First day on the server

  • 6-7 hours ago, at 9PM, August 20, 2007, was my first time logging in here.

    I made my first character Ellomir Mellosef, an elven nercomancer.

    An player whose character's last name was Silvermead gave me a quick guide of the server, and even gave me directions to an archery contest in Norwick, though the directions were somewhat faulty.

    I had a fantbulous time at the contest, and discovered many things about my creations personality and past, as well as the 2 possible directions of his future, and third ending, depending on how the storyline with him goes.

    I had a most wonderful time when I met Aloura TundraSword, an elven cleric of Corellon. She even advanced my characters story slightly, towards the Good Aligned ending. My character is less evil and more good thanx to her. She also took me hunting in the woods by Ormpur, where I was killed by our third enemy, a winter wolf. My visit to the fugue plane was interesting, and it was nice to roleplay my unusual return to the material plane. I was overall pleased with everything, and had a wonderful first time playing. I'll be sure to play at least once every 2 weeks, since I'm also quite active in 6 other worlds.

  • Had to be the secret ending.
    Nothing is cast in stone. 😉