Shop for clerical goods .. . .

  • Okay, how much would it cost to make a shop inside a already built temple? And woukd I have to pay extra for the items to sell in it? Could I make the items I'd sell in it in the toolset?

  • Thank you Nevyn, I was thinking of maybe a room add on to a temple, like a door going into my store from the lobby. Thanks though, I'd appreciate the help. My timezone is California. (PSW???)

  • Depending where this shop is, and if the items are good only or stuff….., I'd be interested in possibly assisting with my cleric, so keep me informed of your plans if you want Oddball

  • Thanks, I was thinking of selling mostly potions of cure wounds aand holy symbols, maybe a set of armor with protection against evil +1 and weapons that have 1-2 holy damage, stuff like that, and would I have to buy the stuff that goes into my shop? Because I think that over 10,000 gold will be very hard to come by . . . .unless I have a donor 😄

  • you need a c-token, then you need to speak to the sdm of the town you wish to build in, then you have to come to an agreement on a price, it can be anything from 5000 - 50 000gp (or maybe more?). The shop's items has to be agreed to by the sdm, assuming you get an approval.