Rudo Bobbett's Adventuring Contracts

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    ((This thread will serve as the go-to point for scheduling any Rudo Bobbett adventures!))

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    Alright, I'm gonna assume tomorrow at 2pm is good for everyone. Look forward to seeing folks there!

  • Thursday is fine with me, Friday's out.

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    My schedule for this week has my weekend now on Thu-Fri. Thursday (which we'd talked about IG) is still open, does 2pm that day work for everyone?

  • My schedual's super open

  • I could make Monday 4pm EST onwards or Tuesday 5pm EST onwards if this works for other folks. I'm new to the group though so happy to bow out if another time is more convenient for others. The session was fun yesterday, thanks @Fadia !

  • Any day at around yesterday's timeslot is fine, minus fridays when I tend to do other things. Saturday offers the most flexibility, in case it runs late.

  • Peltarch Employee

    @fadia Any time availability except Friday nights

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    The party has found their way into Lord Maval's Town, south of his castle of Mavalgard. There they found the peasant tiefling and nascent sorcerer Cynn, being harangued by the townspeople as the obvious candidate for the person behind the deaths of their fellow citizens. Using magic and logic to prove Cynn's innocence, however, the party now prepares to go pay visits to the other townsfolk, starting with a local herbalist by the name of Granny Sweetgrass.

    ((Part 2 coming within the next couple of days! Usually my schedule sees me having Wednesdays and Thursdays off, so those are the easiest days for me to do. Otherwise I'm typically available after 6pm EST when I get home from work. What dates/times work best for those who were in part 1 of this event?))

    Looking to hear availability from the following:

    1. Makoto Yamamoto
    2. Salin Ashald VI
    3. Raazi
    4. Serenity
    5. Kalen Tarkenor

  • Peltarch Employee

    Makoto drops a letter at the spell weaver and ceruleans, looking for a Salin V or VI to help join in investigation of farmers dying in their sleep. The one hiring them would be Rudo Bobbett and its to investigate farmers dying in their sleep. It may or may not have anything to do with a lich found in a demoncyst it mentions

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    A Mavalgrad Mystery

    Peasants on lord Osric Maval's lands have begun to turn up dead - either in their homes, in their fields, or elsewhere. There's no sign of any violence when they're found, however the deaths are too frequent to be simple chance or bad luck. Rudo Bobbett, being a good friend to lord Osric, has enlisted adventurers to travel south to Mavalgrad and investigate these goings-on in order to put a stop to whatever is killing them. Interested parties are to be compensated with three thousand gold, plus a box of healing potions as well. Those heading to Mavalgrad are encouraged to speak with Lord Osric Maval as well as his master-at-arms, Ser Edric of Uthmere, paladin of Torm.

    DATE: 4/29/21
    TIME: 3:30pm EST
    WHERE: Norwick - New South Gate

    1. Simon Sgier
    2. Cherry Holimion
    3. Makoto Yamamoto
    4. empty
    5. empty
    6. empty

    ((OOC Notes: There is no level cap for this event, however as usual I would prefer to keep the party to six people or fewer. Excluding possibly (depending on how the party travels) the trip from Norwick to Mavalgrad, combat is not expected but may result depending upon PC actions.))

    ((Anyone wanting to join, negotiate that IC with those listed above, rather than posting here))

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    Shot is done and we're good to go!

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    Just a heads up that I was able to get a slot for a COVID vaccine last minute for tomorrow. It's gonna be about 2.5 hours before our start time so I don't think it'll affect anything, but in case I wind up running late that's what the reason would be. Will post here if things will be impacted!

  • Ready to deploy dire druid!

  • Looks good for me.

  • Should be good.

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    Our intrepid party has reached deep into the demoncyst, finding it filled not with demons, but undead! And not only that, but they have a name, too: Radomir. On that note, the adventure is paused until Saturday at 1pm EST! Please let me know if that time does or doesn't work, and if it doesn't, we'll figure out one that does.

  • @fadia by "tomorrow", do you mean around 9 hours from now? Because if so, I can join in too!

  • That is good for me.. if anything comes up I will hang up the phone unless someone is dying.

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    Yeah, what little there was of my setup at the time of the crash went boom. Remade it today. Shooting for tomorrow, 4pm EST.