City Positions

  • Peltarch Mortician

    :: The Magistrate Barrim posts a public notice outside the secured doors of the Peltarch Mortuary and the Guardhouse as well as in the records of the guard themselves.::

    The Jewel of the Icelace , the City of Peltarch is recruiting.

    Peltarch Mortician

    The post of Peltarch Mortician reports directly to the guard and falls under the authority of the legal institutions of the city.

    It is the responsability of the Mortician to ensure the prompt and proper disposal of the dead, as well as to analyse with the utmost vigilance any suspicious deaths and to report their findings to the guard, magistrates and other city institutions.

    The successfull applicant will be expected to be a loyal and respected citizen of peltarch, and have a clean criminal record. As a member of the guard you will have full guard responsabilities outside of your official duties for the dead. You will be subject to the full dictates of civil and military law as well as the requirements of common decency.

    Those with proven knowledge on criminal investigaiton, or experience of such as well as the particular skills required for the role will have an advantage.

    The applicant will submit to a strict vetting process, for their application to the guard and to this unique position. The city welcomes applications from any race or gender and maintains a policy of tolerance to faith within the proscribed limits of the law and other public notices on strictures and conduct within the city.

    The position is paid as per the applicants rank within the guard.

    As magistrate i shall assess the applicants suitability and oversee their vetting prior to my recommendation and presentation to the guard general for his approval.

    Magistrate Barrim Asbravn.

  • (The above positions are still available)

  • Executioner of Peltarch

    The Magistrate Barrim issues a public statement that the previous Executioner to the City of Peltarch has returned from whatever private affairs prevented his active duty in the name of the city.

    However the Magistrate announces his intention that the post of Executioner of Peltarch will be re announced, hence inviting all long standing Peltarch Citizens to apply if interested to his office by letter in the first instance.

    The previous positions holder may re-apply if he wishes, on equal terms to every new applicant.

    The position reports direct to the magistrate holding current position, though their duties only ammount to specific execution duties at the conclusion of any court case where execution is the sentance handed down. No other military, legal or arrest rights reside with the post. The applicant may not willfully bear arms in the city, and is otherwise an ordinary citizen. The applicant has no reporting responsibilites to anyone else save the magistrates office and he bears nor has the right to carry any identifying seal, regalis nor insignia while performing his duties. The magsitrates office does not bear any responsability for his actions in their private life but is expected to maintain a high standard of law abiding conduct at all times.

    The applicant will be issued with an appropriate weapon for their duties as well as a concealing mask and uniform. Those who are unable to wield heavy slicing weapons are not expected to apply. The applicant must maintain good health and strength in order to maintain their position.

    IMPORTANT: The applicant's identity will remain a secret in order to prevent any personal repurcussions as a result of his duties.(just like a real executioner in old times)

    The magistrate announces that he holds great value by the quality of the initial application and must contain at minimum the following.

    Previous Experience or military service.
    Ambitions and motivations for the role.
    A concise personal account of their background and interests.
    A formal reference from a professional associate of the applicant attached