Norwick Supplies

  • I have always wondered why the "Barbarian Town" of Norwick never had supplies oriented to Barbarians…

    Why are there special items available in Narfell for spellcasters, thieves, druids, bards, clerics, etc. but really nothing a Barbarian can look forward to aquiring? I would like to see something special for Barbarians that give them something their abilities lack in. Barbarians are especially in need of protection from spellcasters (weak save rolls...) and could always use something that boosts their strength or armor class (ie. barskin/bulls strength potions/items). I can buy a ring in Norwick if I'm a druid for barskin. I can buy a whole pile of items in Norwick if I'm a spellcaster.

    What I can't buy in Norwick is a large shield, heavy armour, enchanted weapons that a Barbarian would wield (+1 AB Greatsword, Greataxe, etc) or any kind of item that increases save rolls, AC, or strength for a Barbarian only. About the only things I've seen only for Barbarians are terrible armour items from creatures....

    Just wondering if the powers that be can help out the Barbarians in Norwick a little bit by stocking shelves that attract Barbarians to the area.

  • Jerr will occassionally snort "and you call US the barbarians" when watching what passes for justice in the towns.

    I consider it a 'term' like white, chinese, first nations . . . whatever.

    More racial than profession. and yes if asked he claims to be of the land and of a specific tribe

  • I think there is a big difference between playing a "Barbarian" PC and calling a town "barbaric". I am not sure I can even explain that…

    Do Barbarians call themselves "barbarians"? I was under the impression that they wouldnt. it would be like a rogue calling himself a "thief" or a Fighter PC referring to himself as a "fighter". Most barbarians i know have been affiliated with one tribe or another... some back story that made sense as to why they lived by a barbaric code of law.

    All that being said, i dont see why we couldnt offer items for sale in Norwick that are geared towards barbarians (and all classes, IMO). Norwick is a trading town, and should have something for everyone.

  • Very good point.

    My concern is simply for the new players that join, read about Norwick and think.. Barbarian town, cool! Being of Barbarian class, they get their papers and get in to town only to find out that it's really not oriented towards them at all.

    If it's no longer to be a "Barbarian Town" then the description should be changed, otherwise, for the benefit of the new players that create Barbarians/Fighters/etc. there should be a few items available in the town for the Barbarians that make it their home.

    But yes, the proximity of Spellweaver and the Chancellor being a mage does make the availability of magic items in town seem appropriate as well.

  • I know that Norwick was "founded" years ago as a barbarian town.

    I would counter that Norwick in the recent decades has really evolved into something different. Frankly, we havent had anyone with the "Barbarian" class in control for quite some time now. Barbarian law, or whats left of it, no longer has much bearing in the way the town is run. I would go as far as to say that it is less barbaric than other towns, really.

    I know its not what this thread is about, but I think its somewhat relevant.

    With the Keep so near and a high powered wiggler in the Chancellor's seat, I would say that Norwick is just as much the "wiggler" town or Narfell as it is the "barbarian" town these days.

  • Yeah having some Barbarian stuff would be useful,and he's right it makes little to no sense why the barbarian town has so much stuff for magicusers and not barbarians.So some change of equipment would be nice.

    Characters-Briar Drumheller–--Vunak Kolsen

  • @b0834533b5=Clan:

    Remember, the Union of Crafters has its Headquarters in Norwick, and can provide everything you mentioned as far as weapons and armor goes.

    In addition, I hear the Chancellor himself will even enchant items for a fee. 🙂

    Everyone knows the Union can create goods and the Spellcasters can enchant them. That doesn't mean that the goods you find for sale at the shops in Norwick are geared towards Druids, Spellcasters, and Thieves (except for the base goods with no specialization or abilities). What I'm asking for is an item or two available at the shops that are specialized for Barbarians since it IS the "Barbarian Town of Norwick".

  • Remember, the Union of Crafters has its Headquarters in Norwick, and can provide everything you mentioned as far as weapons and armor goes.

    In addition, I hear the Chancellor himself will even enchant items for a fee. 🙂

  • Interesting idea. I'd love to see a change in whats for sale in norwick, but I honestly havent taken much time think about what I want to see added/removed. Do you know how to use the toolset? You might want to work up a few item suggestions and pitch them to the SDM and see what happens.

    a bit off topic …
    One of the things I'm curious about is players being able to make potions and healing supplies themselves. With town healers working out of the firars, where you would assume there are tools and supplies for making these things, I'd love to see this thrown back into the players court. If we could find a way to roll/rp healers being able to make a certain number of potions per rl week/month, give them the ability to sell them potions (similar to crafting), I think that would be wonderful...but I cant think of a way to control this, since there is no crafting system for healing potions/supplies...