Giantspire Tavern, hosted by dwarves

  • Okay, I had a "great" and "brilliant" idea IG with my dwarf, and Tigerlily's dwarf (Bagnar Steelfist, and Telli Thudden) to clean out the kobald cave that contains the weaker kobalds (ranging from runts to fanatics) and maybe start a small tavern in it. Not sure how to start this, if its possible, if its allowed, ect.

    If it is, we could use help from Dolvak Extermination Services, and the Peltarch Brewery to clean the place out and stock up with beer.

    And what would the price range be?

  • Hey I like help….who said I didn't....I'll kill em!

  • I am staying strong with my idea, don't worry. But this "dwarf tavern" as I've begun calling it, WILL take a while to start. I am not pretending it will start right away, if it does ever start. But I am trying my best to try and make it start, I think Tiger is too. But I am well aware that this will take lots of rp to even be considered. And like I've said, any help is accepted by me. (maybe not Tiger πŸ™‚ )

  • ((As I told Odd… It'll take a lot of rp and planning on our part... And even then... may or may not be implimented. Its just how it goes :)... Not to mention the amount of gold it would take to get it started... though we've discussed trying to get some dwarven investors from the region. I've spoken to him... this isn't something -I'm- expecting to happen next week... nor a month from now... were looking at a long way down the road if...BIG IF... if a DM happens to pick it up and run with it...

    Its been great to see how quickly development near Jiyyd and Sam's hill is coming... but to expect that to carry into a players rp just isn't realistic... Homes... Inns....Pubs... are things that just take months and months and months of rp'ing to get up and running... as they should be... Dm's and Developers arn't going to want to invest their time in something thats clearly a passing fade...

    As such... I'll gladly keep tossing idea's to Bagnar with Telli as long as he shows interest as well πŸ˜› ))

  • Yes, you need a c-token, and a lotttttttttttttt of rp

  • Okay, thanks, but would both Tiger and I need a c-token to start it? I do not have one yet, But we had a nice one-way conversation with Nor at Dolvak Exterminator service. All help for me in this forum is welcome. (I need it) but we are trying to get an all dwarvish staff for the tavern. As for Nevyn's suggestion of taking the hunting ground away, I'd need to learn the location of the "rent-a-cave" in Pelt.

  • Mmm.. the current recident might have a thing or two to say about this Dwarven pub concept.

    Intresting idea though.


  • I believe there is an allready cleared cave inside the city walls that could be used for a dwarf tavern if people really wanted one, without removing a 'hunting ground' for lowish levels.

  • which 2 dwarven pubs? I only know of one that is somehat open the the "public".

    Given the number of NPC dwarves that supposedly live in Pelt and the mountains themselves, I think its a great idea.

    I am sure if you approach someone from the Dolvak Exterminators, they would be interested in speaking about it, and possibly investing in the idea.


  • Lovely idea, but why not frequent one of the 2 dwarven pubs already IG?

  • Hey - long as your're not picky about your clientele and don't mind them paying in coal, the kobolds could turn out to be your best customers. πŸ˜‰

  • counts out a few coins before nudging Bagnar… We gonna needs ta save a LOTS more if we gonna do dis da rights way!

    ((I like it though I'm sure any actual development of this will take quite some time as it'll be VERY low on the totem pole of things needing adding... πŸ™‚ ))