Commonly misvisualized D&D creatures in narfell

  • Due to engine limitations, many of the following creatures cannot be visualized properly by the engines, and are often misdescribed, ICly, by the less PnP savvy among us.

    Essentially, this thread is for pictures of creatures that are often misdescribed due to engine limitations in narfell.

    I can only think of two, right now. First, stirges:

    Definitely not birds. Giant four-winged mosquitoes. It's about the size of a housecat.

    Second, and something close to my heart, Saurials:

    No real glaring problems here, the engine just really doesn't capture what they look like at all.

    Also, it should be added that the hornface in the back should be played by Lawrence Fishburne. Because seriously. Yes.

    If anyone can think of anything else, please feel free to add.

    Edited: Removed outside hotlinks, moved the pictures to my coppermine gallery. Also, all pictures from the Wizards site, so credit to them. ::gives WotC credit::

    Edited some more:

    At the request of Silver-Arrow:

    DISPLACER BEAST! Not just a panther anymore.

  • True. I'm not trying to call anyone out, Zyph just asked me to do an entry on them, because the engine doesn't generally handle them right.

    As a point, though, the term "Shade" does specifically refer to the denizens of the city of shade. Unless you're intending to cause confusion, I wouldn't necessarily refer to them as that ICly.

    If you are intending to cause confusion…keep up the good work.

  • Narfell PG

    Just want to say that Narfell's "shades" may be different than the text book shade you describe, Oreth. At no time can I recall any RP going on that indicated they were one in the same. Quite the opposite.

  • It's time once more for another segment of "commonly misvisualized D&D creatures". Today's episode….The Shade.

    This is a shade. Menacing isn't she? Shades are the denizens of an ancient Netherese city that escaped its sister-cities' fate by slipping into the shadow plane, and hiding there for eons.

    Over time, the essence of the plane began to permeate the older members of the society, and they became shades, eventually learning a ritual to speed up this transformation in younger but promising citizens.

    Shades, despite their ties to darkness and such, are not undead. They commonly worship Shar, and are usually very powerful magicians, since they're among the very few survivors of one of the greatest magical traditions of all time, and denizens of one of only two surviving cities.

    Recently (about 25 years ago in narfell timeline) their city returned to the material plane, above anauroch….

    And they've started stirring up trouble, scouts and assassins and spies spreading far and wide, usually serving the purposes of the city in some oblique way.

    Interesting times.

    Anyway, NWN has them drawn rather…idiotically, and has them classified as undead, neither of which are accurate. So here we go.

  • Narfell frequently seen creature. The all migthy Goblin.

  • I thought a hin was actually 3-4 feet tall and a dwarf was 4-5 feet tall. Except the dwarves are much stronger than humans.

  • Yeah. It's true. Every new monster manual has about 6 or 7 new demons in it, and dragon magazine keeps cranking out more as well. No problems with new demons, here. Just trying to make sure the pre-established ones are described and visualized correctly.

  • Narfell PG

    Meh, we have plenty of traditional creatures. And there is nothing wrong with "homebrews" especially if they are demons. The MM says there are MANY different kinds of uncatagorized demons.

  • On this note (and I'm sorry if this is hijacking), it'd be cool if we saw these demons, even if their avatars are fubar in NWN, rather than oodles of random homebrew creatures.

    Call me a stubborn traditionalist, if you want to. You'd be right.

  • Narfell PG

    The description for the Balor says "…its body is often wrapped in lurid flames." So the firey wings are kind of kosher.

  • Because there are so many demons of late…

    The big one in back is a Glabrezu, which has yet to appear, but are possibly my favorite demons. The one on bottom is everyone's favorite demon, the Vrock….why Bioware felt the need to just recycle the Hook Horror model for them is beyond me.

    The one in back is our friend the Baalor. Note the lack of flaming wings, and the surprisingly skin-covered head.

    The one up front is a Marilith. Very cool demons, probably never see one in Narfell because there is not a single model that looks even vaguely like one.

    The succubi, Quasits, and Bebiliths are…pretty accurate, actually.

  • Silence, Monkey.

  • Yep, that one is a Babau on the left. Such a wonderful….wonderful....little creature

  • @e8b63cd702:

    The "Bats" in the Oscura Minds…. arent bats they are gelly-fish with wings...

    I can't remember if they're supposed to be cloakers or darkmantles, and don't feel like running down there to check just now, so here goes…



  • My absolute favorite D&D creatures…treants! Just so folks won't think they look like clay golems in barkskin 😉

  • Alright. They've been showing up more and more lately, and have been described in various…interesting ways, thus far. So here we go. Dretches:

    The dretch is the little one on the right. Not, in fact, a fat halfling in cute armor.

    And in case it comes up later, I believe the other two are a Babau (standing up front) and a Hezrou (the one in the back)

  • Who cares what they look like…they all die when you chop their heads off 😉

    By the way, I highly recommend the monster manual for fluff on monsters. That's where I found out about the phobia that ettins have for bathing 😛

  • Ah; Wikipedia. Always a friend to those in need…


    In the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game (3rd edition) and the games and settings that it inspired, kobolds are aggressive, xenophobic, and cowardly small humanoid creatures. Such kobolds have an ugly presence reminiscent of bipedal lizards or small dinosaurs, and are noted for their skill at building traps and preparing ambushes. Kobold communication sounds like the yapping of a small dog. Kobolds are distantly related to Dragons, and are often found serving them as minions. In previous editions kobolds were dog-like semi-bipedal creatures. Meepo is a Kobold who shows up in a number of settings and contexts.

  • Wow, great find, Oreth… I can really tell you have a thing for scales 😉

    This could be helpful though to everyone in visualizing... Of course... when I think Displacer Beast... I usually think of the one pictured in the Neo-Geo D&D adventure...

    ((Which I have to admit, has pretty good renderings for visualizing creatures I thought... a must-play for all :P))

  • Awesome! thanks for clearing that up, Oreth, for a minute I thought I was losing it! all this talk about dogs and lizards :?

    By the way, the NPC Draconic speech that they put in the nwn voiceset sounds really neat 😃