• Due to some problems I am having, health wise, I have officially stepped down as a DM and SDM of camp for the time being. Lucid will be taking over for a bit, until I either come back or a new SDM is appointed if I don't return.

    I apologize for anything I've left in the air plot wise, but I can't give them the attention they deserve at the moment anyways. You all deserve someone who can pay attention. Make him feel welcomed.

    I'll cya all IG sometime. 🙂

  • 👏 👏 👏

    welcome back!

    See chicken soup and muffins - cure almost everythings 'specially when they're made with luv!

    :hug: glad you're better!

  • I'm officially back as SDM of camp again, send your questions to me again. Remember to bug Lucy still though, just because it is fun to do so. :twisted:

  • oh man she must like you… she doens't make those muffins for just anyone.

  • :hug: get better soon!

    goes to make chicken soup and black cherry white choc chip muffins for DrD

  • ICC


    Due to some problems I am having, health wise…

    I hope its nothing serious mate, take your time recover well and return when you´re better!
    Take care buddy!

    Cheers Dr.D and his wondrous side kick Lucid

    KULL (Half Orc Barbarian, Training Officer and Major in the Legion)
    Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the women!

  • Officially starting tuesday. I'll be away on vacation until then 😄

  • Lucy the pantless? Oh dear… :lol:

    welcome lucy