Our active DMs are out there on the ground floor making the magic happen. This includes forum and in game activity.

Follow this link to learn more about contacting the DM team.

For a complete listing of current DMs please see our forum group.

To apply to be a DM, check out the application process.

Player Guides are players with special privileges to help out the DM team enact their ludicrous plots. Find out more about what it is to be a player guide here.

For a complete listing of current Player Guides please see our forum group

Developers help out in a number of ways. They make sure our server is running smoothly. They facilitate and build new content and features for the server. They also help maintain our forums and the wiki that you're looking at right now!

For a complete listing of current developers please see our forum group

The Narfell server would be nothing if not for players like you. So hop in game, roleplay in our forums, join us on Discord or support us with a small donation.

And as the community grows, the Narfell staff does our best to listen to its needs. If you ever have an idea to make the server better, be sure to let us know in the community suggestions forum. As for bugs, please report them to the bug reporting forum.