Rumours of High Hold...

  • Narfell DM

    [As I can't be there all the time, if PC's go to High Hold and adventure at all I would like to hear any IC things about your trip!]

  • A sizable group of perky young adventurers were sent to the crypts to check into an issue with magical webs? The sergeant who sent them from the inn seemed a bit surprised they all made it back a half day later. Though they trailed blood through the inn and most looked more dead then alive.

  • A tall and reedy half-elf, enthusiastically introducing herself as Willow, has become a frequent sight in and around High Hold of late. She spends much of her time either exploring, trading tricks of the trade with the local herbalists, or hanging out in the fruit orchard, where she'll often doze off for the night.

    Perhaps most noticably, she's got a preference for praying in the middle of the black bridge itself at dawn. Anyone held up on account of this unorthodox practice gets a blessing, curtesy of Shaundakul, the Rider on the Winds!

  • Word spreads of a small group of some sort of White furred bear people, armored and headed through the pass toward Blackbridge. One seems heavily wounded....

  • Word filters back from a small party of explorers who ventured to the west into the high mountain pass. Somewhere in the wilderness off the beaten track is a den. It looks like it's home to wild beasts, and a bear and a mountain lion were found there. But a stern warning was issued about the inner cave. It is populated not by animals, but by mountain men with big axes. Lots of them. And they stand near the door too!


  • Narfell PG

    Rumours spread that the Shieldmaiden known as a trader in Peltarch has moved her tent from outside the walls of the city to nearer High Hold, many say she speaks that she prefers the climate and nature of the people there than those of the city.

  • Narfell DM

    Things in High Hold and the town of Blackbridge seem to have been quiet of late. Anyone making their way there would however notice that the Calashite traders seem to be more active and are preparing a large number wagons for travel. So far the destination is unknown and the traders and their guards seem silent on the matter if approached and asked about it.

  • Fires flame high enough to be visible all the way to Peltarch, and faint horns of war ring out from High Hold, carried upon the winds. A lone runner, battered and bloodied, stumbles his way towards the Icelace beach to call for aid: firegiants, besieging the fortress and testing its strength once more. Rumours suggest their forces were efficiently squashed between Navarra's regiment and Princess Fisher's volunteer aides, the latter including several well known Peltarch names alongside stout dwarves from the south.

  • Rumours surely abound of the deaths of several High Hold Soldiers, ambushed by devils in great numbers. Eric, gravely wounded, somehow made it all the way to the gates of Peltarch, spurring a response from the Jewel's forces. Intense fighting is reported near the lava hills, resulting in the survival of one more soldier. The rest were torn apart.

    ((old news, but I just rediscovered this thread's existence and thought to add its first rumour!))