Droibo's Storage Chest Rental Shop

  • Droibo is happy to announce that he is again offering secure storage chests for rental! Any customers, old and new, please take note of the new fees and rules. Old customers in good standing ((replied to my check-in thread)) are considered paid up through the next year ((next rental fee is due April 1st)), but will need to get new keys. Any other customers will need to start services over again.

    All inquiries please be made to the proprietor ((contact SDM, Kallethen)).

    Fees for storage services

    RL month

    Rules for storage services:

    the first of each RL month

    until the tenth of each RL month

    contact the SDM, Kallethen, for payment

    contact the SDM, Kallethen


    (( OOC Note from the SDM ))

    Just to reiterate, all old keys will not work. The devs suggested changing all locks so that they may conform to newer naming conventions.

    If you had replied to my check-in thread, contact me to receive a replacement key. Next rent is due April 1st.

    If you did not reply, contact me if you want your items back. If you want storage again, you will have to pay for it as a new customer.

  • Droibo sends out letters to his customers that rental fees will be due soon. Payment arrangements should be made with the proprietor.

    Rent fee: 250 gold
    Date due: May 1st
    Late fee: 50 gold if rent is paid after May 15th.