Metagod's memories

  • The Scimitar:

    i told Archon i will never let him forget this :twisted:

    and now i get to post it here for all to remember!!!!!

    it was during a crafters mining trip into the underdark to mine.
    several umberhulks attacked and while i was fighting 2 of them Orc Man ran past and caused one to turn and aoo him, of course when that one turned to aoo him I took a step to attack it and the second one got aoo on me and managed to crit and killed me, one of Archons characters, Nars Trader or Tradesman, one of them, picked up my kit, when i was returned to life my +2 scim wasnt included in my kit he returned….

    turns out he put it in a "barrel" to be recovered later, however the npc standing beside the barrel obviously saw him put it there and stole it for themselves. . .

    eventually we found out that archons char had attempted to steal it and he was delivered swift justice by Lucious(sp)? jandors man whore. . .

    hehe while i was fugued poor archon sent me a pm letting me know that he was stealing my scim for ic reason, and then shortly later he pmed me saying the scim was gone >_<

    will never let him forget 😄

  • @bf6302557d=metagod:

    the next entry is submitted years after the previous
    Im at an arena battle in norwick, its pretty interesting, Zythal just beat Uthger and Sam, she used darkness magic and summoned a giant earth creature. The croud i am standing near whisper their dissapproval of Zythal abusing the gifts her god has granted. I wonder who I will be fighting.

    Good old times :).

  • found this old gem in the depths of my hard drive
    Cyrians Journal from my early days of narfell
    very early days. . .

    The language of a wild elf as best i can learn it.
    Ama = hurt
    Onkwe = elf

    Matrim and Cailah are getting married, but not until Torch is releases from a Peltarch Prison.

    I think I will get Torch out as a wedding gift.

    Man froom peltarch confronted Torch near the fire at the Norwick South gate.

    There was an argument, Matrim was present. but didnt pay much attention.
    Torch was in a good mood.

    There was a challenge, the man Called Torch a coward.

    the man was Very Pale with dark hair. Human.

    A group Followed Torch to the Lake where the confrontation was to take place.

    Matrim says he wasnt arrested. that they took him under the precinct of arresting him.

    The monsters they summoned were pure evil.

    A blackguard was summoned
    The Blackguard almost killed several people including Matrim.

    Torch mentioned something about the black Dragon Knights and *Korath (real name?)

    korath had risen to power at an oddly fast rate in Peltarch. Not many know how or why.

    Torch and his friends Cornered a Black Knight and questioned him, they though to remove any mind affecting spells that may be in place. but there didnt seem to be any.

    (someone named Myeil may have been with him.

    A man (merrioch) is a citizen of peltarch.
    He is avoiding my questioning.
    after talking to him i feel he is not involved.

    ShadowStrider knows more about Torch.
    Myeil was with him and another apparently they had abducted a Peltarch official.

    Shadowstrider was almost arrested as well for knowing too much.

    Captain Dunderstone is the Peltarch Guard leader. His office is in the jail house.

    Cray was spying on some red knights in the east. There were Red, Black, and Gold.
    They had a Circle of Blood on the Ground and Were sacrificing animals.

    Maythor calls them Praythien Knights.

    Nico is the man torch and Myeil cornered, he is a member of the Black Dragon Knights

    i have over heard strider talking of a lady who is wanted by men in black? i should ask for more info later

    ((I owe Mariana 15 gc's))
    ((Aloura gave me 150 Copper ingots))

    Wanted Cairthful Delphaine for stealing

    Norwick Miltia
    Red John
    Strider (out of com)
    Saul, Servant of the Doombringer (Trainee)

    Ban List:
    Linnatha (Dead)

    Arrest List:
    Sago Jaher
    Herrek Webber

    Kilco want's to Apprentice under Dwin as a bowyer

    Undead Bandits spoke:

    Cryyyyygggggln. . .
    Cyglaaa. . .
    Wwwwwwggghaaaat. . . .
    SSeeeeeek. . .
    WWWWEgghheeeeeeen. . .
    Seeeeeeeeek. . . .
    Waaaaaant. . .
    Nmmmmmaaaaaaaaammmmmlessss. . . .

    Myeil helped me to decrypt the message some, hopefully we are correct in part or whole of it.

    Crimson Glow?
    Cyrian Calia? What Seek When Seek Want Nameless. . .

    A Wererat was chased through town and it ran into the graveyard. after entering the graveyard a horde of undead attacked and my ring began to glow and burn.

    A while later i was surrounded by bandit zombies, the description is above of what they had to say.

    I saved Norwick today from a vampire, knowing i could not beat it i challenged it to beat me and it failed. i feel like a nervous wreck

    Jason Malbrath fell ill some months ago, he grew weaker and weaker until he passed, the familiy could not afford a cure, and she feared all was lost, a strange gnome came and said he could do the service for the price of a scroll he carried. his name was Cale, he sold the woman the scroll and gave instructions but something went wrong, the dead came alive, but not as expected. . .she fears all is lost and that the gods have abandoned her. . her name is Janet. After discovering a crazy gnome and dispatching it we were able to prevent its foul plan…

    Speak to Zyphlin about a Black Knight attacking Calia and Herzog.

    Maveri Gave Maythor some Garlic to give me.
    Apparently in case I should meet a Vampire.

    Zythal was gifted a Ring of the Nameless as well, she said that the Dark Priest is back and came for Dire rat blood, If this is true then there may be more rings around and that the Nameless may have more agents, i will need to keep an eye out for those with the ring.

    A Hin from peltarch named Derek came through the portal, apparently he discovered a way to use it and will be selling the secret at awuction, this was shortly before a Slaad appeared, both Derek and the Slaad Dissappeared soon after, a man in Gypsie clothing came through shortly after.
    He asked everyone to back off and when they didnt he began casting spells. Klaz immediately attacked him saying he was an imposter, then opthers joined in the fight and it became messy, though none of their attacks or magics could harm the fellow, Uchi and I finally broke up the fight and shortly after the "gypsie' Dissappeared, he said he needed time to stop the Slaad army, so I assumed the reason he was casting was to deactivate the portal and that was why he was so hasty.

    I was mining with some for Iron and was captured by the bandits . . .the words go off into a scribble

    . . . .
    Cyrian has started a new journal until the old one is recovered*
    . . . .

    I found a strange Altar in the far west woods today it was surrounded by goblin Shamans and assassins. I wasnt sure what the purpose of the altar was but I killed all the goblins just the same. I came back minutes later with a group of friends and the goblins were back and this time they had someone on the altar. they sacrificed the person and suddenly shadows came out of no where and started attack us. we destroyed the goblins, shadows, ahd the altar. Soon afterword Maythor came and he told us that there was a dagger used i nthe sacrifice and that in order to revive the deceased the dagger must be found and given to Friar Fred.

    I went to mine for copper today and after breaking several tin veins I finally found 2 coppers, Now i can make that shield for gagor.
    Gagor wants a Brass shield so im going to need more nickel, but there was none west so i decided to take a group to the orc caves to get their armors to use for nickel. getting in was easy but they had set up an ambush for us on the way out, Cray and Gagor fell, and me Mingal and Febrith barely made it out. it took a long time to beat the orcs back and escape and Mingal was able to raise Gagor and Cray.
    I found some unusual robes on Crays body as well as some items that im sure are not legal. Cray is a good friend so I will not hold it against him unless i have too.

    I met up with a troll in the woods today who claimed to have witnessed a sacrifice like the one I did, he found two daggers and returned quickly to Fred, unfortunately the daggers had no special properties or value. the man whos name Was Tom of the Hood said I may ask him for help should I return to the woods to search, this is becoming a problem, I will have to order regular patrolls by the militia to maintain the safety of the woods.

    The Norwick Militia have become very Discontent, they hate the way the town is being run and hate the fact that tarian does nothing about it. They want the Non humans, Merchants, and magic users out and want things restored to the old ways.

    A horde of undead as well as a very ugly Necromancer stormed the gates of Norwick today, they were easy enough to kill but i was infected with Mummy rot and have taken it really badly, My mind is very weak as the mere presence of the mummies make me run in terror not by my will however, i am also weakened and feel extremely sick, I rested for a while and the disease stopped spreading however much of its effects still plague me, I will have to seek a cleric to remove the diseases soon.

    Garrard threatened to kill Oscar, I will have a word with Jore about this.
    I have spoken to Jore, and he said he will deal with it but I doubt he will.

    There was an attack today of a great many undeads, I was able to keep my mind and not run in fear of the mummies -most of the time anyway- after the dead were all dead again I discovered Rugg'var the Dwarf had found some artifacts on one of the dead, I examined themclosely and discovered they are the artifacts of the nameless. I will try to convince him to let me handle the ring for safe keeping. If I can convince him I will then decide on a course of action.

    Rugg bestowed the ring upon Maythor, . . . this isnt a good thing.

    I confronted Uthger today and fought him. Dwarron, Zythal and Febrith stepped in. . The fight held no honor and we took Uthger down, i told the guards to let him out, and he is going to kill me now. oh well, i would have lost anyway, but now I die a coward. . .

    There is a Polar Bear south of Norwick, I grabbed Andu and headed off to find it and make sure it comes to no harm, and that no one harms it. Andu shapeshifted into a bear and they are playing, it seems the polar was portalled somehow but the portal has since faded, we will walk it back to the icelakes.

    Today a Penguin appeared through the portal in Norwick, looks like once again we will be setting off to the icelakes to return the little bird to its home.
    We arrived at the icelakes but the penguin clearly showed its discontentment towars going into the polar bear area, i suggest we ask a sailor where they come from. We were able to find out that there is some penguins near the harbour of the docks, we will try and set the penguin here and hope it swims home. hmm it didnt like the idea of swimming, i think it doesnt like the city scene, were going back west to try again.
    We found the penguins home, just west of where we were, there are quite a few of the birds here, well the Penguins home safely and everybody is happy.

    I followed up on a rumor and grabbed Rando and Circi and took em to the old maurader cave. We found Iron and Nickel in there as well as some bandits. We found lots of iron and nickel, but also lots of bandits, not too many of the stronger ones but enough to cause a problem, as we left the cave we were ambushed by sneaks and mages, they all started hitting me with bolts, and quickly after broke my elemental shield and I fell dying, next thing I had realised I woke up in Friar freds house. . .never a good thing. . .

    Another Goblin caster pestering the town, me, Dwarron, Sarah, Foilir, and Adriana chased it into the east woods and to Skaras cave, most of us wanted to retreat to better prepare but Adriana insisted we take the chance to strike the goblins while we had the chance. Adriana refused to leave and she went in alone, we couldn't let her just go die so we went in after her, the entrance was trapped and there were two umberhulks running rampant, we killed them with little difficulty and proceeded to their main camp deep in the cave, fighting through goblins and skeletons. reaching the lower levels and their main camp we saw that the goblins had all been slain. . .we couldnt find any reason so we left. . . after returning i came to the conclusion that the umberhulks must have escaped and killed its captors. . that would explain why the goblin casters have been using non harmful spells near town and running towards the cave when people follow, i guess they needed someone to put the Umberhulks down for them. . .

    Sarah is quite striking, i should like to get to know her more. i heard she has a child in Damarra, I wonder if they live near my old place.

    Well just sitting here and in walks Adam Bromley with a winged person . . some sort of extraplanar being i think. . .well i guess it doesnt know who he is or why he is here, he went to rest some and dissappeared.

    Adam came to me requesting i let Krig know he is looking for him, apparently there is an assassin and possible follower of Zargothis and he is using the union and norwick for cover.

    Somone was sneaking in town today, left tracks that lead to the portal, i never saw who and i never found out, Gildor's newest fiance apparently jumped in the portal and came out not to long after covered in blood apparently having had been attacked upon entry.

    Me Sam and Pete headed off to Jiyyd to do some mining in the caves so that Sam can start learning to craft again, when we got there there was a strange moss all over the seemed to summon undead. We fought off the mummies and skeletons until eventually Pete ran and bought some holy water which he and sam used to douse the moss and eventually kill it.

    I was mining in the bandit caves and our party was ambushed. we managed to lure the bandits in a few of the time to cull their numbers.
    After exiting the cave into the Nars we though it was safe until discovering that there were dozens of the bandits lying in wait, they had trapped the forest floor and they had a war machine. i fought through them as best I could, even confronting the warmachine, but to no avail. A bandit officer managed to sneak up and stick her blade in my legs nearly killing me and preventing my escape, I fell their bleeding while the bandit woman laughed and ran off to fine a new target. As I lay their bleeding to death calling for help to nearby friends, i guess they could not hear my pleas, as a last resort I called out to Torm and Tymora to hear my prayers and grant me their blessings but to no avail.

    The fugue,
    I have awoken in this place yet again, only this time i still have my journal as well as a few trinkets. Mog was here as well I guess he was felled too, he had some tools with him so we went ahead and built a new trade hall down here, i guess the power of will is strong, unfortunately before he could give me a hammer to work with he dissappeared. . .

    I have had a few visitors and I am able to get some recent news from the material world but visitors seem to come and go, I am alone here, bones provides little conversation and I refuse to speak to the succubus. I guess i will just continue to stare into the emptiness that is this place and buyild sand castles. . .

    . . .i decided today i would talk to the succubus, she wouldnt help me with my death problem unless i gave her my memories which i will not do, but i tried to get a good game of hide and seek! She wasnt too willing, i hid for a good week behind a ruin before i decided to come out and reveal my location, turns out she was never interested in playing in the first place . . .I guess I will try to play the game with bones. . .

    I had 2 new visitors today, two women both sitting here in the sand, I talked to them for a while but wasnt able to get their names, both dissappeared as the conversation was becoming interesting. . .

    The woman I talked to before who knows how long ago is back here but this time she has changed, no more is she rude or arrogant but this time she actually seems happy, I talked to her about my time down here and how I have been taking it, as well as for the reasons I did not wish to return to life, she says I should consider asking Lathander for assistance, i dont know gods and goddesses havent been my strong suit and i dont know much about them, perhaps i will contemplate this . . Lathander god of sunsets. . . there is no sun here and there are no sunsets. . .there is nothing here but ruin and sorrow. . . I need to find something to do.

    Talgrath and Roland and a dwarf i did not recognise (gulir) popped in today. . .that cannot be a good thing. They said they were killed by undead, i feared another undead attack on the town but they said they were in the lost city, i asked why they went there, Tal said one of Adams poor ideas. I asked for details but Tal seems not in the mood to talk. .well ill have him tell everyone hello for me when he is raised.

    I have decided to return to life. I pray to the gods constantly for the chance to be returned to narfell alive once again.

    After many hours on my knees Tempus granted me another chance and returned me to life, I will have to keep him in my prayers for that from now on.

    the next entry is submitted years after the previous
    Im at an arena battle in norwick, its pretty interesting, Zythal just beat Uthger and Sam, she used darkness magic and summoned a giant earth creature. The croud i am standing near whisper their dissapproval of Zythal abusing the gifts her god has granted. I wonder who I will be fighting.

  • I miss you ribs

  • It wasn't ME who stole the scimitar, but the npc standing right there, next to the barrel. Moments like those make DMing so much fun…almost as much fun as spawning rats on cyberers. 🙂

    Never forget, they may only be NPCs, but they are 'people'.

  • Chaevre' Vaelen First months in narfell

    believe it or not Chae was a fighter!!! fighter build and everything, she wasnt always evil, just arrogant, rude, and misguided..

    one of the first things she would do is try to scam the richest dumbest person she could find, then she heard there was an eastlander attack at the hill north of Norwick, so off she goes, who does she find but the man himself Grag! general of the legion, huge halforc, big axe, looks dumb as a fork surely he must be well off 😛

    so she runs up to him crying and pleading for help, the Eastlanders Robbed her and mugged her, took all her money, her full plate and her sword, oh poor chae what ever will she do sob cry sob well, off Grag goes to find the eastlander culprit, comes back some time later, didnt find the culprit or her money, and wasnt stupid enough to give her a cash handout (darn), oh well, plan B, lets try to make some coin, hire herself out as a body guard. . well with no gear thats tough,.instead she borrowed some money from Maythor to buy healing kits, she then started charging 5g a pop for healing services, not much but enough to make a small living, her arrogance though cost her a lot of service. . eventually she decided that she liked the idea of buying things and selling them to desperate people for 5 times its value, so when she got a good sum of money from selling healing services she paid someone a small sum to take her to the city, of course she had no business in the city, but the eastlanders carry some useful things and im sure those would sell well to someone who was desperate enough to buy it, naturalyl she kept a mace, shield, and armor for herself, she collected the rest of the gear at the mercenaries loss and then just sold the shields, the armor and maces she kept for resale..

    with the looted kit from eastlanders she decided to travel with adventuring groups into the woods, she collect everythinga nd anything of value, she resold the goblin healing potions at 2gp a pop and continued to sell bandaging services…

    one fateful day she was following a mage into the woods, the mage was more then capable of taking care of himself, she was just there to pick up the scraps, she was amazed at the wizards ability to handle hordes of goblins at once, wearing nothing but a robe. .surely there must be something to this magic, and surely it can be profited off. . so she decided to ask him to teach her magic, she followed him into the woods and watched how he did it and with a little instructions she eventually learned cantrips, and later on how to scribe spells...

    more to come. . .Comments!!! :D:D:D

  • Yep, that was the barrel.. I always thought Ribs took it after I told him.

  • no no, didn't he put it in the locked n00b quest barell next to fred's? Course Ithink it had an onclose, cleaning script.

  • Turns out he actually put it in a garbage can if I recall correctly.

  • And whose scimitar was it?

  • I remember that one. Great fun. 😄