Signs and posters posted around Jiyyd

  • When one person of this community goes missing, everyone knows about it. Though many travelers pass through it is hard to tell those who live in the outpost to those just traveling. The citizens of Jiyyd know and respect one another. So when a child is missing, the entire town knows of this.

    Guard A "Hey, Did you hear about th' old Clark kid?"

    Guard B "Aye, did so. Tis a shame such a lil' boy could be missing, what was he? Seven years old?"

    Guard A "Yeah, yeah. His mum's been out all moon lookin for the chap. Goes by th' name of Llord."

    Guard B "… ey' Frank, didn't some mum loose her kid last week as well?"

    Guard A "Shite yer' right. Ye' think someone is kidnapping them?"

    Guard B "Who would kidnap children n' not leave a ransom don't be stupid."

    Guard A "Mm... guess yer' right. Maybe the kids just been runnin away to find a new life. Like you did."

    Guard B slaps Guard A

    Guard B "Shut ye' hole... I ran away cause I had too.

    A young woman, in her twentys walks past the guards, quietly snickering about the topic they were socializing, she thinks to herself that many more will go missing in the following weeks. Her return shall be remembered

  • Three weeks after the guards first spoke

    Guard A "I hear they found the kid."

    Guard B "Who? You mean Jimmy Keen? Cause Llord Clark be still missing"

    Guard A "Aye aye! They found 'em in that cave over by those stones"

    Guard B "Ahh, the bat cave"

    Guard A "Aye, th' bat cave. It seems she was covered in strange marks."

    Guard B "What kind of strange marks? Like magical shite n' runes?"

    Guard A "Nay nay nay, more like, burns and cuts. I don't recall the last time ive ever been burned by negative energy from a farkin bat."

    Guard B "What are you saying?"

    Guard A "Kids don't wander into caves, and be wounded to death by bats. They are smart enough to run 'way."

    Guard A and B head to the cave, enter it. A few hours later they come back out and return to their posts

    Guard A "Did you see? Old vials of acid… that sticky fire shite. Hooks n' needles."

    Guard B "Don't forget th' apple"

    Guard A "Fark the apple ye' idiot!"

    Guard B "The apple is not normal"

    Guard A "Tis a farkin apple. The kid didnt get burned by n' apple!"

    Guard B "No... but he digs in his pack and holds the apple up, it has a single bite out of it … hmm... aye, fark im stupid, whatever.

    He walks over to the trash and tosses it in

    Guard A "Hurry up. Were going t' patrol th' south edge"
    they walk off