• Include in your post:

    • your characters full name
    • your Narfell account name

    and that way the DM's will be able to find you easily to give you any exp you get awarded for your history.

    Background Exp will now be given out at any level, though still on a one-time only per character basis (keep in mind though that the lower your character's level when you avail of it, the more it will benefit you).

  • This has been dead for far too long. I'm taking over, write your new characters stories for XP 😃

  • Edited rules to remove level restrictions.

  • People, please read the rules before posting here. I have no problem with replying with messages to "edit in your full character name and NWN account name before I can review this", remember it is -you- who will have to wait longer before I find the time to look over the story again and award xp.

    Please, read the rules, and try to complete your post with what is required.

  • Note that if you forget to post your login name/character name and update your post afterwards, please make sure to post <a reply="" stating="">that you had updated your post. <this is="">so I don't have to guess and check your posts to see if you updated them. Posts which do not contain a new <reply>concerning the update, will not be reviewed <again>.

    <<<bri edit:="" words="" in="" the="" brackets="" are="" mine,="" i="" edited="" vel's="" post="" for="" clarity.="">>></bri></again></reply></this></a>

  • Teslyn: It is acceptable to contact the DM channel once when you log in and ask for the DM to give you the experience pending. Always be polite, and remember that the DMs may be busy running an event and not able to contact you back immediately.

  • Do the DM's find us or do we need to send them a tell?

    Sorry I do not want to seem impatient or greedy or something, just wondering how it works.

    Thanks! 😄


  • No, only XP.

  • newbie here so please forgive me if this may sound stupid. do we get just exp from the write-up, or do we get some coins too?


  • Plarp, if you want to add - then you need to be in the tales by the fire section.


  • hkb, ol buddy ol pal, what if we want to add to the stories? do we need to start a new post?