Ravos Calchais' public rumours and opinions

  • :: Ever ready to express his opinions on most things, irrespective of who cares often enough in his often principled and and inquiring manner. The armoured swordsman seems tobe increasingly involved in local exploration, battles, and investigations, his original aims for trade seeminly forgotten in place of high adventure - whatever next? ::

    The adventurer from the Duchy of Velen, Ravos Calchais has been seen shut in his room in the inn for long periods of time, occasionally calling down for food. Other than his observation that perhaps the rooms should have been named after famous individuals from the past, perhaps senators or noblefolk, nothing else is heard fom him in a tenday or more. Other than he was seen heading in with a number of volumes on what some say was an investigation, or trade papers, or theology. Waitresses may report seeing books of the faith of Azuth, Savras, Helm, Kelemvor and Siamorphe among his work area as refreshments were delivered to him. Although he is often heard to call Roslyn "Detective" he has been observed in saying he wouldn't mind that job... The Waitress's would quash any rumour that Roslyn had been seen in his room however.

    Other rumours persist of another woman manging to persuade Ravos to leave the inn. This time it was Rika, the Uthgardt axe-warrior with news of Creel warriors missing deep in giant territory. Certainly he was seen wishing a proper burial for these warriors and later returning from those lands with her and Simon, a priest of Torm covered head to foot in giant blood, pledging to celebrate the fallen warriors recovered from the cave with many ales, toasting the prowess of the party as well as the glorious deaths of the creel. He's developing a taste for Creel wine, though he is mainly seen with his dark stout in his tankard.

    In unrelatred matters, Ravos was seen returning from the icelace beach area, with the equipment of a drunken adventurer along with Rika, Nord and Simon again. With reports that pirates seemed to have incredible summoning powers, with the prevention of the summoning of a demon by a mere whisker achieved by Ravos, Rika, Simon and Nord, viglance is urged for any adventurers heading beyond the lands of the wild cats near to Peltarch. There seemed to be an explosion of polymorphing insanity following the incident, with a Dwarf, turning into a giant spider, and Nord turning into a cow without bothering the wavebreakers too much. Ravos does note however that the guard enquiring about the huge creatures transformed into by this Aurilite Druid and the Dwarf, failed to apprehend the "cow", seeing that it managed to sneak away from him. He shakes his head in disdain and returns to the inn wondering about the competence of the guard and the lack of viglance, making a pledge to locate a temple of Helm in the region, and writes a proposal to the Captain of the Guard that they should be equipped with magic to detect invisible creatures.

  • :: Ravos has been of late seen in different districts of the city sometimes being asked to read some pronouncement or notice, as he's now known among inns to be an avid reader - for some folks who can't read or struggle so ::

    "Well i would propose that the long standing bardic college be asked to provide lessons not just to the young, but also the older generations whose wisdom can surely be so well communicated, be they seafarer, merchant, trader or soldier of old wars, or even nobleman". "Only then are the strong institutions of monarchy and the institutions that support them fully in close concert, a dance even - with the populace".

    "Here let me read you a passage here from a book the Bard Nate once gave me you know, in a meeting with High Hold, Lord Sent and the young King Thalaman"
    "the book is entitled - Dynastic Renaissance - Peltarch's Royal Profile"

    "The Kingdom, its Royals, and its People must remain ever vigilant against all threats to their collective way forward. The Kingdom of Peltarch must avoid the Senate's fate. But such threats can only be resisted by a strong political culture, marked with a participant, attentive, and vigilant citizenry. It is necessary, if we want to keep our rulers as wise and humble -- and indeed, as caring -- as King George."

    "See there we go you see, what did i tell you these are the things we should all strive for."
    "A strong political culture - so we'll need regular places of debate, and discussion, with proper respect and concern for the laws being well known and respected, and their arbiters, be they guard or magistrate both visible and even handed"
    "A participant, attentive and vigilant citizenry - So the voices will have to listen to you all, you'll all have to be able to read and write so as i've been saying about that, and vigilant so the dogma's of the clear seeing gods should be spoken widely in the city. I've been to the Temple of Helm just the other week, existing as it does in the ruins of Jiyyd"

    "And as for wise and humble the young king will i'm sure make a wise, brave and strong warrior forged by the support of the Regent and his brother, and a few sword lessons perhaps, but i'm sure he'll be teaching us all before long"

    :: Ravos heads back to city hall returning some books to the city library, and advises anyone where they can obtain a copy of "Dynastic Renaissance - Peltarch's Royal Profile" ::

  • "Well then, we know what a king is, but what be a Duchy", someone is heard to ask Ravos one evening in the mermaid. "You're from one of those places aren't ye, sort of like a kingdom right?"

    ... "Something like that", Ravos says in reply, "It works like this. Imagine if you will, if our King was perhaps not just the King of Peltarch, a city state, and claiming the surrounding lands and working hand in hand with high hold. Well imagine if our King one day becomes the king of -All- of the Narfell area. I'm sure he'll do fine becuase he'll be brave and wise and all such, so Norwick would be happy with that, and the Gypsy Camp when that is back with folk living there again, and the Silver Valley, they are all nice places and will no doubt operate independently but so long as they respect the King. By Siamorphe i thought most people would know this. Perhaps that fine man Isaac Thaddeus, can write a colume on the nature of rulership and kingship for you all?"

    "Well, see, a Duchy would be ruled by a Duke, and would usually be a piece of land or a distinctly separate place, but bordering usually the main base of the king. For example that Lord Sent, could well be named Duke Sent, with all the rights of a king in his own lands, as he already has, then he'll be able to appoint Lords to run things." Perhaps he'll be the "Duke of Highhold and all the Frost-lands of the north"

    "Yes, i know there could be a Duke of Nor-wick, in that system but because it's a town, it would probably be a Lord who ran a place like that", perhaps that Silver Valley once Detective Roslyn is finished building it, could well need perhaps not a queen but a Duchess, yes that sounds good. Duchess Roslyn..." :: he remarks with a smile ::.

    :: Another man somewhat inebriated comes up to Ravos:: "What bout therres... 'ere fine ladies.. who serve's us drinks 'ere in the mermaid.. they be like princesses right?"

    "Ah no, you see they are the traders in ales, the keeper of the safety of the inn, of higher honour there is few, and perhaps according to Siamorphe the ownership of their Inn should perhaps surpass in common use any other title they do hold? But, i'm not a wise sage of Siamoprhe, no no those who own Inn's are called "Innkeepers", as you lot very well know!" :: chuckles Ravos as he buys another round of drinks :: "So next time you meet someone who owns an Inn, if you are not sure what to call them , just Innkeeper will do, or whatever name you inebriated lot choose to shout at them! :: he raises his stein and laughs with a visiting off-duty Defender Marine ::

  • :: Semingly diverted back to the city despite his wishes to locate the temple of Helm Ravos has been seen in all sorts of public places recently ::

    :: Sharing some friendly exchanges with captains of the guard, and receiving some rewards for vital assistance to the guard in the docks some folk think this military naval man seems to be engaged in the gutters where he should be engaged on deck ::

    :: He's also been seen exchanging a number of words with the Herald who seems rather well disposed to Ravos supposedly in some manner of importance to the city alongside Reyhenna and Isolde, whom he's said to have observed in dry amusement that they sound like the title of a fine tale of high magic and quests to far-away realms ::

    :: Though he wears no livery of office, uniform or guardsman badge, he's been about the city goinmg here and there enquiring on the health of guards returning from shift, and occasionally patrolling the borders of the city for any trouble ::

    "No he ain't no guard..". :: one cerulean said to another while escorting a prisoner back to his cell from the commons :: "He usually is sharing time and drinks with the honourable wavebreakers, and the naval contingents of Peltarch's allies and troops spinning tales of the Sword Coast"

    "No he's no voice of the people either, he doesn't seem to be paid.." - one trader says to another "aye he just gets by on sellin' them monsters junk to us it seems".

    Ravos eventually replies "No i'm no voice of the people, but i am one of the people he remarks, and i'll remain vigilant on things for you don't you worry, i don't care who you are"...

    "Mind you, I think what we need with these new voices of the people is a nice walkabout, a presentation of them not in the council but around the city, flanked by the guard and such, but i'd probably prefer giving some lessons in tactics and anticipation of the enemies movements to them, or anyone who wants to listen, no no, i'm not a knight, just an armsman, no i'm not a paladin sorry i can't heal your pox young lady.... best you drop by the lighthouse or the temple of the triad my dear" :: he's heard to remark after sharing some drinks with some of Peltarchs' marines ::

  • In response to recent events many adventurers returned saddened after a magical transportation courtesy of Jonni and events which transpired after served to sadden and divide many of the group observing, with senior figures from the Temple of the Triad, Defenders, Ex members of Peltarch's military and many other folk of different kind and kin - Ravos was seen to be highly irritated and saddened after the affair remarking that:
    "Tis a sad loss to see a young woman like Jasmine obliterated in the name of a host of spirits, such a toll of the young with their whole lives ahead of them while others sit idle" "I'm sure this host will act according to their nature, which is fine but will proper respect and consideration be given to the well being of all the citizens of Peltarch, its laws and traditions and it's allied fortress of Highhold in the far north - and those who benefit from their protections."

    "It seemed inevitable some great effort was going to be needed to return this host, but the affair of the return of the item already caused a great deal of trauma and suffering to those who quested for it, but to see a young life eliminated for this singular aim, whatever will these returned hosts response to this sacrifice be? They are said to be sheltering at the Temple of the Triad now in whatever manner ghosts do, but i suppose it must be Kelemvor's will they continue to exist in this manner but by Helm i didn't see this coming, as for certain i feel many others also did not, this cannot occur again for the stability and continuity of these lands and those who live here"

    "There are tales of a temple of Helm around these parts, before this town of Jiyyd was consumed by some other oversight or mis-calculation no doubt, - Perhaps there will be some answers, if anything remains of it."

    :: He slams his wooden tankard down and returns to his room to plan this search, or to find those who know where this may be found ::

  • :: In response to the recent announcement of the Voice's of the people he seems most pleased and is seen celebrating the names of some of the individuals in and around the inn, and talking with optimism on various positive benefits for the city. ::

    Jonni will certainly do a fine job so he will, nothing better than someone who can see clearly by the will of Savras in the fog of strangeness and troubles, despite recent personal tragedies. By Azuth he'll do fine...

    As for Roslyn my favourite detective seems to be nothing she can't accomplish, though a bit of naval expertise and negotiating skill would still perhaps serve her well... yes i have reminded her of that before...
    "Is she being paid by the guard yet for her detective work... yes that is an appealing job wouldn't mind a bit of detective work myself" :: he's heard to remark to a bored guard in the commons ::

    "I don't know Scott, but folk say he's a defender... so that's all well and good, and someone did say the other day they have a military code, so i'm sure he's an honourable man. I'll have to get to know him better" :: and in response to one query from a drunken adventurer he replies :: "No i don't mind what his armour looks like, all defenders wear green don't they, them lot assigned to the forlorn hope on the icelace beach all do..."

    "Long live the king!" - he utters a number of times as he shares a drink in the Mermaid...