A notice for debate concerning Jiyyd and Peltarch

  • The Magistrate Barrim hands a notice to the town guard to be posted on the Jiyyd noticeboard. (He even pays the standard rate for the purpose).

    _"Citizens of Norwick and Jiyyd, in the past our fine peoples have worked together well, i have a proposal that has been discussed with some of your leaders and the leaders of our city before.

    I offer it now without pomp and circumstance, and neither as a direct proclamation from your leaders or mine Let the citizenry express their opinions of this new proposal which i would propose to them for discussion.

    I offer this proposal to Norwick AND Jiyyd, equally - speak if you favour it, and let all the leaders of the city know of your support to strenghten and enliven our military and political ties for the progress and wealth of us all.

    The city is by no means yet formally proposing this idea neither would imposition be wished for, it is placed here for your discussion and thoughts.

    I you favour the idea, speak to your representatives, or discuss it with me. Let diplomacy not be behind closed doors but among the people"_

    (A copy of the proposal is pinned beside the letter)


    Hereby proposed is a document for discussion_Treaty of Alliance_ between the City of Peltarch and the Village of Norwick and Jiyyd, for their mutual benefit.

    The intent of this proposal is to protect life, to maintain profitable trade, and to secure the integrity of the southern outposts of Narfell in the face of destruction from the surrounding outlands.

    Terms of the Alliance would be as follows:

    i) extension of Peltarchian legal privileges to residents of Norwick, including but not limited to full protection of property rights

    ii) Norwick would be aided by Peltarch in holding an election, that one of Norwick's own citizens may earn a seat on Peltarch's Senate, with all powers and privileges thereby bestowed

    iii) enforcement of legal rights entitled to Norwickians under article i would be administered by the office of the Magistrate of Peltarch, preventing future jurisdictional problems regarding wanted criminals and ensuring the full protection of all under the law. With further future arrangements legal representatives should also be properly drawn from Jiyyd and Norwick also for trials and investigations.

    iv) military and guard officials in Norwick would be offered full paid commissions in the many hundreds strong Peltarch Defenders and Guard respectively; senior officials would be entitled continuing command of their subordinates, being afforded the rank of Captain, second only in command to the General of the Defenders.

    v) a Defender garrison would be formally established in Norwick to bolster its defenses, to be provided with resources from Peltarch's own coffers; the garrison is likely to be staffed by current Norwick military officers, provided that they are willing, resulting in little if any disruption to the status quo.

    vi) citizenship would remain unchanged – a resident of Norwick would remain a resident of Norwick; no person would be forced to move to or from the town, and there would be no changes in enlistment procedures or the rights of local traders

    vii) Peltarch would be permitted to construct a Guildhall within Norwick's boundaries, free for use by Peltarch's official guilds and those of Norwick

  • First Seat of Safety on the Jiyyd Council, Lyte, stands in front of the new sign for about half an hour looking at it, arms crossed, her response completely unfathomable. She then turns, and walks off, in the direction of the lake.