Gates to the edge of the Scar Locked?

  • Rumors begin to spread that Troff Legion General Theaon Thorn was speaking with Ferryman Gaspar about blocking passage to the other side of the Scar from the Heroes Bluff. The General's concern seems to of those who are too willing to give the white dragon Ky aid using passage across the Bluff to do so. While there are other known ways across the Scar, they are not quite as easy or cheap as the ferry. Word is the General was willing to compensate the ferrymen for their losses.

    For the time being though, the gates leading to the ferry still remained unlocked. Though given the tensions that have always existed between Ky and the Legion, and the now very public hatred the Council of Moradin has towards the white dragon, they may not remain open for passage much longer.

  • Narfell DM

    The morning after the route east is opened, again more High Hold soldiers appear as promised, twenty in all. They gratefully accept any supplies offered to add to their own and help the remaining people gather their belongings before setting out east along the road and to N'Jast. Any of the older travelers or merchants are helped along by the soldiers, some of the children are picked up and put onto the shoulders of some soldiers to wave goodbye to whoever is left gathered at the Crossroads. The group slowly disappears down the Long Road after crossing the Scar, under the sworn protection of High Hold..

  • Roslyn, notably absent from her usual haunts in Narfell's north, is seen spending a great deal of time down south with the rest of the HDL. While much of her time is spent conferring with the troops, in particular the HDL's scouts, she is also seen distributing what supplies the HDL can spare to the High Hold troops guarding caravans and in general trying to foster good relations as best she can.

  • With travel restored, Willow resumes her usual wandering ways. Whether the "Willow Windrider Travelling Agency" remains open for business or not is entirely unclear, though the well informed would know to reach her through the Wolves Den. She's also frequently spotted around the Witch and Seer Inn, spending time with her old friend Jonni.

  • Thorin was seen later on finding his way into the Troff Legion ground to meet Theaon. He was carrying some scrolls along the way.

  • After a long, sometimes heated conversation just outside the Bluff, it appears that regular passage across the Scar has been re-opened. Soon after several soldiers of the High Hold were teleported down to take the merchants and travelers across the Scar to N'Jast.

  • Narfell DM

    Jonni is seen down in the Pass yet again just outside the Bluff offering wages, meal, drink and accommodations for any woodcutters or anyone looking for an honest days work. He is heard offering this to any of the gathered people who currently camp near the gate and wait to be let across the Scar.

  • General Theaon can be seen conversing with several of those camped near the Bluff. Though not all of them may show the Legion general a friendly tone, his responses are kept very polite and are of an understanding sentiment. He also offers food and beverage to any who are in need of such.

  • "So 'not' cooperating" notes Willow petulantly to whomever remains with her (or simply to the wind as is also her wont) as Theon fades into the distance. "More like pre-empting being told off, only to still get told off! Geez."

    Unlike certain more aggressive elements however, she doesn't really make a fuss - simply continues to help those that seek her out to cross the river as best she can - miners, explorers, merchants, caravan oxes and all, drifting sedately over the water in cloud form.

  • Narfell DM

    Notices appear on the trees near the Bluff. One notice has even been attached to a signpost pointing directly towards the Legion's home. These notices are all designed to look like warning signs.


    A little image of a small angry looking hin is drawn with rather average skill. The caption reads "Bandit King Thorn demands you turn back!"

  • The self-proclaimed Professional arrives there after ten days have passed. With now a crowd that has been stopped to cross freely he starts doing what he did before:

    -Hahaha, Let me pass, dude, I'm Thorin's partner, he's a pro, a truly professional too! Hahaha, free passage for everyone, I wanna cross, this is unfair! I suddenly wanna cross, I never wanted to, but now I wanna cross!! I wanna touch what's on the other side -- Let me pass!!!


    After shouting with now possibly a quorum on his back, he turns back and leaves towards the city once more. Laughing madly while a voice is heard in the air.

    "Professionals... strike... again...!"

  • ((I did see that in your original post. He's just reiterating it to Willow ICly during her brief stop in the Bluff. 🙂 ))

  • ((it says "Meet me at the crossroads" in the first post too - for added clarity, she never once began windwalking from the Bluff, just swung by to announce the possibility to the growing crowd of merchants))

  • Theaon nods as Willow makes her way towards the Crossroads

    "Thank you for your cooperation."

  • "Lift-off's from the crossroads man, quit your bellyachin'!" replies Willow. "I'm letting folks know they got an option besides sittin' on the Bluff growing into an angry mob! Look around: these people got nothing to do with dragons - they're just tryin' to conduct their business along a well established trade route. It's the regular folks you're hindering, in case it hadn't dawned on you - not the adventurers, those will always find 'nother way around."

  • Theaon approaches Willow as she meets with any travelers seeking passage across the Scar

    "We cannot stop those using other pathways or less conventional means across the Scar. However, if you are offering such transportation you will not do so from the Bluff. Please offer your service elsewhere."

  • Willow just grins and thumbs up to Korak. She watches him leave and then goes about her business, undeterred. Anyone willing and daring the unorthodox means of transportation is wafted across the Scar upon the winds - free of charge, though numbers are limited by the nature of the spell.

  • Korak marches down the Nars towards Norwick, his massive axe held in one meaty fist and a bottle of ale in the other. He stops when he sees the commotion and says drunkenly to Willow

    Why don’ ye run alon’ ’ lil lass. Go and climb o’ tree ‘er sumthin’ while tese grown-ups settle thar business, hm?
    The dwarf continues his lonely walk South, happily humming a war tune as he goes.

  • Willow swings by the growing camp, offering a helping hand to the stranded travellers curtesy of Shaundakul. "Willow's Windrider Travels takes you where you wanna go, man! So long's you don't mind travelling in misty form - but like, that's the best way to do it anyway! Meet me at the crossroads if you're interested. … oh, how much? This ain't for profit, but for principle and faith!"

    Willow would then Wind Walk travellers across the Scar, as many and as often as her god's blessings allow.

  • Narfell DM

    *As the Legion soldiers bar the road and stop any travellers coming east, a certain amount of discontent is grows.

    The trade caravans and lone merchants using the Long Road in a eastbound direction towards N'Jast, Thay and the Great Dale have slowly trickled into the Hero's Bluff and found the way being stopped by Legion soldiers.

    Many of the merchants are shocked by the road being closed and demand to know when it will be reopened. Some grumble and go look for another way around.

    A small camp is set up around the Bluff as many wait for the road to be reopened by the Legion.

    Old Lem is seen sat kicking his heels idly down by the water or having a quiet sleep in the shade.

    The current number of people waiting in the Bluff to cross the river is at present around 50*