Narfell's Death System

  • Sorry I am new to Narfell and (unfortunately for me!) have already discovered I don't understand how the dying system works.

    Is there a post/thing I could read about it?

    In particular I would like to know:

    1. Do all my things always drop as soon as I hit 0 or less HP?
    2. If I do die altogether, is there a way of being raised without a friendly cleric on hand?
    3. How do the XP and gold hits work- do I lose these even if I only drop to 0HP and am then healed?

    Thanks for any pointers- sorry to ask such boring (non RP!) questions but it would help if I knew how it worked.


    Player of Amadan's Fool

  • Narfell PL

    Now I am VERY familiar with Narfell's Death System.
    I believe I got divine intervention the first time too… but the issue with "Hey, when I saw one tiny lone enemy, and 2 others (Not so tiny?) came in from the sides, it was too late to run. The final insult was trying to go back for my corpse. Enemies follow off of maps.

    Now I know. 🙂

  • Yes, I finished your machine. 🙂

  • Be aware that the single-player campaign is an entirely different beast in many respects. Stiil, it should help you get a feel for the engine. Best of luck.


  • Narfell PL

    Well that's good to know. I appreciate the feedback once again. You guys/girls are great. I just got word that my machine is finshed and ready toplay, so I should be seeing you all once I get a feel for the gameplay in single player. I don't want to come in w/o the basics and all that.


  • @ad6272125b=JerrickRafe:

    Correct me if I'm wrong…
    So basically, even after you're put in the graveyard, you can be rez'ed?

    (Sorry for the nooblet'ish queston)

    So long as there is a significant chunk of your body left, there is nothing that can keep you from being raised, if people want to work at it hard enough - short of a DM saying "Your character is permadead."

    The trick as a new PC, is getting other PCs to want to work at it.

  • Narfell PL

    Correct me if I'm wrong…
    So basically, even after you're put in the graveyard, you can be rez'ed?

    (Sorry for the nooblet'ish queston)

  • Well, you'd have to work hard to give us a worse name, anyhow…

  • You would have to work really hard at giving everyone a bad name. 😉

  • Thus the reference to months.

    In all - I'm having a blast as a cleric.

    LOL - I learned 3 rules today.
    The last one was - Never go hunting alone.

    hits head Ah being a newb is so much fun; rolling in obvious stupidity.

    • No offense to all others, but I'm probably giving us all a bad name. grins

  • Narfell DM

    Ah, the thing about rezzing characters who've died: first, you need a small diamond component on narf. This cousts around 500 gp. Secondly, you have to be a level 9 cleric to cast the spell. This isn't an easy level to get to.

  • Would it be a complete and utterly bad thing for me to create a new character as a cleric and go about rezzing people for free?

    Namely after a while go about rezzing my own character out of the goodness of my own heart. In staying in char, I would have to slowly rez every single corpse in the graveyard.

    Would that be allowable?

    I'm checking here before I go about creating my cleric - I'm still creating a cleric, but checking if I have clearance to my insane farfetched rez plan. Probably would still take me months to do it tho.

  • How long is too long ^_^ humn Drelan and Tobais wanna back me up on the longest Rez job? My Errhanous Character Died Shway long ago. It was a whole month, one year In Game time, before he was rezed. I played it off as super amnesia for the character. But after some consideration I scraped the character due to him being my second build and having some ugly min max stats that in retrospect I didn't like, as well as him having a total memory wipe I recreated Errhanous this time with a more solid Background history and a set personality with ability scores to match and a better plan for his Narf life. That isnt to say that rezing a character after so long isn't doable or will end up with you wanting to scrap yours, and also I am SOOO sorry to Drel and Toby for waisting thier money like that. But I was able to get DM assistance fine in getting a new body for Errhanous to be raised in.

  • Narfell PG


    Most important thing to remember however, is if you log off and then back on, the body tends to "disappear" to the Norwick graveyard

    Actually, if you log off and back on, the body will disappear to where you died unless there was a server reset during that time. If the server has been reset, then your body will always be found at the Norwick Graveyard.

  • the Nwn engine makes no distinction. I have seen people wait for a few days to have a cleric they like, and that worships the same god as they do to log on. Most important thing to remember however, is if you log off and then back on, the body tends to "disappear" to the Norwick graveyard

  • After a character dies how long is too long beofre it can be rezzed? i mean can it ghost haunt some one a real time day later and get raised or is that just too ooc?

    Heh, i have sooo many dead chars and some i really, really miss. 😢

  • Well that explains it fairly comprehensively then- OUCH!

  • Woah, excellent job explaining Darc, just knew half of that stuff! But then again, I am still a newbie :oops:

  • it once your hit 0 hp your disabled, and you drop your bag first, then the items your wear at -10…

  • I understand your grief, Goetz… Let's hop into Rass' cave of sacrifice and bitch and moan together about how arcane casting classes should get more HP to balance them out ^_~