Purchasing Housing/Property

  • This is the thread detailing the rules for purchasing in-game houses/property.

    This thread will be locked.

    Only Players with a Citizen Token may buy housing in game.

    If you wish to discuss the rules/process, please don't spam this section, and instead start a new thread in Community Suggestions.

    To purchase a house, please do the following, in the following order, and only proceed to the next step when the previous one has been completed.

    **1) Speak with the Story DM of the town you wish to buy a house in. They can provide you with the price and available locations.

    1. Make sure you have the required funds.

    2. Start a new thread in the Housing and Development section. This will be titled in the following way:**

    Town/City, Character

    For example,

    Peltarch, Meril

    4) In that thread, post the following.

    Character Name
    Location in Town (as agreed with SDM earlier)
    Housing (Template 1, 2 or 3, or custom house)

    5) Once approved by the SDM, they will take the money from you (or send another DM to do so). The SDM may ask you to make changes, etc, before it is approved. How they do this, is down to them. You can then then, and only then, send Masume your custom house, in .erf format.

    6) Wait patiently for your house to be added in-game.

    IMPORTANT: Explanation of Housing Templates and custom house.

    When you buy a house, you can use one of the three Templates for your house, that Mas has already constructed (the links to these .erfs will be provided on this thread shortly, for you to import into the toolset and look around).

    Or, you can make a custom one. To do so, you must make the housing area, export it as a .erf and send it to Masume after posting on this thread, and having a SDM take your coin from you. An SDM may also wish to see your custom house, in order for them to approve it, and/or set a price.