New Ideas

  • Legion

    General Grag posts a parchment for all to see ont he town bulletin board
    People of Jiyyd I was thinkin it would be a grand idea to talk to the sisterhood about startin up a school for de youth of our town. Please send me written responses ta this idea and feel free ta send letters for any other ideas or concerns ye may have.
    Another problem I see is de swamps. I would like to put a gate wit a guard otu that so no trolls can simple just come in and eat our stock or come afta our children. Let me know what ye think of these two things your freind and Fellow citizen.

    ( MND can you make this a sticky or something to that effect ))

  • in a flowing elven hand Rilia adds a note

    For many long years the sisterhood has run a school for the children that live there as well as local children of Jiyyd. I am sure we would be happy for you to tour our facilities and discuss the things we teach to the youth.