• Dwin walks by as Grobble is crumpled to the ground. With a quick grab, he grabs GRobble by the scruff of his neck and sets him back on his feet.

    Lots to do, Grobble, no time for layin' around, lad! I got a new job I need to tell ya about. Come with me…

  • Front row seats to watch the hanging are available for only 50 coins. Do not miss the opportunity to hear a neck snapping. Interested parties may seek SMASHER the nearest tavern.

    no refunds.

    //will trash the coins next time I'm IG.

  • Notice paid for!

    (It will be held 10 AM Mountain time USA)

  • Legion


    Brumir walks by and shoves Grobble

    GAH! I fall under the power of your mighty shove.

  • Brumir walks by and shoves Grobble

  • Legion

    During one of his discrete walks about town, Grobble sees the poster

    A poster! I will do the read of it with my skills.

    "Heelp wanted… Able ... reliable ... words … words words … payment of FIFTY GOLDS!"

    Very nice. Doing the give of helps for golds is what Grobble loves to do.

    "word words words… meat ing place colon Norwick comma south fire."

    Yeees. I'll do the give of meats to them there.

  • Shesarai wouldn't miss it!

    (Assuming I have a working video card by then. The new one has not arrived yet).


  • Elaine seems happy to join… if she even remembers, or feels like it when it's the actual time for it.

    //Chances are I won't be available, but if I'm around I'll join 🙂

  • A reedy half-elf whirls into Norwick, sticking a hastily written poster on the wall and is about to dash off again when a surly guard threatens to tear the poster right back down. With a sigh and a sulk, payment is rendered to ensure that the message stays up.

    Help Wanted!

    Able and reliable adventurers wanted for exploration of the (Not Very) Lost City. Payment of 50 gold each, equal shares in whatever spoils may be found plus free healthcare benefits, curtesy of Willow and the Rider of the Winds!

    Meeting point: Norwick, South Fire
    Time: Saturday, 6pm GMT+1

    ((Not a DM event, just Willow doing what she likes best, but realizing she needs some assistance to not get squished! 20 golds will be trashed for the poster))

  • @11031f3fb6=ClownBaby:

    A few hearty looking dwarves go around slapping posters up before heading back to the Hold.


    Aura Runedar's Dwarven Contest

    _A Three Day Celebration of Aura Runedar's Prosperity!

    Free Ale For Kin!

    Wrestling, Drinking, Grobble Throwing!


    //Contests begin around 6pm EST

    // I've got to push the time another hour, now starting between 7-8pm EST

  • A few hearty looking dwarves go around slapping posters up before heading back to the Hold.


    Aura Runedar's Dwarven Contest

    _A Three Day Celebration of Aura Runedar's Prosperity!

    Free Ale For Kin!

    Wrestling, Drinking, Grobble Throwing!


    //Contests begin around 6pm EST

  • Announcement: Training Patrol for Troff Legion Recruits

    The following recruits are to report to the Legion Tower with full packs and weapons at the ready for a training patrol led by Captain Romulus.

    Silver Chalice
    Vega Selious
    Mars Tempuson

    Any others who desire to try out for the Legion are welcome to join. Patrol will begin with inspection at equivalent of 4PM EDT (2000 GMT) on Monday June 24. PM Romulus if any of you cannot make it at that time and suggest an alternative.

    //20 gp trashed to pay for posting the announcement


  • An elf clad in navy blue and dull gold armour posts

    Lessons for up and coming scouts

    Starting within the next few tendays I, Hen, will be offering lessons to any scout interested in learning basic roll and tactics associated with scouting solo, in a group with more then one scout, and groups where you are the only scout.

    Lessons will not cost gold however I can not provide you with 100% safety on any live lessons you participate in.
    All levels of skill welcome

    ((find me online any time im more then flexible on times minus Tuesday nights.
    Looking to promote some rp interest in the scouting roll! Any dm or norwick official can collect gold for the posting when I am online))

  • A visible note is hung on the notice board.


    Did you find a Mandrake Root and don't know what to do with it?
    María of the Spellweaver will buy it from you for 100 coins each!

    a drawing of a mandrake root clearly visible at the bottom of the poster

  • After Cecil's poster goes up, the following days and weeks see some grumbling in the Grapevine about the past, but it also sees a few folks seek him out. Mainly those who have lived through the recent troubles of the town, and even one or two who survived Jiyyd.

  • Continued in PM

  • *The woman nods, seeming a bit skittish indoors, eyes darting about her at all the people. She seems to understand common just fine, but speaking it is another matter entirely. After listening to Cecil fully, she replies… *

    Can tell you what think and can help ask if want.

    She motions around her

    Norwick town was place Ronan and me liked be.

    Indicating herself, she continues on

    Am scout too if need that.

  • Cecil, when approached, is his usual smiling self, surprisingly easy to talk to, and seems to have no trouble understanding halting common, as if he too started with an entirely different language than common as well.

    Inviting her to the inn to discuss it, he goes over the details of his plan, where he is currently taking a survey of sorts, to see -exactly- what people want to see fixed in Norwick, both individuals, and organizations alike.

    He would gladly pay for help doing this if needed, anything to reach his goal of fixing the disunity that surrounds the town, and those who wander through it.

  • *A young half elf female with long, fiery red hair approaches Cecil apprehensively. She points to the notice on the board and states, in poor common… *

    Need help? Can help if need.

    ((Can either talk IG or via forum PM's))

  • @6b389acae0:

    _To the realm of Narfell, and it's citizens,

    I, Cecil Northman, Senior Guardsman and longtime resident of Norwick, wish to enlist your aid.

    I know that there are many issues that people have with our town. Or with people within it. Or it's laws. Or it's past. Or any number of things, really. I also know that there is almost no injury, no slight, no infraction that cannot be repaired in some way with the right intentions, and applied effort.

    I wish to make that effort. Not for myself, but for Norwick.

    If you have a grievance with Norwick, or one of it's officials, or the guard, or similar, please come to me, write me, or arrange a meeting with me, and I would like to try to resolve it to the best of my ability. I am part of the leadership of this town, and as such, feel that true leadership takes action. This is a step forward. A necessary step toward a goal, to re-unify Narfell, so that we can stand together against attack, from outside as well as within.

    Life in these lands is hard, but it's harder, impossible even, without bonds, without allies, without friends. Help me help Norwick. Help me help you.

    Senior Guardsman Cecil Northman

    (100 GP trashed)_