Deck of Narfell

  • Based on a recent project I've decided to make a full deck of playing cards based on the characters in Narfell. Once completed I can be contacted if you would want a physical copy of the deck.

    This being so, if you want a character to be part of the deck please leave an image of the character, the house (spades, diamonds, clubs or hearts) and the rank you want (7,8,9,king, queen, jack ect.) It is first come first serve.

    Currently we have:
    Joker: Carol
    Queen of Hearts:Keerla
    King of Hearts:Tirreth
    Queen of Diamonds:Kat
    Queen of Spades: Shae
    King of Spades: Cecil
    Ace of Diamonds: Val Kyrie
    Joker: Fenris
    Ace of Hearts: Shesari
    Jack of Hearts:Aelthas
    Jack of Clubs: Reyhenna
    Jack of Diamonds: Caling
    King of Clubs: Faelar
    Queen of Clubs: Ting
    Jack of Spades: Thou (sketch phase pending approval)
    Ace of Spades: Erurk
    Ace of Clubs: Ros

    King of Diamonds:

    Now open to multiples per player to round out the last few face cards

  • If still available... you can put Negan Lagmar, stone-dwarven Divine Champion of Clangeddin Silverbeard as King of Diamonds... Picture similar to this one except a Diamond on the throne instead of axes and crossed axes on the shield and a dwarven waraxe beside it.. A tapped ale-keg should be within reach of his short, muscular tree trunks for arms. At least one, if not both, hands should have a dwarven ale mug in his stubby fingers.

    Negan, King of Diamonds

    Also for a random Spade as deck filler...
    Buurbag (Buurbie), One-Eyed, Half-Orc, Priestess of Gruumsh:
    Her straight, black, shoulder length hair often covers the horrific scar where her left eye used to be. Her smile, wide and toothy, with smaller tusks (cainines, fangs, whatever) than most males. Always in crimson and black whether in full plate armor or a travelling dress. Her black nails, long and pointy. She is a big girl with a shapely (hourglass) figure and large breasts. She dons a spear and tower shield. The spear is fairly plain looking to most people. Her crimson shield shares the same symbol as the leather goods she crafts (more often than not, bags), a large, unblinking eye with a spear beneath, the spear head pointing to the left.
    There's the basic description of Buurbie,,, go crazy!

  • @fadia Ace of D clubs

  • If Ace of Clubs is available, I'd love to have Ros on it

  • @kerby Trying to keep it to face cards as not enough people have signed up to do 1-10 for every suit.

  • Blue would likely be the seven of diamonds.

  • Ace of clubs then, perhaps?

  • @wywernywin Shal grabbed Jack of Diamonds last night via discord would you like a different card?

  • I'd offer up one of my long standing characters that y'all know, but I have no idea where to put them. I don't think of any of them as a particular playing card.

  • Erurk for Jack of Spades! I'd imagine a huge half-orc in red and black full plate, with generic spiky shoulders and thick worg hide cloak moving semi-crouched and stealthily with ogre stone blade held high. For his face, I think it would be a bit like Obould's:

    alt text

  • Ok we still need a jack of spades a king of diamonds, an ace of spades and an ace of clubs. I'm about to actually have some free time to work on this so if you want to add you character to the deck please give me your character name, some reference for them and what card you want.

  • If Ting gets the Queen of Clubs... Faelar will be King (of Clubs),...
    otherwise Ace of Clubs...

    alt text
    Something like this except in all black, with dual sort swords hanging from his belt.

  • I would love if Reyhenna could be the Jack of Clubs! Essentially she looks rather like this but with a bigger sword:

    alt text

  • @aubreymaturin If you can not post it here then please pm it to me through discord.

  • Shesarai Foutopolis generally shuns the limelight. So she would prefer to be the Nine of Diamonds, a card that is often overlooked. If you are limiting your deck to Face Cards and Aces, then Ace of Hearts might be suitable. For a picture, please use her character portrait. I can't figure out which one it is from the Portrait pack or how to post it here, but you can easily see it with the DM Client.


  • Aelthas, Jack of Hearts. I can look for some picture when I get home. Will provide description as well.

  • Fenris Firebrand for the joker pls. Because he is joke :,) hahahaah

  • Lady Val Kyrie for the Ace of Diamonds. One of a kind, and pressure tested

    (Like this, but blue and gold armor and cape for the Order of the Divine Shield, and a longsword instead of a greatsword)

  • I don't have an image of Cecil yet, but would be happy to commission one! (been planning to, but waited for others so I didn't hog all your time!)

    Cecil for King of Diamonds or Spades , whichever one traditionally has the sword in view on the card, I don't remember! Ace works too. Or a 10, cause he's a 10/10, or 7, for 7 feet tall. >_> You know, whatever. Just wanna lil Cecil art, and to have him in the deck which I will preorder now. 😄 lol