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    :: Erected by the Mermaid Inn by the Proprieters this sign is viewable from the law board in the peltarch commons ::
    :: Upon it is a notice ::

    "All sales of private goods according to the law may be placed here, be tolerant and considerate of other users of this board"
    "Old notices will be taken down"

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  • Quin walks up and reads the flyer…he pulls it down, folds it up, and goes looking for this Perriwig

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  • ::Mariston looks at the leaflets:: Tut tut littering and other lawlessness, and they call themselves a dictatorial group. ::He smiles and looks to a guard:: take care to remove these from the Jewels walls, let us not have idiots trying to claim rape, and ritual sacrifice of sentient races is something that requires thought to be opposed to.

    If this person is seen placing more of these illegal posters in place, please arrest them.

  • Posted on the Board, and distributed as flyers. ((Will drop some gold for this if a DM gives me a cost))


    Brothers and Sisters!

    I can remain silent no longer!

    Injustice and Oppression is Rife in this City

    And its Victims?

    YOU the People!

    The time has come to speak out in your name. The Senate you voted for are actively crushing your civil liberties. Denying you the simple rights they claim to uphold.

    They claim to do it “for our own good”. Yet, my brethren, who are they to decide for us what is for our own good? The Senate, years ago, passed a Law banning those who follow Bane from entering these walls. Now, I hear you say, that was a good thing. Keep the Evil Bastards out! But no, my people! It is a perversion of the Rights and Freedoms you all fought through a Civil War for! Am I a follower of Bane? No. Do I want to follow Bane? No! Do I want any of you to start following Bane? Not unless you really want to! What I want is for you to have the unalienable right to CHOOSE! To be able to say “Bane is a Dictatorial Oppressor who crushes Beneath his Iron FIST the Common Man!” Without being TOLD it is the only thing you are allowed to say!

    Worship Bane, Don’t Worship Bane. It should be your Choice. Your RIGHT as people of this City, to decide for YOURSELVES.

    They will tell you “We’re protecting you from Evil” BUT my brothers and sisters, Ask yourselves this, “Why did they stop there?” and then ask yourselves “Where does it STOP?”

    Tell yourselves I’m a nutjob. Tell yourselves you live in a better City with these kind of Laws in place. If it helps you sleep. But I will speak, and I will be heard. This is only one of the Civic Rights we are being denied. There are so many others that I can contain myself no more!


    -= The Peoples Voice =-

  • _I am searching for a well-made Impilturan Warblade. I can trade in coin or an enchanted Longsword. Those with interest in this trade can leave a message for me at the Peltarch Theatre.

    Sir Adrian Petrarch_

    ((Impilturan Warblade would be a rapier systemwise, ICwise being similar to a rapier but with a broader, heavier blade and an elongated tip, looking to fill the gap between a rapier and a longsword.))


  • A really large size broadside dominates the bulletin board outside the Mermaid. The poster is drawn up in brown and green, with circus like images of a grinning, running pig, a flying chicken, a yummy pie, and corn on the cob decorating it's corners.

    Announcing the first seasonal JIYYD HARVEST MARKET!

    Everyone is invited to partake in sampling the bounty of the region's farming Breadbasket in a day of picnicking and trading, of exciting games and prizes, as people compete for the Cloaking of Jiyyd's HARVEST MARKET CHAMPION!

    Come one and all!

    Compete for the right to be first to wear Jiyyd's HARVEST CLOAK!

    Try and catch the world's Slipperiest, Fastest Pig!

    Join us as we try to established who in these lands can Eat the Most Pies!

    Be there for a splashy, unusual contest of accuracy!

    We expect merchants from afar as well as near to participate, so bring that coin you have been saving! Trading will be encouraged on this day!

    For those who wish to sell their goods….be it a doughty dwarven crafter, a hard working farmer with his produce, or an adventurer with too many enchanted knicknacks, selling spaces along with a provided lunch will be offered on a first sign-up basis for a flat fee of 50 coins per mat-spot, until the spots are taken.

    All interested, please sign this broadside in the spaces provided below.

    Proceeds gained on this day will be donated to the needy farming familes in the region!

    //This Event will be held this coming Saturday, Feb. 9th, starting at 11pm East coast American time. People purchasing selling spots should try to get to Jiyyd slightly earlier, for choice locations!


    Party of adventurous folk to accompany city gardener in the wild.
    No experience necessary, but must have own weapons and the bravery to use them.

    Pay negotiable.

    Interested folk should meet at the campsite west of Peltarch next Endweek morning.

    _((Lowbies party. 7:00pm Australian time. Lvls 1-3))


    (Thanks to all the folks who helped me haul those bags of mulch back to Peltarch. The flowers in Peltarch's gardens thank you!)_

  • The competition has been closed, with the winning design of Raxia Steel. The design itself being a sort of spike trap, activated with a lever. Designed to be placed inside a gateway, pulling the lever would cause a number of sharp metal spikes to jab upwards repeatedly.

    Dentin does seem a bit disgruntled with the lack of entries, and by extent the lack of creativity present in Narfell's population.

  • The Second Invention Competition of Narfell

    _The Church of Gond organises the Second Invention Competition in Narfell, with the winning Invention eligable for a reward of 1000 gold pieces, or support in making a working Creation of the Invention, if applicable.

    All entries must adhere to the following rules:

    • The Invention must fulfill a certain purpose. Something that may look impressive, yet serves no actual purpose, is not eligeable for reward.
    • The Invention must be something new and unseen. Copies (with or without modifications) of existing Creations will be disqualified.
    • The Invention must be usueable by all. A device only suitable to hin-sized creatures or only usuable by those of giant strength, will not be eligeable for the reward.

    Entries that have been crafted into working prototypes, will earn bonus points._

    ((Competition closes DECEMBER 10.
    Designs may be PMed to me, or posted in one of the public threads) ))

  • A neatly written note is put up on the noticeboard:

    "Seeking enchanters!

    Three separate jobs available for one or several enchanters. Spells required: Cat's Grace, Bull's Strength and Flame Weapon or the like. Payment negotiable upon hiring. Contact Ms Sabre Seesaw at the Lucky Ferret Inn in the docks district."

  • A very short slip of paper is put on the board.


    Interested in sharing your extensive experience on how to fight in small groups? - Contact Pavel Amblecrown.

    ((aka… if you feel this touches your character, please PM me or find me IG))

  • @0d3fbec988:

    _A notice is put up on the crafting hall.

    "Miners Take Heed.

    A powerful humanoid assassin claims leadership of the worgs native to the cave east of Jiyyd, and states that all those who interfere with the migration of the pack from the caves to the mountains will be slain.

    Miners are advised to avoid the cave east of Jiyyd, also known as the Worg Cave, until further notice.

    In Your Service,
    Dentin Strauss, Artificer of Gond._

    The notice has been revoked, as it seems the worgs have departed from said cave.

  • A large, neat poster is pasted onto a prominent spot

    _"Guild Leaders and concerned citizens of means and strength of Peltarch, Legion General's Grag and Lyte are taking the unusual step of calling for a MEETING to discuss EVENTS and CREATURES witnessed by them in a recent patrol to the place called MINTAS RHELGOR.
    The meeting is to discuss a tactical decision. The evilry involved and topic for discussion are DROW, DUERGAR and DEMONS.

    We feel this matter is of region shattering importance.

    Please attend, or send a representative.

    Meeting will be held in the Jiyyd Legion Hall, "_//Thursday night, (tonight), roughly 11pm eastern time. Sorry for the short notice, I somehow missed posting in Pelt the first time around//.

  • _A notice is put up on the crafting hall.

    "Miners Take Heed.

    A powerful humanoid assassin claims leadership of the worgs native to the cave east of Jiyyd, and states that all those who interfere with the migration of the pack from the caves to the mountains will be slain.

    Miners are advised to avoid the cave east of Jiyyd, also known as the Worg Cave, until further notice.

    In Your Service,
    Dentin Strauss, Artificer of Gond._

  • If you are of the Bardic persuasion, yet feel lost and aimless in your pursuits, then look no further.

    The Order of the Copper Lyre is now open to new recruits.

    What is The Order of the Copper Lyre?

    Do you have a passion for adventure, battle, and a desire to gain knowledge, song, tales, and a hope to become legend from being a part of such?

    Do you scribe your own music, lyrics, and tales?

    Do you believe that your own experience in adventuring and battle is fundamental to your growth as a Performer?

    If so, then The Order of the Copper Lyre is exactly what you need.. and you are exactly what we need.

    Open to all Bards, young and old. Run by the venerable Melidian Y'Mystique. If you wish to join, either keep an eye open for the purple haired man in white and copper armor, or come to The Inn of the Dancing Mermaid in one week! (( Sunday, June 24 from 1pm to 2pm Pacific Time, GMT -8 ))


    A finely crafted warhammer, imbued with lightning for additional damage. Stolen from me during the Ghoul War, and last seen in the hands of Mezicq, who denies any involvement or memory whatsoever.

    Please return this hammer to me.
    Reward Negotiatable.

    Dentin Strauss


    Of good heart.
    Trading in respectable goods.
    In need of assistance in getting your goods from A to B safely or recovering property stolen by Bandits or similar from your caravan

    Contact Danaley of the Guardians to arrange an escort or assistance.

  • @e7c23cd532:

    Auction in aid of rebuilding Norwick

    An auction will be held in Norwick on the day of the Feast of the Moon to encourage the return of traders, settlers and other people to the re-claimed town. Norwick will once again be a bastion of defence against the savage creatures of the South and safe haven for those who trade or build honestly with the resources of the Rawlinswood.

    Any wishing to have items listed should contact Keira either at the Sisterhood, or in Norwick itself. No item too small or too valuable!

    A list of available lots will be posted in Norwick

    Seller Information
    Items will be listed in auction at no cost. On successful sale, 10% of the sale price will go to Norwick to cover costs incurred in the rebuilding and rehoming of both refugees and new settlers to the area. Those interested in more permanent trade arrangements within Norwick should contact Chancellor Lucidious, or Dwin of the Craft Union.

    ((PM me with items you wish sold and any reserve or minimum price you'd want for it. ))

    Event time and date:
    Saturday 19th May - 2200UTC/GMT
    1800 Eastern US (daylight saving)
    2300 GMT+1 (UK daylight saving)
    0800 Sunday Australia Eastern (Brisbane)