Jiyyd Rumors

  • ::post IC only and this will be for Rumors, information that is half truths or basically anything that is not cold hard facts::.

  • Rumor is a group of people traveled across the Scar into Jiyyd to explore the area. Most notable among the group was Troff Legion General Theaon Thorn, the elf Raryldor, and the paladin Steelfin - who had not been seen in the region since before the N'Jast War.

  • As the rumors of a wolf or man in the snowfall reach Lorelai, she is soon to search the areas where people mention seeing the sight. Her face is full of determination and worry as she searches, perhaps sadness too?

  • High atop heroes bluff, the light changes.

    Moonlight filters through something indistinct, and hazy, as snow begins to fall from the sky in listless, meandering, flakes.

    A curious scout, or wandering adventurer would see upon investigation, a seemingly spectral image at first, until they realized that it was a shape IN the snowfall, perhaps made of it, of a man.

    Looking out over the scar, the snow-image of a man paces back and forth a bit, before the wind picks up in a howl that sounds much like a grumble of frustration, and the image expands, losing it's man-shape, and becoming that of a giant wolf, leaping from the cliff to disappear from sight.

    Giant wolf tracks in the snow only stick around a moment, and seem to be made OF snow, rather than IN it.

    How strange…

  • Raryldor investigates, alone and armed, wandering through the ruins at night.

  • Of late, the ruins of Jiyyd seem more foreboding than ever - a thick haze of sulphur hangs in the air and a strange feeling of displacement greet those few bold enough to cross the Barrier. It's a jarring sensation, as though one were no longer quite on the prime - and the demons seem more numerous than ever…

  • That an undead Wyvern was cut down by a surprised Legion Sergeant on the Long Road.

  • A lone Legion Sergeant can be seen heading into the Jiyyd, not staying long… it is if she is noting something and its changes. She ventures deeper each time... for reasons unknown.

  • In the dead of night, a flickering red glow lights up the sky over Jiyyd, as though the fiery pits of hell had spilled through the cusp between planes in the ruins of the once idyllic hamlet. The omnious sight might well be enough to spread fear into the hearts of anyone observing, and indeed that same fear is plain on the faces of the five adventurers who make their way across the Scar not long after. They bear with them the incredulous tale of having slain a demon lord, yet all five seem shaken rather than jubilous in the aftermath of what must surely have been an epic battle.

  • _Less calm than the snow are the creatures that are now beginning to cross the river in search of food… vicious Ice Trolls, come in search of soft human flesh found no easy meals in the refugee camp. They were repelled by Shady and a small group of adventurers, as was a Yeti digging for bones to gnaw on at the old graveyard.

    The adventurers boldly crossed the river but returned shivering, whether from the cold or their encounters with the beasts beyond, the rumours do not say. Although murmurs around the Kelemvorite shrine claim that the group ran into a real man-eater..._

  • Snow calmly begins to fall on the graveyard around the temple of Kelemvor.. the dead do not seem to care.

  • Strong winds blow the cold currents towards the river. While the river is at no risk of freezing, occasional snowstorms have been making the travel challenging to less experienced riverboat captains.

  • A group of adventurers were seen entering Jiyyd heading towards the swamps that used to be the Silver Valley. Several hours later they came out battered and blooded carrying some jewelry and noble clothing. Word is a crazed female mage was holding it as treasure deep in the swamp.

  • _Some wild animals are driven out of the Mintas forest in famine. The weather is getting colder there as well, and as a result the food is scarcer.

    Small snowflakes quietly drift down on the deserted ruins of Jiyyd. Winter is coming._

  • The weather near Ormpur seems to be getting colder, even though summer is approaching. Snowing is not uncommon, though it should not happen during summer.

  • Howls echo in the vicinity of Jiyyd, though the sounds seem to switch direction at random intervals, as though from a huge pack, spread all across the ruins and the plains beyond. Though the scattered sounds might have another explanation as Old Lem swears he saw a small pack of blink dogs gathering near Heroes Bluff, yipping and yapping at a pack of adventurers…

  • A red bearded dwarf in steel fullplate has been walking from the fortress at Sam's Hole down the Long Road and ferrying to ruined Jiyyd after speaking briefly with Old Lem about the old Dwarven temple there. Besides his usual adventuring gear, he brings several other tools used for measuring and excavating stone with him. His scarred face darkens the closer he gets to the cursed land, his instincts telling him to shun the unnatural evil he approaches. He doesn't stay long, but he returns covered in dirt and sweat.

  • _*Anyone travelling through the region would encounter two very large craters at the hills near Jiyyd's west gate, with clear signs of battle. One of the craters completely bites off one of the hills' ridges, the other seems more like a large meteor impact at the base of that same hill. It's not quite certain what could have caused those explosions on a first examination, though there is a strong and foul smell of charred flesh in the air. One with a keen eye could notice blood splattered all over the place, some chunks of flesh, and a few large fragments of horns too large and creepy for any known animal to wear.

    Even more grotesque is the scene past the two craters, what seems to be the corpse of a colossal spider-like creature, some of its legs chopped and scattered all over the place, its main body made into a pin cushion for arrows.

    Once inside Jiyyd, the signs of heavy battle seem to accentuate, this time in the form of numerous vulture-like humanoid creatures and about the same number of voluptuous, winged and horned women. A score of these corpses lay scattered near the Temple of Helm, where the main body of the battle seemed to take place.

    Those that have the courage to still keep pushing eastwards would find that Fort Ormpur has been taken by a Helmite regiment. To anyone friendly enough, they may mention that they are preparing to fight the corruption in Jiyyd, and that a company of adventurers came from that same direction a few nights ago, composed by three sturdy dwarves, a human woman in black and red armor, a human crafter in leathers, and a Lathanderite priestess. They helped fight off some undead, stayed the night, and left northwards with the first lights of the dawn.*_

  • *Adventurers traveling just east of old Jiyyd may notice a huge balor, to the south, banging on an invisible barrier.

    Every so often, the barrier seems to light up as it is being struck.

    The barrier is beginning to fail…* 😞

  • _::Rumour spreads about something that still now can be witnessed in Jiyyd. It appears that about a dozen of evil outsiders were slain with care not to cause fatally visible wounds or disfiguration. After dying they were coupled, each quasit with a female fiendish summoner, hugging each other. The fiends had been dressed with a suggestive pink dress, while the quasits had a bunch of forget-me-nots in in their hands.

    It appears however, that there were more dead quasit than fiends, so to keep the pattern some of the quasit had to be gay, and accordingly dressed in pink, hugging their gallant man as they held the forget-me-nots in the lovely scene.

    But that was not all. When looking from atop Helm's Temple hill, one can see easily how all the bodies form a colorful happy face towards the east, as if welcoming the sunrise. Some speak that during the night, the loving outsider smiley can be seen glowing pink::_

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