Open PK

  • Rules:

    1. Subdual Only. No Full-on PK without a DM present and DM permission.

    2. Must be agreed upon by all parties. A screenshot would be preferred in case of dispute. OOC pressuring or taunting to obtain agreement will be seen as harassment. If complaints occur, and agreements can not be proven, all parties will be considered griefers and again, there will be consequences. Think before you act.

    3. Whining later will not be tolerated. IC actions have IC consequences. Think before you act.

    4. If you choose to do battle within sight of an NPC, deaths are going to occur, and a DM will NOT be raising you. You have been warned.

    5. With consent of the Subdual, comes the knowledge that you may in fact be beaten down to 1hp, left for dead in a hostile area, and yet again…. death may occur. DM's will NOT be raising you then either. IC actions have IC consequences. Think before you act.

    6. Once agreement is reached, it is also understood that others close by may in fact join in to help their "buddy". Please keep that in mind. What may start as one on one, may turn out to be six on one.

    7. Please remember that town milita, defenders and guards would arrest you for fighting in town. Act accordingly.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to talk to a DM, a PG or PL. We're happy to answer.

    Your DM Team.

  • After some discussion the open subdual PK trial period is over and you can consider it a feature of Narfell as long as it continues on without problems. Should griefing or abuse of the system occur, it will be revoked.

    I would like to stress if anyone at any point feels they are being bullied into a PK situation OOC, or harassed about one that has occurred, please report it to a PG, PL or DM as soon as possible. This is something that will absolutely NOT be tolerated.

    Also let me stress if subdual PK leads to the death of your PC, via NPC or hostile creature, then that is simply your misfortune. We will not be raising people for such. If you develop faction issues, you may ask a DM to help correct that. However, if your PC dies to an NPC before one does, again, that is your misfortune. So, in short, be careful where you choose to duel.