Sheverash need you !

  • (sorry for my anglish )
    I post this here cause i think it that kind of persone i searching for..We try to creat a ''culte'' of Sheverash and we ares already 4 .(.2 priests and 2 warriors) .. We search for other elfs Chaotic neutral or chaotic evil.. no chaotic good, even if Sheverash accept them. We want be able to be bad, when the time come.( and we have one prietre chaotic evil to )

    Aneways i will be happy to see a arcan archer follower of Sheverash .a mage or a bard.. any classes in fact. but remember, we will gone hunt in the underdark .be shure you have what is take for do what Sheverash ask.Almos all elfs hate drow and fight them when they see them but not much go get them where they lives. Sheverash dosen't care of the prayers .he ask sacrify and vangence. We ares drow hunters and more.

    –I have a question to : can i keep this post open and use it for our ''culte'' until i find more peoples or get a privite place like guild forum.? So i will be able to ask to others Sheverians to put info here and stuff for us.

  • Best of luck.