Player versus Player (PK) Rules

  • Important notice: As no two PK situations are the same, a DM may make a decision on whether or not to apply a specific rule to a given situation. In those cases, the shout will always include the conditions which are relevant to the situation at hand.

    Rules for giving and executing PK requests for DMs:

    - PK permission will never be given if a DM does not believe the asking party has enough of a reason to get it
    - DM giving the PK permission must notify the asking party only if their request has been granted (in chance of multiple PCs requesting PK at same time)
    - Upon granting the PK permission the requesting party must wait for a DM to warn the server of a possible PK that might be taking place, example warning as follows:
    "A PK request has been granted with DM supervision"
    *- DM supervision is always attached with a PK permission to keep the event fair for both sides
    *- The end of the PK permission should always be shouted if possible whenever the event is over or is unable to complete with a DM supervision.
    *- no DM will ever answer any questions related to the identity of the target of the PK warning or the requesting party.
    *- Casting a spell on another player without permision can be seen as PvP, there is no difference between Slay Living and Heal when casting. The target still need to ask a dm prior to retaliate to the casting in an harmfull way.

    Other PK Rules:

    *- Attacking with subdual on is still counted as a Player Killing attempt and will be treated the same as a PK.
    *- If you are attacked you have the right to defend yourself which includes attacking back at the attacker.
    *- If you witness a dear (in character) friend of yours under attack, you have the right to jump in and help defend them. Due to the difficulty to oversee a more than 2 players pvp, a dm can ask to a one versus one duel of sort.
    *- Attacking an evil familiar requires DM attention due to the XP loss that comes with their death. You must follow the rules below once a DM has given permission to attack the familiar.
    *- Attacking an evil (looking) minion (zombie, skeleton, shadow etc) must be precede by:
    __1. attempt to contact a DM and requesting the PK clearance on the minion, no DM is found continue to step 2 (does not apply to familiars)
    __2. attempt to find the owner of the creature and notify them of the attack on their minion only and give them two (2) clear chances to remove the evil.
    __3. be aware that this counts as a PK attack against the person and they do have the right to defend their minion by attacking you.
    NOTE: a hell hound is a familiar.

    NOTE: willingly giving KoS (Kill on Sight) on yourself is not allowed. Follow the guidelines above to avoid any problems with the players or the DMs.

    Concerning militia :
    Norwick Militia and Peltarch Defenders/Guards have special rules regarding PvP in and only in their respective town.
    A militian PC need to inform the DM channel of an arrest, but no shout will be issued. We require the notice so that we are aware it's an arrest and not an unauthorized PvP.
    An arrest requiring a pvp situation outside the home town falls under the general pk rules.


    *- logging out during an obvious PK clearance on your character without both party's consent will carry an automatic level loss penalty.
    *- logging out repeatedly after each time a PK notice has been shouted to avoid "knowing" that a PK has been authorized against your character will carry the same penalty as above. Basically if you make enemies, prepare to take the consequences.

    The DM Team.

  • This post is not for discussion, but for announcement purposes only. It is regarding the use of Animal Empathy to tame hostile animals, bring them into to a town and then release them from domination. It is a potential form of Player Killing (PKing) that requires DM supervision (similar to laying traps in high traffic areas of town).

    It is not a question of RPing your ranger or druids using animals in an agressive manner against towns and/or townfolk. It is a question of bypassing the town's IC defenses in an OOC manner (since the town guard would not allow a potentially dangerous animal past the gates).

    It is also a question of risk balancing. It is already considered PKing to bring someone into an area that will obviously kill them (leading a low level player onto the Bugbear screen would be an example), but bringing over-powered opponents (say a dire boar, as an example) into town in this manner has the same end result and is also considered a form of PK and will be treted that way by anyone using this manuever.

    If you have any questions on this posting, PM a Player Lead (like Kallenthen or Yith) and they will answer your question and clear any updates to this posting that may be required.