• Robyn Jahnsdotter

    Ranger / Fighter / Rogue

    December '02

    Robyn died during the Defiler event in December of ’04, but has made brief appearances in game as a messenger from Lathander. I’m including her here because she had two interesting items that are still in game.


    Blade of Tyr
    Rapier +2, +2 Slashing, Protection from Evil 2/day, +5 Parry

    This is one of the holy blades of Tyr scattered around Faerun. It forces its wielder to seek justice in all forms. This particular blade sought Robyn because of her past, though the reasons remain largely a mystery. It forced Robyn into a series of duels to secure justice, it’s power awakening with each victory. It currently resides with Daisy in Peltarch, waiting.

    Robyn’s Bow
    Longbow +1, Massive Critical +2d6

    _When Robyn finally accumulated enough gold, she set about looking to find someone who could make one of her father’s designs. The quest for a bowyer and materials took years of her time. The quest finally took her to the Elven encampment, where the bowyer there promised to make her one of Darkwood…if she secured the materials from the Bugbears. The bowyer would make the bow, and keep the excess material that was stolen. With the help of Sam Swarthout, Robyn was able to sneak in and get several pieces.

    The bow is a darkwood and horn laminate recurve with a low friction shelf, bound with magic. It was designed to fire a light arrow at high velocity. Damage was moderate, but due to the speed of the arrow a hit in the right location could cause grievous injury._

    This bow is still in-game.

  • Yolande


    December ‘04

    Yolande is a character who focuses on “Powers of the Mind”. More than half of her spells are mind affecting, the remainder are fire and abjuration. She was involved in behind the scenes political maneuvering in Peltarch, and now works with the Black Sails.

    Equipment and Powers

    Detect Thoughts
    With concentration and the sacrifice of a 2nd level spell, Yolande can read the minds of others. This is primarily limited to surface thoughts. Unlike most spells, this works out of line of sight, through wood and stone of varying thicknesses, allowing her to read the thoughts of people in adjacent rooms. It automatically reveals the targets intelligence score as well. There is a WIL save to prevent this.

    Yolande has the power of suggestion, and can twist the thoughts of others to do her bidding. This requires a simple verbal phrase and the sacrifice of a 3rd level spell. Because there are no gestures or outward sign of casting a spell, it can be extremely subtle and powerful. There is a WIL save, but it is often so high that only an extremely disciplined or protected mind can resist it’s effects.

    Robes of the Illusionist
    Reskinned Robe, Spell Focus Illusion. She has two of these

    Ring of Spell Battle
    +10 Spellcraft, Dispell Magic (10) 1/day

    This was a gift from a powerful person in exchange for manipulating various political decisions and events in Peltarch. Yolande’s powers made her particularly suited for such machinations.

    Yolande’s Staff
    Mages Staff, +1 Charisma, +1 WIL save, low blue light.

    This was the first item in Narfell that required a quest to achieve the materials necessary to enchant it. The sapphire on the tip of it was obtained at the lower level of the Cold Caves. Mounted at the end of the staff, it now serves as a focus for her power.

    Amulet of Will
    Amulet, +1 WIL save

    Mages Belt
    Belt, +2 Spellcraft

    Greater Gloves of Spellcraft
    Gloves, +6 Spellcraft

    Yolande’s Cloak
    Cloak, +2 Charisma

    This cloak is made of the finest silks. The clasp is emblazoned with a winged female figure [plot item]

    Eye of the Gargoyle
    Pin, Stoneskin 1/day

    Acting on a tip, Yolande stumbled across a ritual being performed by six priests of Orcus in a Peltarch warehouse. Striking from surprise, she disrupted the ritual, slaying all six priests by herself. This was found on the high priest. [plot item]

    Jewel of Ifris
    Jewel, Burning Hands (2) unlimited/day, Alchemist Fire 1/day

    This item was won in a duel to the death. Yolande put up the Eye (above), and he put up this. Yolande claimed it when she won. It’s mounted on a ring, and allows her to either draw forth fire and spray it in front of her, or a large ball of fire which she can toss. [plot item]

    Eye of the Juggernaut
    Pin, Tensors Transformation (11) 1/day

    This item was also won in a duel to the death. Yolande put of the Eye of the Gargoyle, and he put up the Eye of the Juggernaut [plot item]

    Yolande’s Lesser Focus
    Ring, +1 1st level spell slot, +1 2nd level spell slot. Sorcerer only, created by Yolande

  • Selandra Eriksdotter

    Paladin of Tyr

    February ‘05

    _Selandra is Robyn’s cousin, daughter of her uncle. They only met a few times, but Robyn’s loathing and jealousy of her was never hidden. She was taller, stronger, and more charismatic than Robyn, and Robyn often blamed her for stealing her boyfriend early in their teens. Later, Robyn tried to settle their differences, and introduced Laethan, Koreth’s squire to her after helping him escape from Koreth’s influence. Their final adventure together is in Tales by the Fire.

    An ardent equestrian, Selandra chooses to fight with glaive and lance, even on foot. Her unusual skill at this became widely known, until that fateful day when she was defeated by Razmarrin, a powerful witch-priest of Velsharoon. The injury by his cursed weapon left her with a permanent limp, and recovery has been long and painful.

    Despite Selandra’s upbringing and education, she bears her Uthgardt heritage proudly._


    Masterwork Steel Halberd, +1 Attack, +1 Discipline.

    Composite Longbow, +3 Mighty

    Bracers, +1 Deflection AC

    Amulet of Natural Armor, +1 Natural AC

    Cloak of the Winter Wolf, 5/- Cold Resistance, -1 Reflex Save

    Boots of the Winter Wolf, +1 Cold Save

  • Ly’Ahnna

    Druid / Monk

    March ‘03

    Ly’Ahnna was conceived as a spirit guide, someone who helped people find the right path in life. She was created as a one shot PC, but was played quite a bit during the Summer of ’03. Every now and then I still play her when the mood hits me, though her recent death may spell her permanent retirement.


    Boots of the Acrobat, +2 Tumble

    Masterwork Weighted Gloves, +1 attack, +2 blunt damage

    Amulet of Natural Armor, +1 Natural AC