*A Right Sized Poster appears in the Valley*

  • General Lyte is careful to request a legal spot to post a hin sized broadside calling for a meeting of titantic importance to the region.

    _"Valley Captains, Guild Leaders, concerned citizens of means and strength, Legion General's Grag and Lyte are taking the unusual step of calling for a MEETING to discuss EVENTS and CREATURES witnessed by them in a recent patrol to the place called MINTAS RHELGOR south and east of the village of Jiyyd.

    The meeting is to discuss a tactical decision. The evilry involved and topic for discussion are DROW, DUERGAR and DEMONS.

    We feel this matter is of region shattering importance.

    Please attend, or send a representative.

    Jiyyd Legion Hall, (Thursday night roughly 11pm eastern time)."_

  • On the way back from gnomish pie shopping at Budo's store, Ginger reads the poster.