Jonni is dead

  • Jonathan makes an announcement:

    As a birthday party for one of the Romani children went on within the newly built tower, an attack was made on the tower
    Jonni, several guards and archers stauchly defended, not letting anything near the children.
    Grag and Theaon of the Legion were there to help as well as many Romani defenders.
    As the attack wound down, some one snuck in and set off kegs around the tower, obviously trying to take it down.
    Jonni was killed in the attack.
    Though efforts were made to raise him, he would not return. We mourn his loss. Our leader, our friend, our brother.

    We believe that someone of Norwick or the Legion was behind this attack, there has been rumblings since the tower was erected. For now, the Camp is closed to those not of the Rom Camp. We will mourn our leader on our own, and we will discover who was behind this.
    We will avenge his death!

  • Jenni and two Gali carrying Jonni's body, and several cases are seen leaving the Camp headed north
    Jeni hugs several on her way out of the Camp, her tears flowing heavily. She gives no explanation, only saying that it is time for her to see to her brother.

  • belia also expresses her condolences to jeni

  • After some time, Celebring expresses his condolences to Jeni, as well as his intent to find the truth of what happened.

  • Narfell DM

    Even Aelthas, who has been busy taking care of Lycka in their home has taken the time to go see Jeni. He was seen leaving the tree a short time later, his own eyes red from crying as many know Jonni was his teacher, mentor and the closest thing he had to a real father.

  • It rains and storms more often around the camp for a while. Though if its coincidence or merely some other libation is anyone's guess.

  • Tala watches Johnathan her eyes glistening slightly as she remembers the young lad playing hide and seek with his sister. She looks rather sad as she heads towards Jenni and Cera's tree.

  • Will goes to offer his condolences to Jeni, then to have a private talk with Jonathan.

  • _One of the taller Gypsy Scouts hangs near the back of the crowd as Jonathan makes his announcement. He doesn't seem particularly moved by Jonni's death, nor the call for vengeance, but those who know him might say otherwise.

    His expression is difficult to read as he watches Jonathan, ignoring everyone else._