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    Character: Artemis
    Home/Location: None
    Town Position: None
    Time in Narfell: February 2014 - present

    Threads of BloodspellThese powerful robes are of mysterious origin. However, the magic they use is quite clear. The enchanted cloth draws power from the wearer’s body, allowing them greater spellcasting ability. - ((DM Moob – Lowbie Weekend – 12/07/2014))

    Portable Street Lamp – _Who needs streeth lighting when the Gnomes have invented a portable lamp!

    Sick of accidentally setting fire to your thatch roof? Gone are the days of carrying a burning torch! This new invention allows a portable, bright light wherever you go!

    You may even see things you would not normally, as the red glow given from this lamp illuminates your surroundings!_ - ((DM Infernal))

    ~A gift from the elf Nailo, who felt Arty required it to look the part of a mage. While it may lack the magical prowess of a true mages’ staff, it doesn’t stop him from strutting around as if it were.

    Amulet of Metaspell InfluenceKnown for its ability to enhance spellcasting, the Amulet of Metaspell Influence is highly sought after by magic practitioners. It was created by Elairdrin Mellwith who resided in the Star Mountains. His reasons for fabricating such an item stemmed from his womanizing habits, and to this extent the Amplifier served his purpose well. It was later taken from him by a mage with a more destructive intent, but records detailing the change of hands vary widely. - ((DM Stuiped))

    Belt of the PerformerThis leather belt appears innocuous enough, its true power not evident until it is actually worn. There are small inscriptions embedded in the leather throughout the item, its language unknown and the true history of the item unknowable.

    ~Found in the depths of the sewers while aiding Thom Tiller in acquiring the book “The Secrets of King Titus”.

    Mage’s HoodThis hood, used by mages, protects them from the explosions in their alchemical experiments.

    ~Traded from Elaine for a box of chocolates.

    Mage’s Battle RobeSick to death of hearing about the prowess of mages like Elminster, Blackstaff, and the Red Wizards of Thay; Klaphen Fortier, a powerful, but relatively unknown wizard, created these robes to bolster young spellcasters across the realms. His hope was that youthful and unscrupulous mages might be encouraged to challenge more powerful wizards in hopes of making a name for themselves. Rumor has it that Klaphen died in an accident of spectacular proportions, when 56 lightning bolts and numerous large meteors struck his tower.

    ~Also traded from Elaine for the box of chocolates.

    Huntmaster’s BootsThese dazzling boots were worn by the Huntmaster for those times when you have to think on your feet, lest something separate you from them. Or worse. - ((DM UI 22/01/2014))

    ~Wishing for this unique pair to have a good home and see use in adventure as they once did, Elaine gifted the Huntmaster’s Boots to Arty under the condition they be returned once he found a nicer pair.

    Cloak of the Radiant LoveMade by the church of Sune, these cloaks are oft worn by the priestesses of Sune. Recovered from the depths of the Abyss during the Gnoll War. - ((DM Stuiped))

    ~During the final push against the demon gnoll forces, Peltarch Defender General Del’Rosa was swept away to the Abyss by the demonic Thrice-Born. Reluctantly, along with the rest of the strike force, Arty delved into the damnable plane to rescue the incapacitated leader. He took immediately to this cloak, sensing it’s unique enchantments and finding it as suitable compensation for the heavy price he paid in the attempted (and successful) rescue of the General.

    Baby’s Eye StaffThis formerly empty magical staff now houses a Baby’s Eye gem, allowing it to draw out certain magical properties of the gem. - ((DM Moob))

    ~Forceably gifted by friend and fellow sorcerer Salin with threats of gluing it to his hands after initial refusals, Arty reluctantly accepted the staff before the start of their trek to Rashemen to once again delve into the depths of the Abyss (particularly Shedaklah, the 222nd layer), questing to cleanse a relic of Kelemvor that had been tainted by the demon Jubilex, prince of Slime.

    Doomguide Kalinth’s Ring – _One of the group who set out to free Istia from her prison many years ago, Kalinth was their leader, a strong and charismatic leader.

    For years he waged a war against the servants of Jubilex on the Prime and in the Abyss, some say his love for Istia had blinded him to anything but revenge.

    This ring had saved his life many times over and the magic within also protected it from the acidic slime of the Abyssal Layer Shedaklah until it was claimed by a group of adventurers from Narfell._

    ~Found during the quest to cleanse the tainted Kelemvorite relic in Shedaklah, and despite knowing very little of its history, Arty has grown quite fond of this particular ring, it serving as a reminder that great feats can be achieved when fears are overcome.


    Character: Albryanna
    Home/Location: Norwick
    Town Position: Soldier in the Norwick Militia
    Time in Narfell: Early 2007 - present (semi-retired)

    Custom/Unique/Crafted Items

    'etlh vo' (bastard sword)
    _"Made for orcish hands, this blade is sharp enough to pierce almost any hide, and enchanted to melt off the face of any who argue with the wielder.

    Easily recognizable by any true orc as a weapon of their kind, they will stop at nothing to recover it.

    One of the vagaries of the sword is that its true power is only unlocked over time, thus when the wielder dies and passes it on to another, its true power will not be apparent." ~ DM Skippy

    Pried from the cold, dead fingers of a fallen orc chieftain she single-handedly slew, she has grown rather fond of the unique hand-and-a-half blade, keeping it by her side at all times._

    MW Platinum Full Plate
    Taken as a reward from treasures found on one of her various adventures. Having almost become a part of her, it has served her well through her numerous battles.

    MW Platinum Towershield
    Crafted by master smith Z after acquiring platinum ore from one of their various mining excursions. Not only has it served her well through her numerous battles, it is a constant reminder of her friendship with the crafter.

    Albryanna's Norwick Guard Helm (reskin by DMPasty)
    Passed on from her now deceased father, she is never seen without it donned in the midst of battle.

    Spear of the Battlemaiden
    _"The spear of the Battlemaiden. A group of warrior women amongst the tribes of the Uthgardt. Stronger than most of their fellow male warriors, these women fight to the death to protect all tribes, to keep the Uthgardt people strong.

    The spear is cool to the touch, like a part of the Glacier is forged in. Made of iron and bearing the magical runes of the Uthgardt people.

    'We are wed to our spear, it is our eternal lover. We feed it on the blood of our enemies.'" ~ DM Prismatic

    Presented to Albry after aiding Maya's tribe in the North, she is rarely (if ever) seen parted from it._

    MW Elm Longbow
    A gift from her long-time friend Vine Gelin, this bow is never far from Albry's side.

    Mace (DM_Guthook)
    Acquired from treasures found from one of her various adventures. While it sees little use, it may always be seen clasped to her belt. One never knows when a little blunt force trauma will be needed.

    Elemental Belt of Wonder
    _"Created for the warrioress Albryanna by the Sisters of the Crimson Glove, this belt is enchanted to protect her from harm as she travels the realm, doing her duty for Norwick.

    The bond between the Sisterhood and Norwick is a strong one, and this strength is drawn upon by the belt. May the wearer find such strength when they need it, to help them walk through the fiercest fire or storm to protect the weak.

    The magics within the belt only function after the belt has been worn for 24 hours, and they can only be used by and for the one the belt was gifted to." ~ DM Skippy

    Gifted by Sister Nicahh after aiding in the recovery of the Staff of Ilmater, it is one of her most treasured possessions, a constant reminder of one of her greatest victories._

    Ring of Defiance
    _"Made by the Sisterhood as a gift to Albryanna to thank her for her part in the restoration of the Staff of Ilmater and the rescue of the Sisters, this ring protects her from harm and helps her keep her combat focus in all situations.

    Enchanted so that no one but someone of her bloodline can wear it, it cannot be worn or even handled by anyone else." ~ DM Skippy

    Gifted along with the belt, she proudly wears this ring at all times, letting its light illuminate her darkest of paths._

    Glasssteel Greaves (boots)
    _"These rather impressive greaves are made of glasssteel, something typically seen in some of the oldest and most powerful elven items. While this looks to have likely been the craftsman's first attempt at working it, it is still an exquisite piece with its own simple beauty.

    Curiously, though glasssteel is almost solely known from its use by the elves, the design of these greaves contains many of the geometric motifs more common to dwarven craftsmen, and is not enchanted to only be useable by elves or dwarves. Its origin is, therefore, something of a mystery." ~ DM Bastage_

    Peltarch Medal of Courage (amulet)
    _"Awarded to the heros who fought bravely and unrelentingly to take back the Docks District of Peltarch from N'Jastian invaders and undead abominations. Inscribed with the quotation of General Lavindo that the bearer uphelp so gallantly:

    'Glory to the Jewel and death to her enemies!'"

    Awarded for aiding Peltarch in the reclamation of the Docks District during the N'Jast war._

    Ring of Fire
    _"This ring is hot to the touch. It has been enchanted in fiery script to protect its mortal bearer from the embrace of Kossuth." ~ DM Mimic

    Acquired from one of her various adventures._

    Heart of Darkness (amulet)
    _"A piece of heart from a fallen Erinyes is encased in a glass that is normally unbreakable. The amulet is tied to the user's mind, protecting them from negative energy, absorbing the negative attacks as they come. However, if the wearer makes the conscience decision to break the amulet, it shatters easily spreading the absorbed energy into a large area." ~ DM Daybreaker

    Acquired from one of her various adventures._

    MW Steel Tower Shield
    Crafted by master smith Maythor B. Troff, this relic has been retired after decades of servitude to the Lady of Norwick.

    Albryanna's Norwick Guard Plate and Mail (reskin by DMPasty)
    An heirloom passed on from her father, this enchanted piece has also been retired, having served her family for two generations.

    Guild/Org Items

    Norwick Militia Officer's Cloak


    Character: Kayden
    Home/Location: Bedouin
    Town Position: None
    Time in Narfell: ??? - present (semi-retired)

    Custom/Unique/Crafted Items

    Demon Slayer (longsword; plot item)
    A gift from Kelemvor himself and named after its possessor, the very sight of this sword can strike fear into even the most powerful of demons.

    Soul of the Lost (fullplate)
    A gift from his wife Ashe, it is one of his most treasured possessions.


    Character: Merial Shallowbrook
    Home/Location: Silver Valley/Peltarch
    Town Position: Silver Dragoon (retired Far Scout)
    Time in Narfell: ??? - present (semi-retired)

    Custom/Unique/Crafted Items

    Raider (shortbow)
    Retrieved from the bottom of the Goblin Hold with the aid of Ginger and many other Dragoons, she considers it her most prized possession and is never seen without it.

    Rogue Challenge Prize (amulet)
    Awarded for accepting and completing a challenge presented to her by a foreign hin.

    Gnomish Blunderbust
    Taken from a horde of treasure from one of her various adventures.

    Cloak of the Seen
    A gift from (at the time) significant other Benji.

    Guild/Org Items

    Silver Dragoon Master of Stealth Cloak
    Halfling Defense League Brooch (RP item)
    Silver Dragoon Battle Robe (RP item)

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