Cray Vincint

  • Cray Vincint has the characteristics of a human male. But he also has some very distinguishing features.

    At first glance his bright blue hair catches many off guard, often resulting in curious stares, or cold expressions of suspicion. Cray has very pale skin, but upon a closer look he does not appear unhealthy or sickly at all. Those that take the time to study him will see that his skin is actually light grey, with dark grey lines in organic patterns. This makes his skin appear marble or stone like. However, to the touch, it is as soft as normal human skin. An expert in detecting magic would be able to discern that Cray's actual physiology has been permanently altered by epic magic. It would be evident that most of this magic energy is very ancient, as if casted on an entire people, generations ago. Some of this magical energy would be discernibly newer, which would indicate that Cray's body has undergone magical altering and or experimentation in his lifetime as well.

    It is hard to say based on Cray’s appearance, mannerisms, and speech; if a lore master would be able to determine his origins being from Deep Imaskar. However this is not as closely a guarded secret by Cray, as it once was. Over the later years of his life, he has revealed this fact to a handful of close friends.

    Cray was one of the blooded that fought bravely in the Arnath War against the Drow. During the days of Arnath, is where Cray first appeared in Narfell. And where he began to build his reputation for being devoutly loyal to the tribunal, and trustworthy in a variety of missions and matters of subterfuge.

    After the fall of Arnath and during the subsequent rise of Oscura, Cray was well known for being an Oscuran Peacekeeper, and for many years he wore the Official Cloak of this organization. But he now seems to have retired from this role.

    Albeit Cray has his own interpretation of such, he is a man of law and order. Cray adamantly prefers stability and peace, to chaos and violence. When a problem is mutually concerning, he has been known to easily set differences aside, and to collaborate with anyone required, in order to reach the desired outcome. It is rumoured that Cray even did direct work for the likes of historical figures as Maythor, Grag, Nico, and Gibs. Knowing Cray, this work may have been more about earning coin and building influential relationships, rather than a desire for actually doing some good?

    Outside of law and politics, Cray's main interest is business and increasing his fortune. He has been a Petty a Officer in the Black Sails Trading Coster, for almost as long as anyone can remember. His service record with the Sails has certainly earned him a special friendship with Deacon Stirr. Cray is also the current Captain of the Oscuran ship Leviathan.

    Cray is well groomed, and his clothing is almost always clean and mended. He is often observed smoking cigars, cigarettes, or from a pipe. He is known for occasionally binge drinking with friends and colleagues, at the local pubs, bawdy houses, and inns of Narfell.

    It is relatively common knowledge that Cray spent several years in Peltarch Prison, without trial, for Obstruction of Justice. As the legend goes, Cray sacrificed himself and single handedly thwarted the Magistrate of Peltarch from apprehending an unknown group of criminals. Cray kept his mouth shut and did his time. The identities of the others were never revealed, and they have eluded capture to this day.

    When Cray's face, neck and hands are uncovered, several distinct prison tattoos are visible. On the back of Cray’s right hand between the thumb and index finger is five dots, like what you would see on a die. The four corner dots represent the walls of cell and the dot in the middle represents the one trapped within those walls. A spider web tattoo surrounds the outside of his left eye. This tattoo would be indicative of someone who spent a decent stretch in prison, collecting dust and cob webs of course. On one side of Cray’s neck is a tattoo of a knife penetrating his throat. This would indicate that he kills people for gold, as in an assassin. However, Cray has mellowed significantly in his later years, so whether or not this tattoo is technically still valid, is anyone’s guess. On the other side of Cray’s neck is a tattoo of a Claddagh. Which is a ring with a raised design of two hands clasping a crowned heart. This tattoo symbolizes loyalty above all.

    It is widely assumed that Cray is a purely self serving individual, and primarily motivated by coin. Now this is indeed true, to a point. However the ones that know him best. Know he actually values friendship or relationships above life itself, and even gold. As Cray often says, that friendship is the bread of life, gold is just the honey. Anyone disparaging Cray’s loyalty in business or friendship, will likely cause him actual trauma, evoke anger, and even elicit his revenge.

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