Dwarves on the Bluff

  • Over the last several weeks, Thorin, Brumir, and other Dwarves from the Hold can be seen coming and going to the Bluff very often. Thorin spends much of his time speaking with members of the Troff Legion while Brumir and some of the other Dwarves can be seen taking measurements at both the eastern and western fronts of the Bluff. Those passing by get the impression the Dwarves are about to start a rather significant project in the area.

  • Thorin was seen talking with general Theaon Thorn. Keen eyes and ears can notice a heavy grim expression forming on Thorin's face as he learns things about the long holding alliance between Rasuil Delaguim and the white dragon Ky and their actions against the Legion and the half-lings. On top of it, his mood gets way worse when he hears about Peltarchians possibly helping Ky on his requests. After some more words being exchanged, he heads out to the Council, cursing evil doers and swearing to dwarven gods about getting done things right. On the next days on, any non stout folks that converse with him meet a cold hearted dwarf.

  • Brumir can be seen on the Bluff among his kin showing off what appears to be a severed Duergar head with an arrow penetrating its forehead. Those passing by would hear Brumir discuss how the Duergar was a coward and would cast invisibility spells to hide while his minions were slaughtered by the steel of kin. He was eventually cornered by Thorin, with Brumir delivering the fatal blow from a distance.

  • Brumir furrows his brow when he learns of the 5 missing Dwarves

    "We nay ever did git that piece o shite frum Oscura who lured some o our kin away after tha Hold fell only ta murder 'em..."

  • Narfell Developer

    Durgin begins tracking the footprints

  • Thorin upon noticing the worrying fact, immediately starts asking around for any clues of their whereabouts

  • *A group of five dwarves commoners have vanished from the bluff. They left no trace, even the most keen eye will only see dwarven footprints. *

  • A raucous drunken laughter can be heard echoing from the bluff as Korak lays eyes on the mighty wall the dwarves have worked on for years.

  • Upon completion of the walls on the Bluff, General Theaon can be seen having several kegs brought out to the Dwarven workers containing various Legion brews.

  • Upon completion of the project, dwarfs prepared a huge feast in celebration. The last piece of stone set on the walls signal the start of the long awaited construction of their new home at the Nars crossroads. Somewhere in the middle, Thorin after finishing his meal, prepares for a long trip to the Ironspur's Dwarven Hold to pay the last bit of their debt towards their kin for their support, to the west and initiate a new one, this time for the Aura Runedar.

  • General Theaon takes notice of the giant and ogre heads on stakes. Though he himself does not find the scene too tasteful, he nonetheless does nothing to disrupt the displaced Dwarves from their camaraderie.

  • At the Heroes bluff, not far from the Legion hall, A drunk and beardless dwarf covered in tattoos happily drives two long wooden stakes into the ground and unceremoniously slams the severed heads of a giant and a particularly nasty ogre onto each. The dwarf looks on them with grim satisfaction as he downs another ale and stumbles off towards Disin’s bar. Many mugs are raised and trophies passed around as the tales of victory are shared among the dwarven refugees.

  • Over the hills of the bluff, the sound of hooves can be heard, could it be? Yes! Labur is seen walking next to three of Cogan's deep rothes. Behind each of them is a small sled carrying kegs and brewery equipment. Once he makes it to the drawven refugees, he opens up a keg for all to enjoy. Hopefully this will be a sign of things to come when the dwarfs finally have a place to call home.

  • Thorin who stands by a wall section and checks for any spots that may need repair notice Korak's burst and watches quietly at the scene all the time until the latter strides off. He does nothing to stop the young dwarf from leaving. Instead, a content, darkened gaze is formed on his face. Those who know Thorin better will suspect that he wants such rage by his side nowadays against a possible threat from Duergars. And he will probably do nothing to contain it until all Duergars are dead or crawled back into their holes...

  • A menacing dwarf sits alone on the bluff as his kin work and drink in the distance. He drains another mug of ale and wipes his filthy arm across his broad hairless chin covered in tattooed runes that spread up his jawline. The corded muscles in his arms bulge as he hammers dents from his full plate armor. Every hammer strike is accompanied by a loud dwarven curse between his harsh and constant grumblings. The volume of his gravely voice continues to rise until he grabs his greataxe with one meaty hand and howls angrily at the cloudless sky. He straps on his armor as he continues to vent his unending rage.

    “Bearded Orc!? Oi will see yer fairy head mounted on the spike o’ me shoulder and parade it next t’the head o’ that filthy half-pig!”

    The well equipped dwarf stomps North up the Nars pass, grumbling and quaffing along the way with his axe in hand and a High Hold rucksack on his back.

  • Thorin Goldenaxe lately is being seen carrying around various scrolls and books while he walks in and out of his temporary room in the Troff Legion HQ. During the last months his expression has changed, becoming stern. When asked what is he working on, he gives the usual wanted answers except to the members of Council of Moradin.

  • Brumir hauls a wagon full of coal into the Bluff and approaches the Dwarven workers

    "We did it kin! Just as Thorin said we would! We blew a nice hole in tha gobber mines an' sent our minin' parties down thar ta collect wut we need. It'll nay be long afore we start workin' on tha new Aura Runedar!"

  • Word spreads out once more about dwarfs offering gold for the coal and in addition, this time Thorin offers 3 gold per one iron ingot. Requirement is to be brought the least in sets of 10s

    //Any PC who wants to sell iron can ping me in game or just pm me.

  • While the project on the bluff keeps going, Thorin spreads word that he is paying 1 gold piece for each 2 coal pieces any adventurer offers him.

  • Dozer Mantleborn quietly provides materials to the efforts. It is not anything but coordination for him. The real work comes from his family... his clan. They prospect up in the Giantspire. A tenuous connection allows Dozer to send out supplies, and his clan to send back ores and stone. The wagonmasters with their guards work their way through passes.... fighting sometimes, bribing others. But they always seem to eke there way through. And when the last of the wagonmasters pull into market to sell their wares, Dozer always stops by and insures that part of the materials makes it's way to the compound where all the dwarves work on the Hold. Praise Moradin!