OOC complaining, Bitching, moaning

  • Lately over the last few months there has been a increase of ooc complaining, bitching and general moaning about players, classes, how they rp them. As player guildes we have noticed this and are getting fed up with peoples conduct.

    Its to stop as its making some in the player base unhappy and feel they are being unfairly treated. i have dealt personally with 3 cases in the last few days.

    **Another problem that seems to be creeping back is RP police. **

    Only DMs have the power to tell you if your RP is correct, not you as players.

    If you feel someone is cheating abusing thier positions then you are to use the correct channels, ie PG/PL who will then take it to the DM team. We as PG don't want to hear about "so and so has got uber gear, its so unfair" But on the other hand if you think you are being unfairly treated then we want to know and we will try and sort it out.

    OOC crap is not tolerated on Narf and can and has resulted in CT's being removed and bannings.

    Its a game, treat it as such and have fun. concentrate on your own RP and fun and let the DMs deal with others.

    Before people 'go off on one' saying how dare you or its not me as no fingers are being pointed its just a friendly warning. This post was sanctioned by a PL who said post.

    Narfell is a game and should be treated as one. We are here to have fun. If you find its getting to much for you, then take a step back. its amazing how well this works.

    As i said Have fun!

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  • Also note: members of the DM team talk to each other on a REGULAR basis. DM "shopping" is always caught and just makes us mad.

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  • http://www.narfell.us/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=51170

    See also this post for the link to the proper way to complain about anything DM or event or player related.

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  • Just another friendly reminder on the procedure for dispute resolutions:

    What you SHOULD do:

    • Use your emote want and ask for help from a PG. This will automatically contact all active PG's in game and one of us will get to you and try to help.

    • If you know a PG you can send them a Tell and ask for help.

    What you SHOULDN'T do:

    • Try to contact a DM directly or spam the DM channel with your problem.

    The whole reason for Player Guides on Narfell is to be the first point of contact for the player base and let the DM's do what they do best. We are your "customer service."

    If a DM has to stop in the middle of an event to deal with an issue, everyone loses out. Player Guides, if they need to, can escalate an issue to the appropriate person and usually get things accomplished in a better fashion than a DM who is busy with other things.

    Thanks agian, and as Rando said… this is all about fun… lets all keep that in mind! 🙂