A yarf arf in the middle

  • I had finally decided to install NWN which had been sitting borrowed from my cus for over six months on my desk. This being already 2 years or so after its release? And played through the campaign setting which was cake walk.

    I rubbed my hands together and prepaired myself for the glory that must be server games. Only to find myself confused and bewildered by all the choices. Luckilly I landed in Narfell my second try.

    Narfell had already had a rich tapestry of history, and dedicated players. Some a little too involved to stop and help out a newbie like me heh. However after patient waiting, a second rolled character who wasn't eaten by the most fearsome goblins I have ever met (previous encounters being only the campaign goblins) my baby ranger with a dark past met with a beautiful blue haired female Elf named El who took the time to plant some trees with me.

    It wasn't a hair raising adventure. It didn't even grant exp. Instead it showed me what it means to play in Narfell. And I'm just not skilled a writer to put into words that feeling I had back then.

    I miss it. I miss it so very much and I wish I could return, but I am so very afraid of being addicted again. To those who remember me. To El and all my friends. I'm sorry but I'm just not ready to return yet. (And that scares me because I really want to get in one last round before Narfell closes its doors for NWN2, which I just don't have to processing power to play, or afford an upgrade).

  • Kell, please could you post your character art somewhere? We don't have coppermine any more.

  • Who are you again?

  • Is healthy and well but can't find a steady job! 😞

    I miss you all in my scrudy unemployment. Oh and computer bonked out had to upgrade it recently, have to find my NWN cds.

  • wonders where he went and hopes he's doing well :evil:

  • I miss you!


    • Leo

  • You mean I'll need to remake Kastian or decide what the hell happened to him? Dang you making me work. 😉

  • Who am I kidding? I'm an addict, and I'm … sorta back Gearsy, Just not as much as I'd like as these past two weeks absense has proven. After this weekend of work I hope to be back next week with my "Wild child"

    Reh Rah Mah Meh Rer Rar Rah Maow!

    Lets make some new memories as soon as we can!

  • The Halfling Defence League

    For the record, the only character I really had fun with besides Gears was Fafner, when he got to run around with your wild child elf and Sche. Good times, man, good times. 🙂

  • Woof! 😄

  • Missed ya Cike. Glad you decided to stop in again.
    I'm glad I could be part of the community that you love so much and brought you so much enjoyment. 🙂
    I think it's always the first handful of characters we meet and interact with that seem like our favorite Narfell personalities and players. You were definitely one of those handful for me Cike. I met you early when I started Narfell, and loved playing with you from then on.
    I just hope you keep in touch bud. 😉

  • winks So you're going to leave us all in our narfcotically addicted helplessness here, eh, you arfing, low self esteemed pile of guilt ridden lich mealingering, arrow twanging issues!

    We miss Cike too, but yeah, I suppose RL oughtta come first. Maybe.


  • Huggles you tight and snuggles

    Hope work and such are going well for you 🙂

  • Kell, I think everyone understands. You, Cike, and Tiger are missed, but what's going on on the other side of the screen is a little more important. Best of luck. 🙂