How to get screenshots in NWN and NWN screenshot Viewer

  • Thought it might be useful to post this here.


    A few people are unaware of how to do this as well as we have numerous players new to the server. Doubtful they're new to the game itself, but this never hurts to post again. The following is how me, myself, handles screenshots and posting and/or sending them to someone else. They're numerous ways to do it, this is just the one I was taught back when I started NwN.

    First, you need to take a screenshot. This is done by pressing the Print screen button often located near the arrow keys on your keyboard. Some have mentioned nothing happened. Sometimes you notice a glitch almost like a lag spike, sometimes you don't. But more then likely it was taken unless your keyboard is broken to some degree.

    Next to find your screenshot. Go to My computer/ C:/ NWN/ NWN, this is also different on some computers. You'll know you found them when you find files listed as NWN0000 or NWN0000b. You can't view these files without a program that recognizes them. I use Irfanview.

    Downloading Irfanview is easy and free, and it'll get you numerous picture formats you can view. Click on your NWN000000 and open it in your Irfanview program. It should pop up instantly and be viewable to you on your computer. Your almost done…

    Next click on save as and turn it into a JPEG, I suppose you don't NEED to do this step, but I find it easier to make sure ANYone can view it when I send it. But your all set… screenshot away and send to whomever you'd like. The JPEG default size is roughly 90kb. This can be reduced by manipulating the size smaller in Irfanview.

    Hope this helps someone... by all means anyone see an error in my post point it out....or if you think you have an easier method... by all means post away. 🙂

  • and on a Mac it's command-shift-3 to take a picture, that shows up on your desktop as pict001, pict002 etc. You can open these in Preview or GraphicConverter for further processing.