Ros Recruits A Group!

  • Roslyn Underhill is currently said to be attempting to get a group together for a reasonably hush hush adventure! Those interested are advised to contact her for further details and to advise her of what skills they intend to bring to the group.

    ((OOC: Looking to do something in the middle of the day on Saturday, preferably starting sometime between Noon and 2pm Eastern US Time. Ros has already asked several people about this, and they will be listed below in the roster. Anyone interested, please contact me via Discord or Forum PM. I will be intentionally limiting available spaces in this purely because having a group that's too big is too much for my puny delco brain to handle. Also, preference will be given to characters that already have an established rapport with Ros.

    This will be DM'ed by a DM who is remaining anonymous until the event, and they will have final say on anything with this if I need to make any changes to anything in this post.


    1. Roslyn Underhill
    2. Isolde Garibaldi
    3. Astor
    4. Nate Wingates
    5. Aoth Sepret
    6. Tirreth Dae'maen
    7. Syltria Baequivia
    8. Reyhenna Jorino
    9. Erurk Hurgenpox

    Leena Rayfe

  • To this day, I'm closing up this plot due to some RL changes that happened to me. I can't keep this plot up because I can't Narf on weekends anymore. That's how academic life is.

    For those who knew about this plot, and for those who didn't here's what this was about:

    A rescue mission. A party of adventurers had to find out the whereabouts of a key NPC in the northen region and bring him back to Peltarch. Unfortunately due to RL delays and others there were but a couple of episodes of this event in which the players found only vague clues and released a subject of that key NPC (A Damaran Royal Guard).

    For the sake of canon and to fit this plot in the current timeline, the party returned to Peltarch from this Renegade Defenders' Town safely with this subject that would cooperate in whatever query or interrogation you want to perform. They returned days before the first king George's child was born and publicly announced. It is no secret a Damaran Royal Guard has been brought to the City Hall after the boat arrived at the Docks. The subject was escorted by Roslyn Underhill, Isolde Garibaldi, Astor, Nate Wingates, Aoth Sepret, Tirreth Dae'maen, Syltria Baequivia, Reyhenna Jorino and Erurk Hurgenpox.

    (please use proper channels if you want to keep this up: the public Peltarch's forum, or the Peltarch Defender's forum, your choice. ANYONE is free to interact thru forums if it fits in the plot's logic and is a reasonable act -- you can also approach me through Discord or PM in the forum about this: actions, questions, suggestions, etc. I repeat, ANYONE is free to interact, not just the players involved in this plot. You just have to RP your way through this Damaran Royal Guard, speak, and I'll make the best of the efforts to reply with cryptic messages. Clear* messages, I mean >_>).

    Locking this thread.

  • I'll be realistic with this plot and my current status:

    I can't make it in the next consecutive two weekends due to real life. As some of you have noted RL has gotten me and I won't find peace untill mid June because the Academic life is closing another semester.

    Now, don't feel down. I'm not dropping the ball of this plot. I'll PM every one of you to check availability and see if you still want to continue with this 3rd part and whatever more parts might be added in the future depending on decisions taken here.

    I repeat, I'll approach to each of you and ask about thoughts when the time of freedom comes again.

    If you wish to retire, we can fix story and involve more people too, so don't feel obligated with this.

    Have fun!

  • Rescheduling this once. I won't be available next weekend so May 25 or June 1st could work for me. Same hour.

    If you have a better date or something else to do, say it so!

  • Just a heads up that this is happening tomorrow. We need few PCs, so those who are available tomorrow and wanna keep progressing this, just say so! (I'd poke you IG if I see you tomorrow not busy at said time).

  • And once again, my friends. I'll have to postpone this for next week due to RL -_- (next weekend, Saturday 11, is 100% sure this event will happen, word). I really apologize for the inconvenient, guys.

  • Most likely!

  • I may tentatively be able to make this, now, being pushed back to the 4th.

  • Me too, barring anything unforeseen!

  • I can make it I believe.

  • Alright, guys. Scheduling this for Saturday 4, time would be around 2-3pm Eastern US Time.

    We need at least 4 PCs to keep progressing so, who's down for this?

  • I can't make it today either. Sorry!

  • I'm away for a family get-together on April 20, though the following weekend is wide open. I could be fairly flexible over easter with the exception of April 20th, as I'll be away all day plus a sleep-over to Sunday.

  • Alright guys, sorry to respond till this day and hour but I had some really busy weeks before vacations that I entirely lost track of this thread and forgot to set up with anticipation stuff.

    I'm not sure if I'll be able to setup everything for today because I have family at home, so, proposed following up of this even on two consecutive weekends: April 20 and 27 (Which are the two weekends that fall on my vacations).

    Time would be the same that Bastage posted in the first pots of this thread.

    Does it work for everyone?

  • @Dermin_Lantaional
    Keep us updated on schedule times for when the next one is going to happen!

  • Let us know next date and time for session 3!

  • Is it happening on the 30th?

  • @fadia Indubitably!

  • So I'm still mostly out of commission with Sinusitis and our DM just found out he has an exam tomorrow. So uh...does the 30th work for others?

  • 3/23 should be clear for me if we're starting ET afternoon again.