. Some citizens never make it to their northern neighbor.

    Soon Jiyyd is a ghost town, empty except for an ever increasing number of grim, armed men preparing to hold the empty village against an army._