Rawlinswood Rambling

  • As Peltarch reclaims its influence over its satellite villages in the north, as High Hold becomes the center of its own web of diplomacy, plots, and counterplots, and as the Halflings solidify their holdings along the Scar, Narfell's South has settled into its existence as a seemingly quiet backwater. Yet all is not as quiet as it seems.

    The insular Circle of Quercatha Terr, long since removed from the center stage of Narfellian drama, still quietly guards the forests and wild places of the region. Yet that quiet shouldn't be mistaken for absence, or peace. The lich Radomir plots against them from his lair, and the circle's newer apprentices soldier on, learning the ways of the druid to become the next generation of Quercatha Terr's counselors.

    ((I'm looking to start weekly story-driven events furthering plot threads I started earlier this year! If you were involved in any events involving Radomir the Lich or the Circle of Quercatha Terr, or if you just want to join in on the fun, you're welcome to come along! Before we get started though, here's the basics on how I'm going to run this:

    ((My work schedule IRL has proven to be highly variable and that makes it difficult to run things when others have been on. In particular, during weekdays. That being said, I'd like to run something starting around 12-1pm EST on whatever weekdays I'm off from work. I'll post here to set up the date I'm available to do this, and we can go from there.

    ((I don't have a set level range in mind and anyone who wants to try making a druid - or simply a character that enjoys nature - is welcome to do so. Combat will be adjusted, however if you are a weaker character traveling with stronger characters, expect to have to play things very smart should combat happen. Also I would like to keep the party to eight people or fewer.

    ((The first event will be THIS TUESDAY at 1pm EST. Please contact me via PM on the forums or in Discord to join! Will make the list with players for the event once I start getting some responses!

  • A hunter, the druid shifter, would be interested. But since our timezones are so apart and that can complicate things. List me up unless the list gets full, in which case I will prefer if you give priority to someone else.

  • Peltarch Employee

    Selkie's always willing to help! Praise the wind!

  • Roster:

    1. Serenity (Karnivorrr)
    2. Selkie Tradewind (Mojojoe)
    3. Chea Allin (Attentus)
    4. A Hunter (Gonnar)
    5. Samwell Ward (Speedy_Z)