Ravos Calchais' public rumours and opinions

  • :: Ever ready to express his opinions on most things, irrespective of who cares often enough in his often principled and and inquiring manner. The armoured swordsman seems tobe increasingly involved in local exploration, battles, and investigations, his original aims for trade seeminly forgotten in place of high adventure - whatever next? ::

    The adventurer from the Duchy of Velen, Ravos Calchais has been seen shut in his room in the inn for long periods of time, occasionally calling down for food. Other than his observation that perhaps the rooms should have been named after famous individuals from the past, perhaps senators or noblefolk, nothing else is heard fom him in a tenday or more. Other than he was seen heading in with a number of volumes on what some say was an investigation, or trade papers, or theology. Waitresses may report seeing books of anumber of faiths, seeming to make a study of them - among his work area as refreshments were delivered to him. Although he is often heard to call Roslyn "Detective" he has been observed in saying he wouldn't mind that job... The Waitress's would quash any rumour that Roslyn had been seen in his room however.

    Other rumours persist of another woman manging to persuade Ravos to leave the inn. This time it was Rika, the Uthgardt axe-warrior with news of Creel warriors missing deep in giant territory. Certainly he was seen wishing a proper burial for these warriors and later returning from those lands with her and Simon, a priest of Torm covered head to foot in giant blood, pledging to celebrate the fallen warriors recovered from the cave with many ales, toasting the prowess of the party as well as the glorious deaths of the creel. He's developing a taste for Creel wine, though he is mainly seen with his dark stout in his tankard.

    In unrelatred matters, Ravos was seen returning from the icelace beach area, with the equipment of a drunken adventurer along with Rika, Nord and Simon again. With reports that pirates seemed to have incredible summoning powers, with the prevention of the summoning of a demon by a mere whisker achieved by Ravos, Rika, Simon and Nord, viglance is urged for any adventurers heading beyond the lands of the wild cats near to Peltarch. There seemed to be an explosion of polymorphing insanity following the incident, with a Dwarf, turning into a giant spider, and Nord turning into a cow without bothering the wavebreakers too much. Ravos does note however that the guard enquiring about the huge creatures transformed into by this Aurilite Druid and the Dwarf, failed to apprehend the "cow", seeing that it managed to sneak away from him. He shakes his head in disdain and returns to the inn wondering about the competence of the guard and the lack of viglance, making a pledge to locate a temple of Helm in the region, and writes a proposal to the Captain of the Guard that they should be equipped with magic to detect invisible creatures.

  • :: Ravos has been seen to be most pleased with the stability and order returned to the military of late, and oft credits the divine influence of Varya in such inspiration as wel as the prudent and good sense of the Defender General Sally Williams. He's even seen to be pleasantly resolved to the return of the capable princess Reyhenna, and is heard to say "Well, lets see things get back to normal now, there's a place for everyone of duty and competence in the royal armies, high or low, rich or poor, and yes even beggar or reformed rogue" ::

  • It has been seen that while Guard Captain Ravos Calchais isn't on duty, he's been leading attempts to gather up any bodies washed up on the shores of the icelace or by the farmlands rivers and docks. It's widely known that he's been said to have gone to battle against the cult of the dragon before when he and others were assailed by them. He's seen to have informed a previously sheltering contingent of Kelemvorites in the city also.
    He's seen to have commended in writing any guards who also volunteer to assist when they are off-duty and marks the conclusion of each foray by some quiet words at the statue of the fallen guardswoman in the commons.
    He also seeks the aid of any dockworkers in need of work, or visiting adventurers he's familiar with in the commerce district.

    He's simply heard to remark. "I don't much care who they are, but rumour speaks of an undead dragon slaughtering what seems on the face of it - the dragons' previous allies."
    "These cultists we've taken for proper funerla rites or burning on pyres are still deserving of this honour. Only the foul undead creations that they are traditionally associated with are deserving of no such efforts."
    "Perhaps in time, they'll see the error of their cause and see that the dead should be honoured in Kelemvors' name - and only the undead must be reviled."

  • After many complaints, and word among the guard and defenders - that direct orders were given from Velhar: Captain Ravos announces the following in the commerce district - He also places notices on the noticeboard, and makes a statement at each board displaying the laws in the district and to each on-duty gate guard lieutenant.

    • All riding animals, mainly horses left unattended, not being ridden or led are to be traced to their owner and a fine of 200gp will be issued under the statute for disturbing the peace.

    • Horses, while quite magnificent in their bearing indeed, left unattended they are potential sources of theft and may attract such thieves into the city, where your mount could be taken in dark alleys or my those well practiced in the handling of animals.

    • Horses left in this manner obstruct legitimate trade, and the afrementioned fine will be issued to those meeting these criteria.

    • Owners will be traced, and if owners take steps to conceal their ownership, they will be observed by guards left to see whom reclaims their mount.

    [2.18: Disturbing the Peace - To disrupt the daily
    lives of other people in an obtrusive fashion is a
    violation of the law.
    -Recommended Sentence: Fines and minor amounts of jail time; not much over a week.]

  • :: After getting a couple of drinks when he got off duty, Ravos headed off to the officers part of the inn frequented by Defender Cavalry, Marine and Guard officers, not something he does every day, preferring the conversations round a brazier with the men and women on duty in the Guard, and the military vessels of Peltarch. ::

    He's heard to remark, on those bandits and brigands of the region without ties to neither tribe nor king..
    "Folk without any sense of restraint, amoral, craving lucrative posts, cruel killers, ferocious when banded together, cowardly when face-to-face with an opponent, lazy, inclined to vice and excess; in a word, the enemies of ordered society…Law courts mean nothing to them. The local authorities are loathsome; many of them are illiterate; our laws are simply unknown to them."

    Mind you , that new Marine Captain eh? What do you think of her hmm? I oft thought she'd do well, but i don't mind being right.. now and again eh? yes yes.. :as he accepts the jeers from the officers: Yeah i know... i don't mind at all.. : he chuckles raising his tankard to the group:

  • :: Guard Captain Ravos was seen to go among serving guard and defender officers and serving ranks when he has the time telling the story of a heroic death of a woman who was intending to join the defenders ::

    "I was told this story by an adventurer who spoke about how Emeliah Davis, born and bred in the docks of this fair city, saved the lives of three others while battling deep underground the enemies of the city. Kuo Toa, and far worse, unnnatural hooked horrors and displacer beasts"

    "It was told to me how she sharged in and held the line for the longest time before finally sucomming to the onslaught, allowing her companions time to withdraw to avoid certain death"

    "May this serve as a reminder to all in the city that we have the finest people in the lands living here, and from the hardworking and strong backed, law abiding folk do our lives depend as they venture forth every day on patrol to monitor and interrupt the patrols of the enemies of the city."

    :: He goes to remind the Defender Lieutenants, Sergeants and the recruitment panel of the Defender General in order that the story be publicised as a true hero of the city even before she took on a uniform ::

    :: He then heads to the docks to trace the family of the woman, in order that her personal posessions and coin end up in their hands, as was the wish of one of her companions "Varak Weaver" - and informs them that a patrol will set out of likeminded adventurers to recover her remains for proper burial or cremation ::

    :: Sends a note to the Guard Captain Fortescue of the docks to trace the family of the fallen woman, advising that the lighthouse temple is watching over the body of the fallen - a note added with thanks to Asha for her assistance ::

  • :: Following the military tribunal, Ravos was seen speaking with guard officers, nco's as well as privates on their opinions on the goings-on, eager to ascertain the mood of the guard as well as introduce himself now that General Velhar had assigned him as Captain of the Commerce District. ::

    "Perhaps the most thankless job in the city, i'm sure to be a guard but it seems we've never had problems with recruitment. The guard are drawn from volunteers from the very districts they often were born in, or make their home in business, by the docks or in some relationship with the noble families and temples of the city."

    "The guard seem to my eyes in my experience of working with General Velhar are not only sentinels and watchers on the walls, in the alleyways and in places of public discourse and commerce, but they also the first to hold the line until the defenders arrive in times of war."

    "Let us remember the fallen of the past, by Kelemvor and those whom the guard protect from thievery, assault and the machinations of those who would see the city descend into disorder and disaster. May we all remain vigilant at this time"

    Speaking to the guards of the commerce district he remarks:
    "You know me to be a decent fighting man, and i've stood with you against threats to our walls and even aided in criminal matters. You also know that i understand the law, and i'll be with you as captain as ordered by the general to offer any advice that i'm sure you will not need." :he jokes:
    "It will be good to have the blessings of a group of guards that know well the blessings of waukeen from their family upbringing as sons and daughters of caravan guards, shopkeepers and market traders, i can't offer you an increase in wages, but at a time when defender numbers are lower than usual you can be assured I will not let all in the city in whatever district forget the value and worth of the guard, you have my word on that."

    :: Ravos then heads for the armoury and to visit the notable buildings and shops of the commerce district to introduce himself ::

  • :: Ravos has been spending a long while going through the list of current warrants, and records of fines, and military judgements that were conducted in public previously. He's also been speaking to Guard Captains Gerard Fortescue, Ahbrus Garand, and the Guard General Vel'har about the status of Oscar Halbrook who was seen standing with the Defenders. ::

    Later, as he has also been spending some time in the mermaid to relax after the stresses of the recent times, he's heard to overhear some rumour of high-hold,

    "Did you hear that High Hold is sending a letter to the Regent to continue peaceful interactions and negotiations?
    it seems Sent does not want a fight...he is asking for an Embassador exchange.
    Trade goods have been a boon to this city...
    With better trade over the roads it will force the Seafarers to better prices"

    :: In response to this, he goes to seek out the original copy of this letter for legitimacy in the diplomatic files of the council, while asking around as to whom is the source of this rumour. He then starts to speculate among cerulean allies of his as to whom will be the ambassador sent from High Hold, and he wonders whether ambassadors will have rights to sit upon the council. "One can only guess who that may be... A representative from the Siamorphe shrine? Maeve Fellsworth? Lieutenant Eric Destal? - Either way, i hope this is a sign of an injection of enthusiatic alignment of the purpose of Peltarch and her sturdy fortress partner of High Hold."

  • In recent days during the recent troubles, Ravos was seen standing shoulder to shoulder with the Magistrate Shannon, Guard General Velhar, and Cerulean Jonni,... and Meadow in what Ravos diplomtically calls, "fundamental mistakes, misjudgements and failures of duty of very specific defender officers which he says is highly disappointing grieving him that these institutions members have made such fundamental mistakes, and those of other branches who stood with them"

    He's seen to spend a lot of time in available office space in guard premises rather than city hall, and he calls for a meeting between the Magistrate's office, Defender General Sally Williams and Guard General Velhar and himself to brief the Defender general on the events of the recent times.

    He's also heard to remark on the excessive workload of the clerks of the court, magistrates and other civic officers and clerks at this time, and remarks that Peltarch should be looking outward, not inward at this time. He's heard to remark to Thaddeus, and Cerulean officers: He als

    "If someone chooses to draw a weapon be that written, verbal or physical all should expect an equal an opposite response from your adversary, using whichever weapons they think have the best chance of victory with. Lawyers, warrants, pronouncements, satires and swords are all weapons available, and those with responsibilties should always be careful lest the city you are a part of descends into something unrecognisable to anyone."

  • In recent times, Ravos along with some female companions, one a hin councillor of repute, another a famous bard of remarkable beauty, and another lithe woman of relatively unknown nature, was seen returning to speak to a colourful man outside the mermaid.
    Quite why these companions were with him, and why he seemed almost to be in a "bodyguard" role, is a matter of question and rumour.
    While they all appeared, dented, battered and bruised on return - many may assume they were on an adventure together, but Ravos was seen chuckling to himself about the circumstances of the trip at times. Although at other times he was seen angrily speaking of the sickness of the individuals they had to face, which he described as "barely human". He's heard to remark to the local marine officers, that at least this time there was no arrests - in the wild places of the world, and when describing their crimes against their victims folk seem to agree.

    Ravos still remains :relatively: close mouthed on the subterfuge choices made by the party to approach and "penetrate" the target installation, which he assures peltarch military - was crawling with "desperate" men, "bent" on merciless torture and appeared to be bandits employed by a wizard, who Ravos was heard to remark that, "He would have happily killed that bastard more than once given the chance, though we must be thankful to Azuth and Mystra for any learning opportunity in combating the profane arcanists of the realm"

    : He then is heard to send a note to request cerulean accompaniment for all council trips in future, making a special note to inform Leofric, and Chea whom he's known to be closely associated with. ::

  • :: Ravos was seen trudging back inside the mermaid and being handed a strong brown ale as he did so by a waitress in recent days. Perhaps he had ventured up to the foothills of Mount Nar, the Giantspires or across the freshly snow covered plains of the more southern regions?::

    Brushing more snow from his cloak and armour, and what's left melting from his boots in the warmth of the inn fires, he sends out some meat pies to Grigna in the square outside city hall remarking to the waitress they come courtesy of Lady Varya and the Tiller estate, the waitress looking at him questioningly for a moment before shrugging, and remarking, "Oh not yourself? As you wish then ser."

    "That was an interesting little browse of that book...", he remarks quietly to himself, sipping his ale. "The plan seems to be all too clear, so clear in fact that we are meant to see it, so there is more to it on behalf of whomever is pulling his strings..", he mutters to himself quietly amid the noise of merriment. "We must be patient, as with all things like this it will inevitably float to the surface".

    :: He retuirns silently to his drink, occasionally looking up as the inn-door bangs open blowing in snow as folk tumble in and out as predictably as the weather ::

  • :: Ravos was seen to be incensed in recent days reportedly on the matter of some magical disturbance in the commons ::
    Calling out the ceruleans to attend the scene of a half orc and human wizard battling one another in the commons, whose identities were unknown he noted with approval that Chea Allin attended, and she called out the other ceruleans to assist. It appears these mages disappeared before setting up a sort of magical portal for interested "mercenaries" to contribute to their battle in some unknown destination.

    "To those magical practicioners that think it's funny or exciting to do what they like in public places, perhaps tell that to the scared local folk of the commons who had to run for cover as rains of fire and other magics rained down on the commons the other day all in pursuit of one wizards' supremacy over the other."

    "By Azuth i'm in full support of the ceruleans initiatives in dealing with Magical crimes to an even greater degree than i already was. I can only hope that the finest wizards of the land join the ranks of this bastion of Azuthan and Mystran good order to work tirelessly against those who would simply ignore the protocols the gods have set before all magic users, and even more simply the benefit of ordinary people of Peltarch who just are wanting to go about their honest business without being fried by vainglorious wizards"

    :: Ravos seeks out the ceruleans later to see if the identities of these Wizards has been determined, and what their fate was at each others hands ::

    (Thanks DMcilba for the event)

  • Ravos was seen for the 2nd time running coming back from another foray beyond the walls along with a number of rag-tag adventurers, Meadow and Lady Varya.

    Clearly all involved were tired battered and covered in all sorts of foullness, as well this time the all perfvasive smell of musty books. After speaking with an old shouty priest of Oghma who seemed pleased with the outcome, he returned to his usual seat, ale in hand and orders a big bowl of rice and chicken from the Mermaid.

    "That bastard is starting to irritate me.." Fetch one of the ceruleans won't you , this has gone on long enough.". he says, mouth full as he eats heartily of his evening meal, leaning back in his chair as he finishes, satisfied as he again pays close attention to his huge hunting knife at his side, inspecting it's edge.

    "Oh wait a moment.. he remarks to himself, I've got the perfect way to be rid of that necromancer..." :: he makes a note and then goes back to his ale ::

    Recent rumours speak of recent battles with a mighty necromancer, and now hushed whispers speak of a fight with the most terrible undead wizards whose name few dare to utter, unconcerned Ravos leafs through his scroll case rubbing his chin in contemplation.

  • :: Ravos has yet again been seen heading back from the farmlands of the tiller barony and the nars with a number of other local adventurers, with farmers cheering in their wake ::
    "It was no trouble", he's simply heard to remark. - as they emerge from a hole under the farm covered in lizardkin blood, other gore and other entrails of some hideous creature or such..

    "the boy is safe and sound now at least, and rest assured there would be no trial for what held him".

    :: Ravos asks again of the military command of Peltarch for defenders to resume their patrols of this area, and asks the farmers to remain vigilant of any futher sounds of subterranean digging ::

    Other wild rumours point to posessions, huge worms, and kobolds under the thrall of something horrendous, with demons and other monsters speculated upon.

    "They will not make a mockery of our throne, and let all things who prey on the locals of this area know that the throne will not be compromised. Neither will the hard working efforts of the farmers we owe our lives to, far more than a few adventurers".

    :: Ravos then heads back to the city via the construction site of the chauntea shrine close by ::

  • :: Ravos was seen after the recent trial where he was requested to act as prosecutor, "my first time in the role", he's heard to remark to the clerks... - consulting and discussing for many hours the interesting jurisprudence with court officials and inquisitors. Some of the matters concerned some highly original and perhaps wise insights from Magistrate D'Armeau, even setting a precedence under the principles of Curia novit iura - "the court knows the law", the basis that a Magistrate can introduce new procedures into their own court in their own style, and perhaps when the case suits ::

    :: Tired from the long hours of preparation for the case, and the exchanges with the remarkable intellect of Salin Ashald, he retires to his quarters pleased with his own contribution to justice and the profound lawful collaboration of many different individuals even when it may not suit them individually, with the "peoples" contribution ::

    "Truly a victory for all the people of the city, for the statute and law's prominence and most importantly Meadow. She clearly will be an active participant in the pursuing of the individual which evidence showed in the court to be highly dangerous and, now that "it" has crossed paths with the city, meadow, myself and the investigative and lawful entities of the city, it is clearly nearing the end of it's particular story. Hoar and Tyr will be watching as revenge is no doubt exacted upon this thing."

    :: Ravos wakes, glad to find the realm still in one piece, though deeply concerned with the loss of life of close friends and associates :: remarking that,
    "all those who were able to travel forth to this place of battle with the shadow, be remembered, recorded and appreciated without hesitation through their sacrifices. Let the city recognise those who were there, and their names be recorded for historians to recall in the far future".

    :: Heading off to the farmland, watching the many visitors leave the city, he goes to seek the health of those most important to him, as well as bid farewell to the travellers, wondering what consequence the contribution and name of the city will bring to the lands they return to. Notoriety, envy or admiration for the Jewel ::

  • :: Ravos was seen among desperate defences of the western and southern gates against Orc hordes and countless undead in recent days ::
    The alarm was raised by Ceruleans investigating the western gate, and he stood with Lady Varya Tiller by the gate for most of the engagements , with orcs battling with defenders, adventurers and guards alike.

    :: With defenders rapidly manning the walls, even Varya and Ravos were dropped by the assaulting forces; with a Defender healer and Silver beside her managing to revive Ravos as a huge group of cold wielding shadows emerged from the dead orcs as they fell and thrust for the only entrance the lone gatehouse at the western approach. ::

    ::Ravos was seen praising the defenders, seeing them heroically charge the enemy forces even as they assaulted the gates. No threat was seen over the walls though, and later he singled out powerful priestesses for death, each bearing the trappings of the faith of Shar, before a desperate battle against swarms of huge shadowy undead, few of the defenders seeming able to harm them. ::

    "A close call and lessons were learned for all i feel.," he remarked. "But inevitably the forces of this faith have no chance against committed soldiers and brave folk of this city... The city has plenty in reserve, and the Jewel will not falter in it's duty".

    ::Ravos was then seen seen with Defenders and Scouts, arranging warnings to be sent to Norwick and High Hold about the threat, with a detailed writeup of the capabilties of the forces sent. He then returned to city hall to offer his condolences to any families who had lost anyone in the fighting ::

  • :: After endless forays on many serious errands on a matter of grave importance, Ravos eventually gets back to city hall to review the latest guard reports for the guard general::

    ::Seeing the private intent of the Tiller Barony to ban the entry of this "Leandro" from the estate, and hearing of the commoner exploded by way of a "gift" from this man. He goes to pin a note to the Tiller Barony for the attention of the family, or for anyone else to read passing by which he's known to be well aqauinted with ::

    It simply reads.

    "1.05: Negligent Murder - To act without regard for a person's safety and, in
    doing so, directly cause their death is a violation of the law.
    -Recommended Sentence: 10 years to Life

    1.10: Negligent Harm to Another - Acting without regard for a person's
    safety and, in doing so, directly causes them harm is a violation of the
    -Recommended Sentence: 90 days to 5 years

    " I'm certain the commerce district Guard Captain, Captain Halbrook will be ready to receive any written witness statement of those who witnessed the "explosion that resulted in the citizens death". :: He remarks to farm workers and those close to the family ::

    • Ravos leaves word with guards at the gate that "Leandro until which time charges are brought should be watched closely, and we'll see if he comes forward to explain the matters that have been associated with him."
      "But remember he's a distraction, though negligent deaths are not a trivial matter, it could be that the person is seriously afflicted or otherwise in need of divine or magical ministration"
      :: A description of his appearance is issued to the guard, and his mannerisms and behaviour.::

    :: Ravos has been seen in the company of Lady Varya Tiller far more than usual of late, and spending a long while touring the farmlands and family estate of the Tillers ::

  • ::: Between council meetings Ravos, has been seen up and down the nars quite a lot, and yes some say with amazement even in Norwick. Rumors speak of him facing down demons, retriving vital artifacts, ambushing bandits and visiting knights in the Gaol ::

    "Well, all i did was my duty to the city. Norwick our ally came under attack, and spellweaver too. So i assisted as an ally does and with magical assistance we pursued these raiders and thieves to the ends of the realm of Narfell, and saw all we found put to the sword. Heretics of unpredicatable faiths, as we now find ourself assailed by surely should be dealt with by their own faith first. May they not become a threat to those undeserving of such, and should adopt their place in the proper order of things. If they be an enemy, let them declare themselves such and the faiths or forces assailed against them may give battle. Let not farms and caravans be assailed, there is no honour in these battles, they are simply the actions of bandits. No faith can claim any position with such actions against their name."

    :: Heading up and down the Nars pass with soldiers, princesses, priests and civilians alike Ravos, with others drove back elementals, fanatics, fire giants and other mindless forces of destruction. He was seen most obviously close to the southern city gates, rushing to put out the fires in the fields of the farms that serve the city. Seemingly unimpressed by his own efforts, he simply remarked... :-

    "At times past we would see leaders of enemies at the head of their armies, now these weak individuals or entities cower behind the lives of their deluded followers. We are not so easily distracted by all this noise in one place, or indeed many places. The veil of their strategy is thin, and soon it will be fatally pierced."

  • :: Ravos was seen heading back into the city with a contingent from Peltarch, including Salin Ashald V, Lady Varya Tiller, Meadow, Vic, the daughter of Vick Blake, and a few others not familiar to him after and encounter in the commons with some seeminly mad individuals, or quite inebriated on drugs or other things. He was seen to express his reservations for even engaging individuals such as these but so long as there was a possible danger to the young, it surely should be investigated ::
    :: After hearing of children in danger in the Gypsy camp, they set-off at speed with a rather strange but self-confessed professional individual known as Leandro, whom another person also approached - who ran foul of pursuing guards after this approaching individual drew what was a "sword that screamed" in the commons simply to show those present ::

    "Well we couldn't ignore the possibility of children in danger,", Ravos was heard to remark after, but in quiet words only to his personal contacts he recounted a tale of being assaulted by demons of every shape and size on the way from the Nars to the remains of the Gypsy camp.

    "Lady Varya and I took the frontline against these things of course. Fine to fight alongside her again it was. We used every resource we had, items, potions and weaponry to deal with it, with the healing skills and magical wizardry of Salin V, who is really quite the marvel indeed, but that's why we collect these things, so at times like this we can stand against these type of enemies", he remarks to his allies, keeping these comments from the public so as not to alarm the citizenry.

    "Turned out, the man who had a screaming sword, turned out to be a Balor himself, trying to rid himself of a rival who had sadly murdered and defiled the remains of children in the Camp, pilgrims to the area by all account." " Yes we faced the Balor down, yes i know that was not amusing... but after removing the balor and it's allies we confronted the other man who then assumed his true form, yes i know another Balor, but this one ran after a short while seeing taht it could be hurt by us and the magics assisting us".

    :: Ravos goes to report to the Guard General as soon as he arrives back in the city, and asks Guard Captain Oscar Halbrook of the commerce district to be vigilant for people selling candles made of human fat. To this end he advises placing guards on the door of the mortuary in the docks ::

    : He then goes to speak to the sheltering Kelemvorite contingent within the city, to advise on a burial party to rectify the shallow graves the killed pilgrims now occupy in the Gypsy Camp ::

  • In reply to a recent rumour:

    [Rumors spread, slowly, from the various Narfellan docks -- from those who do business with Gaunttown in one way or another: The Razenk Clan has massacred a cohort of Kelemvorite Paladins and Clerics that sought to bring them to justice for raising the dead.
    The Razenk Clan's repute in Narfell grows darker and more nefarious. There are no bodies they will not desecrate and no one who opposes them they won't kill, so people whisper.]

    Ravos remarks "Well those of this colour of cloth inevitably find themselves at an all too ironically similar position if evidence is forthcoming they summon the dead, due to misadventure or other nefarious alliances they may make. While they are clearly not willing to commit their crimes within the city of Peltarch they would be well advised to remind themselves of the lands which Peltarch will prosecute it's rightful laws. If they come before the courts, may their punishment fit any crime committed should they be found guilty. I do hope that whenever they meet their end, they are properly buried or burnt in a manner befitting the good an honourable ancestors they surely have in their lineage. We are indeed fortunate to have shrines to Kelemvor in Heroes Bluff as well as within the city itself, and the city i'm sure will be happy to assist. May they always find peace and closure in his embrace when that time comes."