Wedding on the Nars

  • Labur quickly gets to work on a new brew to be ready in nine months!

  • A celebrating mood fills the fortress upon hearing the news. Thorin has increased his personal patrols around the fortress when time allows it, especially on nightfall.

  • A few months after the wedding, news that Shiney is now pregnant spreads up and down the Nars. The expecting mother remains underground beneath Ihar Burakin while the dwarves continue their business on the surface.

  • Far from the wedding ceremony and high in the cold stone mountains rests a granite stone at the top of an outcrop jutting towards the sky. The granite stone is flecked with iron and rose-quartz. A dethek rune for the letter “B” is written in the stone and at its points are holes bored straight through. As the ceremony ends and the festivities begin, a great eastern wind whips around the outcrop and the stone.

    Those on the Nars with the keenest ears would hear a long faint whistle.

  • Labur stand up and claps excitedly, after the processional, he quickly runs to the keg and begins pouring ales for all. He does not stop until every dwarf and guests and a mug full of fresh suds.

  • Thorin with an emotional face at this point turns to the gathered and with a crystal clear tone:

    "Despite the recent tensions among the Narfell factions, today we all stand united and honor tis special bond i share with Shiney. The lady dwarf that inspires me to become better an' stronger leader fer the dwarfs of Narfell. I hope tis day will be the first among many to follow and bring prosperity to us all. Let it be known to Narfell an' all the lands aroun' Toril that Shiney Beorndottir o' the Battlemail Clan from today on becomes also Shiney Beorndottir o' the Goldenaxe Clan!"

    With that, he turns to Labur cheerfully, then to Brumir giving a respectful nod and then towards the gathered:

    "Now... The food is gonna get cold... Let the feast begins! Let nay single pound of meat an' ale go to waste!"

    At that moment, dwarven music can be suddenly heard playing, giving the party's rhythm and mood.

    //The music at first would be of the below style.

  • Shiney accepts the ornamental mug and takes a generous gulp of it before handing it back to Labur with a warm smile and a nod approval, then happily looks back to Thorin.

  • Thorin accepts the ale, inclining his head to Labur respectfully. He takes a sip from it once, then offers to Shiney and awaits for her turn to seal their bond officially.

  • At this point of the ceremony. Labur is seen rolling a keg to the back of the gathering. He is seen in his usual plate though it has been polished with more beard oil then any one person would need in a month. Mott from the Peltarch Bewery follows quickly behind with a stand. Once at the back and in one swift motion, Labur picks up the keg flips it over his head and land it perfectly on the stand. He takes a small hammer and slams a tap through the bung hole.

    A mug made of the finest dwarven steel is then filled to the top. He begins a slow march down the aisle towards the happy couple with a sheepish grin behind his beard. His eyes dart to those gathered as he walks with the mug extended at full arms length. Those familiar with dwarven lore will note three insignia on the mug, The all father Moradin, Clanggedin Silverbeard for Thorin and Berronar Truesilver for Shiney.

    Once at the alter, he lifts the mug high above his head and says:

    Thorin, Shiney, fellows kin, n friend o kin. Mes bein pleased ta presentin da ale dat will bond yer love. May dis special brew mes name Thoriney Golden Ale, be da ale dat leadin ta yer future. Me brewin dis ale wit barley and wheat from yer homeland Thorin, King Adbar himself providen me da grains all da way frum Luruar. Da hops being frum yer grandpops home Shiney, in Ironspur. Mes blendin des ingredients wit da waters o da Nars, which brought ye two together. Me 'oping dat dis ale being da first o many gud ales yas havin in yer lifes togethers.

    He then gives the ale to Thorin, bows deeply. And quickly takes a seat in the front row.

  • Shiney stands proud as she accepts the Goldenaxe ring and then produces a plain gold ring, holds Thorin's hand, and slides the ring onto his finger.

    "With this ring, Oi, Shiney Beourndottir, am honored teh be yer wife until the end o' days."

    Her gaze is fixed on Thorin and she smiles widely before composing her expression.

  • Thorin clearly in a happy mood, he holds out the wedding ceremonial ring that is passed down to each generation and turns to Shiney. He slips it in her finger while he speaks:

    "With this ring Shiney, I, Thorin Dafurson am honored to be yer husband until the end of time."

    He then smiles warmly at her and awaits.

  • Ylva would pass ales around to everyone, cheering and celebrating as the ceremony concludes! The extra rowdy young female dwarf would be looking forward to any drink and dance parties that may follow!

  • Korak walks alone on the bluff drinking one bottled ale after another as he drunkenly sings to his greataxe in a harsh gravelly voice.

    "O' lusty young lad at his anvil stood beatin'
    Lathered in sweat and all covered in mucket
    When in came o' rough lass, all smiles an' good greetin'
    An' asked if he could see teh her rusty old bucket

    "I can" cried the lad an' they went off t'gether
    Along to the lass's halls they did go
    He stripped off his apron, 'twas hot work in thick leather
    The fire was kindled and he soon had teh blow

    Her fellow, she said, was no good fer such bangin'
    His hammer and arms were spent long ago
    The lad said "Well mine now, we won't leave ye hangin'
    As Oi'm sure you'll nay doubt all very soon know

    Many times did his mallet, by vigorous heatin'
    Grow too soft to work on such an old pail
    But when it was cooled he kept on a-beatin'
    An' he worked on it quickly, his strength nay teh fail

    When the lad was all done, the lass was all tearful
    "Oh, wut would oi give could me fellow do so
    Good lad wit yer hammer, Oi'm ever so fearful
    Oi ask could ye use it once more ere ye go?

    The dwarf laughs uproariously before he slips and falls headlong to the ground with a crash and a curse. He pulls himself up, lets out a belch, uncorks another ale and raises it in the direction of Ihar Burakin.

    "Happy weddin' day Thorin an Shiney."

  • Narfell Developer

    Dalton attends in something modest yet finely made. He nods and bids hello to the other attendees. He bares a smile across his face as he talks about the affair, "I'm so happy for them and look forward to their bright future together."

  • Raryldor joins in on the festivities and makes merry with the dwarves, offering his blessing to the newlywed couple

  • As Z brings Shiney up through the aisle to Thorin, Brumir stands between them dressed for ceremony and grasping a holy symbol of Moradin. He gives each of Thorin and Shiney an firm nod, then begins the ceremony.

    Blessed are ye Moradin who fashioned the earth, the mountains and the hills.
    Blessed are you Moradin who fashioned the gems and metals in the heart of the mountain.
    Blessed are you Moradin who taught the dwarves the skill to work the gems and metals in the heart of the mountain.
    Blessed are you Moradin who gladdens our Halls through his children.
    Blessed are you Moradin who gladdens groom and bride.

    He then looks to those gathered

    We be here today under tha All Father ta witness tha holy Union o Thorin Goldenaxe an' Shiney Battlemail.

    He then looks to Thorin

    Thorin Goldenaxe - frum tha moment ah met ye ah could tell ye would be a leader o our kin. Yer bravery an' selflessness has been a steadyin' force in these tryin' time fer our kin. Ye proved yerself a worthy Clan Warden long before tha title was bestowed upon ye. An' ah've no doubt sayin', that wit Moradin as me witness, ye will prove ta be a worthy husband ta Shiney Battlemail.

    He then looks to Shiney

    Shiney Battlemail - iffn' ah didn't know who ye were, it would nay have taken me long ta realize ye were a Battlemail anyways! Yer pappy's spirit is well alive in ye. Yer presence in our halls during these time be a blessin' straight frum Mother Truesilver herself. It only be fittin' that tha wife o a Clan Warden be tha daughter o one o Aura Runedar's greatest Clan Wardens, Beorn Battlemail!

    He then awaits Thorin and Shiney.

  • Dermin arrives bringing a crate of dwarven stout that is certain it won't last longer. He makes a toast for his friend Thorin and Shiney Battlemail, after remembering the days of adventure along Beourn Battlemail, the Hero that gave his life for the sake of many, and tells both he's sure Beourn is more than proud with this wedding.

  • Willow makes a brief appearance to congratulate the couple. Instead of fine clothing, the Shaundakulite's donned a chain-shirt masterfully wrought from steel wire, which she enthusiastically exclaims is crafted by Beorn's hand. That aside, she looks the same as ever; which is to say on the scruffy side with a few stray leaves caught in her long, messy hair. It's possible she tried to comb it, though certainly not visible.

    The solemn atmosphere seems an ill fit with the reedy half-elf. She talks too loudly and too swiftly, accidentally knocking over a bouquet with her elbow and bumping into a solid dwarven guard as she makes her way through the hall. As soon as she's handed over her wedding gift - a patented hang-over remedy which she swears works miracles even for a seven day feast - Willow's once again on the move and out the door.

  • Nathelin arrives silently and greets the happy couple with a warm smile and congratulations. He had spruced up his robe for the joyous occasion. He brought Blueberry wine that he had kept for a while from the Monastery of the Yellow Rose a while ago to share around. He said that this was the only one he could take, given that he had taken so many in past on his trips back to Narfell.

    He spends a lot of the time standing in the corner enjoying watching all the guests mingle and also gives each greeting back.
    He taps his chin and mutters to himself, " They look happy as doves, perhaps I will reconsider path of celibacy. "

  • Erurk arrives shortly after Reyhenna, keeping guard over the princess.