Scary Memory '04

  • Scariest Memory I have with Atel was when she went with Zak and a few others on a trip to clense the Norwick graveyard of undead. We were following a 3rd level paladin (who died on the trip) and at the time i think Atel was level 4, nothing big but enough to hold my own.

    I cant remember how deep we were but i remember that my client crashed, internet reset, and then when i got back in game and transitioned to follow my party and catch up the server glitched and i ended up on the complete opposite end of the lower crypts that everyone else was at. No DMs were on at the time so i did the only thing i could think of and hid in the corner hoping none of the monsters would see through my measly +8 ( i think) bonus to hide…somehow none did.

    A Tense half an hour later they found me and i lived through the odeal.

    \never went to the crypts with Atel after that...

  • The end battle of the crystal war, down in the caves….with a level 2 rogue. Somehow managed to survive. No, I don't know how.

    Fade went hob hunting with a cleric(both of us level 5) decided to take a quick peek inside the cave in the nars. We get inside, it's not too bad, the usual hobs, we're cleaning up, hoping there would be treasure....Then I step on the carpet. Didn't know narf had trapdoors.... damn hobs. I spent almost an hour at 6HP, playing tag with the krenshar's in the maze, while the cleric organised a rescue party.... I hear explosions as they take out the big guards, and meet up with them. We're heading out, when my friend the cleric steps ont he carpet on the way out. Back down we go, rescue her, and head back up. Hmm, where did that big stone door come from? and why is there a Lich....ohgodthepain! Yeah, that was a fun one.

    The scariest part was wandering around that maze in the dark, with Krenshar coming out of nowhere at me, howling through the walls of the maze....


  • Oh and I think the scariest for me has to be soloing in places no player in their right mind would stealth to.

    Bottom of the Warrens
    Razz's chambers
    End of the Winding Caverns

    Make ONE mistake... and it is ALL over. :ninja:

    Although, maybe the first meeting with the Drow in Masume's adventure below Norwick. The one where I got everyone killed or enslaved because Kharbeh went ballistic and started attacking an entire contigent of Drow.

    Amazingly, I was the last one standing and took off running. Turned a few corners and stealthed up in a nook. About twenty seconds later... two drow come b-lining for me and bambambam... I go down. That twenty seconds was pretty tense. Are they following? Did I make it? Should I go and see if anyone else is alive and bleeding out?

    Durned auto-following bug! 😉 x42

  • @f8270315f7=Clan:

    thanks Kuk. I had forgotten that Dwin and Foilir had matching armor 🙂

    Yep… as I remember for some reason my possession of the Frost Giant was twitchy... so while you all were standing there posing... he would occasionally go nuts and start wacking at you. The image got me a good chuckle... thanks Kuk.

  • I think Linah did die. It was an awful moment for Shyrae as Linah was at that moment her best friend. Of course she was brought back, but still …

  • Don't remember dying in that one Vile, but I've no doubt I wasn't in great shape either. I think what saved me was the fact that I'd cast mage armour (the old style +4) on myself and not Linah and I had the old Red +1 studded (anyone remember that stuff? - looked garishly horrible in bright red but it was good stuff).
    Anyway the +5 AC ( might even have been +6 as I'd a +1 natural AC pendant back then too, which stacked with the old style as I remember) meant Linah didn't hit often but her sneak attack when she did was devastating while her leathers allowed even me to pepper her but I wasn't doing as much damage. Not sure I even killed her either..but it's hard to remember.
    I died a couple of times in Skara's so the place still holds terrors for Ad but not sure that was one of those times.

  • My first taste of real terror was back in the day … I think Shyrae, my Archery ranger, was about level 6 or 7 back then. We decided to go into Skara's Cave. I had never been there before, and we thought the party would be strong enough. I think the party consisted of the following:

    Darrs' "Blink" - Decent level Cleric
    Shyrae - Ranger/fighter with archery focus
    Lillianna Duprez - Low level bard/rogue
    Adlanail Glinfain - ranger/bard
    Linah - Ranger/rogue

    and then two characters who were extremely low level back then, but later grew out to be powerhouses in their own right:

    Merim Ashe - halfling druid/rogue
    Lao Mei - Dwarf cleric

    It all went well, right up till the moment we had to fight Skara. With a cleric in the party pretty much everything was cake for us. But Skara, as always, opened the fight with Confusion. Much to everyone's terror, everyone failed his save. That is, everyone, except the two lowbies who were cowering outside the door to her room.

    It went rather badly. Linah (with her sneak attack) and Adlanail basically killed off each other with bows. Lilianna got hammered into dust (possible she survived, I can't recall too well) by Skara, and Shyrae, confused, pummeled the flat-footed and confused cleric with shot after shot, leaving him near death.

    In the end, it wasn't half as scary (or bloody) as many events or adventures I would witness later, but it was my first taste of the -real- narfell.

  • Oh the Barron was great. Those were the days. Back then, the odds of surviving any random adventure was well below 50%. You went in with a party built for shock and awe, or so you thought. You came out of the encounter shocked and awed that 80% of the party was now in the fugue!

    Over time survivability increased, and you could pretty much identify who was going to live and die.

    Nice memory. Loved the Barron maps!

  • Back in the day, round about where the dwarven hold now is, used to be the bandit mines. Deep in there was the Baron's lair where he kept his treasure..and it was worth going..if you could mount the party to take it.

    Adlanail was around 3rd-4th level (I fluctuated from 3-5 quite a lot for a while) when he hooked up with a wolf-led party intent on getting their hands on some of the barron's loot. There were around 8 of us ranging in the main from 8th > 5th level with Adlanail and some noob paladin (Damarcus , I think it was) tagging along at the back.
    The main entrance was no problem and was easily cleared and once we were in, the wolves in the party , Grivel, Karion and Othar'a provided good scouting info allowing us to pick our fights. There were two routes to the baron's lair culminating in a corridor in the middle of which were the double doors leading to his lair. Well, someone must have been in communication with the Dm's as the resistance along the corridor increased with the bandits sheltering in the small corridor leading to the double doors.
    So the wolves formed a plan to hold one side while some made their way up the other route so we could catch the defenders in a crossfire. It worked a treat…or so we thought. We gained the double doors with relatively minimal damage. So then someone decides to listen to the doors...whispering beyond. Aha ! an ambush !
    Usually it was the Baron and a couple of tough bandits..we were in the shape still to take them. Only....

    This time whatever DM we had hooked up decided that a couple was 6 or so..and that more of the minions had survived. Someone should've told them the wolves were scouts ..not stand up fighters !
    We opened the door expecting to rush the baron and 3-4 others and instead found about 14 with more than half of them tough considering our level and current state.

    RUN !

    Well it was slaughter...not only that but we'd been blindsided. The entrance cavern that we'd cleared had respawned in the interim. Ad, who had something like 18 hp to start had to rush the cavemouth with 2 guards while most of the others got caught up in the fighting. He got out with 2 hp to spare. After a few moments someone else transitioned too. The paladin...buck naked. He'd only got out by divine intervention and the mobs hitting someone else while he was down..he couldn't tell who.
    So we waited....
    and waited...
    ...... no-one.

    Gulp !

    My knees were literally knocking but Ad's friends and companions were in there along with the paladins armour. I was getting tells from the fugue by the dozen but I knew that Ad would -have- to go back in. shrugs He'd have to take a look to be sure...or he wouldn't have been Ad. That was my scariest moment right there. Gulping down my courage I transitioned in sneak mode (remember, Ad was a 3rd level BARD) and prayed. From his tells I think the abandoned paladin was having a heart attack, right there. The scene inside was utter carnage - Lootbags lying scattered. Nothing but bandits in sight. Thankfully no-one saw me. I think the Dm's provided me with a robe for the paladin and I blessed whatever Dm had been watching for me.
    So I exited and went with the paladin to Norwick to raise the alarm and mount a rescue mission.

    Whew...massive sight of all ended up well.

  • Scariest memory..


    It would have to be during the orc war. All the adventurers were having a good day and decided to push the defense forward! Yay, we're winning!

    But all that excitement was shot down, as about thirty destroyers and several orc mages showed up, along with orcish archers. This took place on the plains. The adventurers stood their ground and decided to face them all head on. Lightning was really handy here, cept whenever Wolf did it, the archers would -all- shoot at him. As he was running away, several 'critical hits!' were seen off into the distance, the arrows flying at poor Wolf. And I just said, "yeah I'm dead…" and which he would've been, but that great thing called 'divine intervention' saved the druid, thus he ran off with his tail between his legs, living to fight another day.


    Ronan's scariest experience would have to be that north tower in Oscura. Wykith was the DM. Never has the sorcerer seen how cruel the world can be, and it disturbed him quite a bit.

    Many times was he helpless in the tower. Both in battles and in puzzles. His spells quickly ran out, thus making him useless during the middle of the event. All he wanted to do was get out the second he entered the tower. And OOCly, my leg was bouncing anxiously the whole time, not knowing what was next, and just praying to God I stayed alive, which I did!

    Probably the longest, and most fun event Ronan has been in.

  • That's awful cute. 😛

  • thanks Kuk. I had forgotten that Dwin and Foilir had matching armor 🙂

  • @42c26a7269=Kerby:

    That was a lot of fun for me too. In fact, so much so that at the end I think I possessed one of the frost giants so we could take a group shot of the dwarves and their nemesis for the family scrapbook. I MAY still even have that on a backup disc someplace. I need to go dig for that.

    That was the "Oy" shot. It was linked to in the Council of Moradin. I had a bunch of pics there. But I don't think I have them anymore.

  • @4d65a40fbd=Clan:

    In that magical week between Xmas and New Years (in 2005) a bunch of us dwarves went ogre hunting in the cold caves.

    Dwin, Foilir, Ragnar, Krig, Maythor… Kerby was DM'ing.

    I hadnt ever been there before. I vaguely remember Foilir and Dwin hiding behind the others.

    I was physically shaking. Something about that place really gives me the creeps. Plus it was freezing in my basement where my computer was 🙂

    Anyway, when I think of scary times on narf, I think of that one. It was one of the most fun nights I've ever spent playing Dwin... I think we have some screenies of it someplace...

    That was a lot of fun for me too. In fact, so much so that at the end I think I possessed one of the frost giants so we could take a group shot of the dwarves and their nemesis for the family scrapbook. I MAY still even have that on a backup disc someplace. I need to go dig for that.

  • The scariest time on Narfell was in 2005 when I was playing 'Morik Gyser' for the Black Sails and we went on a quest. Actually, Deacon just felt like sailing. Well, about nine of us, including Nicah, huddled on the boat. I'm not sure how it happened, but after a bit of sailing we ended up in a cave. After a whole lotta walking, and no enemy encounters, we finally got into a large cavern. I remember talking to Deacon the whole time, asking about treasure and what we were going to spend it on. Well, in the cavern was one house. Deacon, for whatever reason, decided to knock on the door.

    Nothing came out.

    So we decide to look around the cavern, and eventually we find a chest. We took one step towards the chest and a hag walks out of the house. She walks over to us Sails, and looks at Deacon and Morik. After a minute she only looks at Morik. Then she starts talking about how she needs a child, and that Morik would make for excellent breeding. All the other Sails just stand there. I was a level two fighter then, so I meekly followed the hag back to her house, honestly thinking the rest of the Sails would continue to pillage and leave me there. After about three minutes of one-on-one talk with the hag and her plans for me, Deacon and a few other Sails charge her. I remember her casting 'Hold Person' on Deacon and him failing the save. All I was thinking was, "Well…..looks like we're all screwed now, huh."

    But then Nicah comes out of nowhere and beats the crap outta the hag, and the whole cavern starts to cave in. Being pirates, we all looted the chest ~then~ ran. On our way back to the boat, the 'dock' had caved in and was simply an open expanse of water. We all stripped to our skivvies and dived in. I hoped the DM wasn't going to make swim checks. He didn't. Nobody died, but I got pretty scared there.

  • @be412c9b2e=Robyn:

    “Um, Maya?”, Adam spoke up in a hushed whisper looking rather upset, “Let’s run”

    It made me laugh reading this and realizing that'd probably be almost on cue to how Zyph would react/what he'd say.

    And Robyn's one of those characters that's always fun to bring up in a historical sense 🙂

  • During ’04, I was playing both Robyn and Maya.


    Sadly, most players around now don’t remember Robyn, the Archer/Fencer who had the little house in Jiyyd. I started her in January 2003 as a wide-eyed 16 year old who fled corrupt law enforcement in the Great Dale, and she died during the Defiler Event in December ’04.

    Although her final death certainly qualifies as scary, it was the sword she possessed and the duels it required that always scared the crap out of me.

    Robyn was the owner of a “Blade of Tyr”, one of several holy weapons created to administer justice. The problem with owning this sword was that (a) it required you to duel to the death to keep it, and (b) it had a mind of its own.

    I always hated those duels. The DM (Kanen) had this curious knack of having them occur right before Robyn leveled. Not only were they duels were to the death, but they were always against some nefarious enemy 1 level higher than Robyn. Onlookers were also warned that any interference would result in harsh retribution or death. Ask Zyphlin some time 😉

    If Robyn survived the duel, the sword got better, and she got to live until the next time. I always found myself jittery at the end of each duel.

    For Narfell history buffs, Robyn’s sword and bow are still in game. The sword resides in the Temple of Tyr in Peltarch, and one player still has her Darkwood Elven crafted bow. I won’t say who though.


    I’ve lost count of the number of times Maya’s been in scary situations. I’ve played the character for almost 5 years. There are a few however, that stand out –

    Dueling Grax – Oh yes, let’s duel a fire giant with subdual off. However, the duel was “The first person to be badly wounded”, not to the death, but when I asked the DM what would happen if the giant hit me at “injured” and killed me in one swing, or simply killed me swinging before I could back up…which was quite likely, he simply replied, “You die”. Maya won that duel with a lucky power attack max-damage critical hit, which brought the giant to badly wounded in two blows. However, on the same round, its next swing hit Maya for a critical, bringing her to near death. Grax was honorable though, and acknowledged Maya’s hit was first.

    First Trip to the Lost City – The Lost City was always terrifying back in the day, and Maya’s first trip was no exception. We lost countless people in the first expedition. Maya died twice, but made divine intervention both times. That got a chuckle out of the DM’s because I had just submitted a request for Maya to be a “Champion of Tempus”

    When you made DI back then, all of your equipment was stripped and put on the ground. Maya huddled naked in the corner, unable to move and get her things because some VERY high level undead things were roaming nearby. She sat that way for almost 30 minutes before a rescue party came.

    Dueling Atol – Atol was the bandit chief, back when the Eastlanders roamed the pass. He was a legendary arch-villain that no one could face. A 17th level fighter when the highest level character on the server was 12th. He had enough magic items to make him glow like a Christmas tree. Nobody in his right mind dueled Atol one on one. No one.

    Well, Maya did.

    It certainly wasn’t by choice. Maya was going down the pass to from Jiyyd to Peltarch with her husband, Adam Bromley. Most of the Eastlanders that came after her were cut down quickly. However, a particularly large group of them came after her at once, and Maya just went into a rage. Maya had a great axe back then, and did a lot of damage when she was upset. One bandit took over 90, and another over a 100 in one swing.

    Well, Adam and Maya made it to Peltarch, rested, hung around for awhile and then came back. When we came back, Atol was waiting there at the bridge.

    “You the one been humiliating my men?”, Atol asked

    “Is not too hard”, Maya replied.

    “Um, Maya?”, Adam spoke up in a hushed whisper looking rather upset, “Let’s run”

    Maya shrugged Adam off. I actually hated to emote that, because I saw “Atol”, over this bandits head, so I knew who he was, but Maya didn’t. The whole scary part was emoting Maya’s confidence and bravado because she didn’t know who Atol was, not really. I did, and that was scary. Then after she found out, she wasn’t about to back down. Tempus really doesn’t like that.

    At that point, I was resigned to Maya’s death. There was no way I could beat Atol. There was just no way. Maya’s only hope was to earn his respect. So I hit improved power attack, and prayed for a whole slew of 20’s.

    I only got one

    Maya hit Atol for a lot of damage on a non critical hit on her first swing. He grinned a bit, rubbing his chin, and then proceeded to humiliate Maya. But she earned his respect, and he let her live.

  • Back in '04 when Gears was a strapping young lad of 4 or 5 levels and sitting 'round the ol' Norwick fire, some elven wizard, I can't remember who, came up and proposed to him and a few others that they go over to the Windy Plains and try to take on a few of the tougher orcs. Gears, being Gears, said ok and went along with this elf and a few other lowbies…It didn't end that well.

    We got there, hung around the edge of the zone, and took out a few of the smaller ones without too much trouble. But then we see a Destroyer...and the elf says he'll cast hold person, and to just run if it doesn't work. It doesn't. Destroyer charges, buuuut some of the people don't run. So everyone sticks around, attacking this mammoth of orcdom...After one or two die the rest of us run back to the safer plains. The orc follows, we scatter.

    At some point in here, a DM takes control of the orc and teaches us a lesson about leading dangerous creatures into low zones. It runs down and slaughters everyone, except Gears who streaks up the hill while it's preoccupied and hides. Hid there for a good while, watching it stab everyone else on the plains below, and then start sniffing around for the remaining I sneaked around to the other side of the hill and stood still for 10 minutes wondering if I was gonna get skewered. Gears lived to tell the tale though...thank god for Hide and Move Silently.

  • I think my scariest moment was when Elissa was south of Norwick and trying her preach routine on a couple of people. And a certain enemy of hers goaded another character into attacking. Lethal PK was looming very close nearby.

    I didn't back down, even though thanks to a crash on my side, and the faulty spell preservation scripts at the time (Cure spell memorized => all spells lost) Elissa had not a single spell available. I knew the only hope was in getting pity from someone, for a defenseless woman being slaughtered.

    But it came as it had to come, lethal PK was granted and executed.

    Elissa didn't fight back, just took it, and in seconds lay bleeding on the ground, losing HPs rapidly.

    Oddly enough it was Myth that saved her, who hadn't been around, and thus probably hadn't been talked out of helping Elissa…